new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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18. mum?

Emillia POV


When I opened the door and Harry was still their tears started the fill the brims of my eyes he did as he promised the thoughts travelled through my mind, I used all mighty to hold them back. “Come in” I whispered using all strength to not burst into tears. We walked steadily and slowly into my darkened bedroom, I came to a stop and harry cold hands got grip onto my wrist pulling me with all strength and turned me around, I looked into his dimmed green eyes tears but I could feel tears starting to form, I rotated my head to the ground and started at the creaming carpet and Harry began to speak “Emillia” he took a big gulp giving out a soft sound “It seriously wasn’t what it looked like I promise” I could feel the icy touch of his hand slide my chin up, to look me into the eyes, I could feel my eyes starting to shake as they struggled to keep the tears back “Than what was it” I whispered silently only just being able to hear “she grabbed me and kissed me, I pulled away and told her how I didn’t feel the same way about her and she understood and I explained you and how me and her need to be just friends” I watched as I the perfect shaped tear travelled from his eye to the his paled cheek than deforming. I hadn’t replied and he started again “Emillia please you have to believe me” I flicked my eyes to behind him were across my brother peeking his head slightly from the his bedroom observing what’s going on, I didn’t even know that he was home nor how’d he entered I flicked my eyes back over to Harry meeting with his sparkling eyes “Okay I believe you” I said giving a half smile trying to look convincing. I could see him gradually lean in closer to me pressing his lips together, going in for a kiss I turned my face letting his lips pressuring against my cheek instead. When he pulled back his face was painted red and his blood shot eyes started to feel up with tears, he looked almost startled “I’m sorry I whispered” leaning in I wrapped my eyes tight around his waist “I think you should go home and have a shower” I whispered into his ear blowing pieces of hair around, I didn’t want him to leave but I needed some time without him, “Yeah I think so too” his face was emotion less, I felt his grip loosen to I did so as well, “Ill text you later” he spoke as he turned I watched him walk down the stairs, the sound of quiet sniffles came from his direction, I decided to turn and walk to my bed, collapsing into the cold sheets throwing over a warm blanket I shut my eyes tight and fell straight to sleep.


Harry’s POV

When I left the house I head towards my apartment. When I walked towards my door I heard sounds inside, I slid the key in twisting it slowly and quietly, I opened the door and creep on my tiptoes to entertainment area were the noise was coming through my heart was pounding uncontrollable I was frightened, I stuck my head over the corner and Louis sprawled over my couch eating popcorn “um what are you doing here?” I questioned unexpectedly, I saw Louis jump in fright, with piece of popcorn fly in many different directions than landing on the what use to be clean floor creating a mess, “You scared me harry” He look a deep breath and his eyes widened when he got a better view of me, “Oh my god what happened??” He sprung off the couch and flung his arms around me trying to give me a comforting hug, “Sit down” I laughed slightly, we both sat down getting comfortable into the dim leather couch, I explained everything that happened in full detail Louis did not move at all and once I finished he had looked like someone had slapped him across the face, he didn’t move. Suddenly a small frown appeared onto his heavenly face, than once again he came in giving me a comforting hug but thing time even tighter.



It had been a few weeks since I have moved; I hated it more in Australia than I did in London, Natasha had found a new boyfriend and I was just like a ghost that loomed around her the house. I remember on the airplane here the thoughts of my mother flooded my mind I remember, how she had ran away when I was 10 I never knew where she went. I thought about how much we all have needed her but she hadn’t been their, but before she ran away she was always their I don’t get it, it was so unexpected of her just one day she left, she left with just a letter. Guilt over came my body when I realised I did the same as my mother I left unexpectedly leaving just a letter. If I could feel tears about to form in my eyes until Natasha’s soothing voice snapped me out of it “I’m going ill be back later tonight” Giving a big grin, I nodded slightly and gave a small smile in return trying not to get in her business. I gave out a loud sigh when I realise I was in the house all myself and I have been for days now. I look at my disgusting reflection in the mirror and ran rough hands through my hair giving it a small shack the flicked the front to one side, “Well I guess that an improvement” I hummed to myself; I was already dressed so I decided to head out go for a walk.


I found myself walking all the way to the noise, crowded city. Everywhere I looked people had phones pressed against their ears and walking in extreme speed, I saw a Starbucks from across were I was standing I decided to walk over there and get a ice coffee. “Hello how may I help you?” A small black haired girl questioned me in a huddled voice looking down at the cash register, “ May I please get a ice coffee” She turned her face up and when our eyes came in tact a huge smile danced across her face, a strand of hair was spread across the middle of her face and her vibrant blue eyes stared deeply into mine, I couldn’t help but smile she was beautiful. As she was pressing in my order she started talking again “Iv never seen you around” “I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t see a lot of these people around” I joked, she gave out a cute and friendly giggle, “We should hang out sometime” she asked me but before I could reply a certain face caught my attention from the side of my eye, it was so familiar I looked over and instantly that face came to me it was my mother “Ill be back” I spoke, I ran into the direction of her, I came through crowds and I was barricaded by hundreds of people, than I saw her again this time I wasn’t gentle and nice I just pushed people out of my way, leaving some to fall heavily onto the ground “KELSY” I yelled out, her face turned and met mine her eyes amplified and she looked in shock.

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