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Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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19. surprise


(Sorry this chapter may not be that great I was trying to get it done because I haven’t updated in a while but I promise ill make the next one better, I’ve just been so busy lately and heaps sick)


I scrammed the crowd and finally came in reach with her, I could see her eyes started filling with tears, she expanded her arms and took me into her grip holding me tight with tears pouring down her face, I held her back and I could feel her loving lips presser against my forehead, she loosed her and let go of me “what are you doing in Australia?” I tilted my head down and stared at me feet I could feel a lump in my through “I, I, I ran away” I spoke softly, I tilted my head up to see her face was melted with disappointment “Why?” “Lets talk about this over coffee yes?” she nodded her head and we walked back to the coffee shop, my order was already done, the girl I was talking to before face lit up I slid a piece of paper with my number on it and smile taking my coffee in my hand and went to take a seat whilst my mum ordered a coffee. Not to long later she joined me with her coffee in her hand, I took a big gulp of my coffee and smiled at mum, I had missed her so much, “So why did you run away” she started, I could feel the lump in my throat again but this time it felt bigger, I stared into her eyes took a deep breath “I hated it in London, I was always bullied and had no friends my only friend moved her to Australia so I came here with her” our eye connection broke and I was caught staring down at my finger.


Emillia POV

The sound of wedding bells field the air, my fathers arm curved with mine and Harry waiting down the other side of the aisle with his beautiful smile glaring at me, by his side my the 4 boys, Oscar and Kia on the other side opposite to him stood my mother staring proudly at me, I took heal my heal down the aisle, my cheeks hurting from smiling the much.


“EMILLIA, wake up!” I heard Oscar screaming from the top of his lungs, my eyes bounced open and my body sprung up I look at him and all up his legs blood was spilled and a large graze on his forehead “What happened?” I said shocked “I fell off my skate board” he cried his tear of agony, I jumped out of bed lifting him into my arms and carried him down to the kitchen. I sat him of the kitchen bench, whilst reached for the first aid kit as I was pulling it down, a melody bounced through the air “stay here ill be back” I smiled at Oscar whilst went to open the door when I opened it I saw harry with a big grin “come in” I gestured him and walked back to the kitchen. I poured disinfected on to a cotton bud and dabbed it onto Oscars grazes “What happened?” Harry asked, Oscar flinched in pain and look at harry “fell of my skate board” harry laughed and the room then filled with silence. After I finished I gave Oscar a warming hug “be careful nest time” I smiled at him using my strength to pick him up and let him down of the kitchen bench, as soon as I did he ran out the door and back onto his skateboard.


“Come with me on tour to Australia, I’m leaving next week and we are going to Sydney?”  I smiled widely and gasp “yes it sounds great!” I gave out a massive grin, “so anyways why you so dressed up” I questioned he was wearing a white button up with a small black bow tie a tight grey blazer and a black pair of jeans, a huge smile filled his face revealing his perfectly curved dimpled “oh, I forgot to tell you me and you are going somewhere special tonight” he gave me a cheesy wink, my face lit up as I ran and jump on him wrapping my legs tight around his waist and started to kiss him passionately, the sound of a young boy came from behind me “eww” I unravelled my legs and turn around to see Oscar standing their looking like he was scared for life, I just laughed, grabbed on to Harrys wrist and pulled him up to my bedroom.


“What should I wear?” I had nothing good I was pushing all my coat hangers to one side “I have another surprise for you” he walked out of my room and waved his hand about, than to see a lady holding a box and a big bag “what’s this?” I said with a puzzled look on my face “have a look for yourself” he passed me the box and as I opened it revealed a beautiful white dress, a gave a grip to the top of it pulling it out slowly it was a long dress that stretched all the way down to my toes, it had little diamonds plastered through out the dress, it only had one shoulder and the bottom of it from left to right went long to short, my mouth was shaped as an 0, this dress was so stunning I was so overwhelmed, I placed the dress back in the box and took a seat not having a word set, “this dress is beautiful!” I then screeched from the top of my lungs, “just like you” he smiled. “Should I get started on you” the lady that brought in the dress tried to fit in, harry nodded as she made her way over to me and started fiddling with my hair


* One hour later *

The lady had done my hair, make up and my nails, the whole time this was being done harry was lying on my bed playing on his phone. “Time to put on the dress” the lady said with excitement, she gently picked up the dress with her finger tips and she than held it over to me and helped me as I slid it over me it fitted perfectly, “wow” the lady stared at me, “now you’re a master pieced” I smiled widely and took a glimpse at my self in the mirror, I didn’t even recognise myself my hair was curled and put into a fancy bun that had piece falling everywhere, the way my make up was done it make my eyes look like green diamonds plastered into my eyes. “wow” Harry gasped, “I got one more thing to finish this off he smirked when he lifted up a box and carefully replaced the lid, inside the box were a beautiful pair of silver heels. 

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