new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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13. Kia leaves

Harrys POV



"I can't do this" Emillia whispered 

My heart pounded, not in a good way I felt embarrassed. I took myself off her divine tan body and perched up turning my face to face hers, but she looking down with a dim look concealing her face, I leant down to were her lips were located placing a kind kiss on her warm lips

"Its okay, when your ready" I smiled at her

I rested back down on the snug bed, she engaged her head with my chest I weaved my arm around her and placed my hand on her chilly waist rubbing my hand up and down warming it up.


The sound of my phone awakened us; we both leaped from sound of my ringtone echoing through the silence that field the apartment.

I picked up my phone, pressing down the answer button and held it to my ear

" Hey the boys and I are about to out for lunch, would you and Emillia like to attend?" 

Emillia over heard and gave out a half smile and nodded while she led towards the bathroom to freshen up.

"That'd be great" I hung up and scanned through my clothes thinking what to wear. I finally made up my mind I was going to wear a grey t-shirt with the sleeves turned up once, a pair of black denim jeans and a greyish brown beanie tucking my curls away. Emillia paced in smiling wearing a white skirt that sat parallel with her belly button and flowed down to a bit above the knee, a tight plain black shirt, her hair was tied back into a bun with glasses slanting up on her high head.

"You look beautiful" I said truthfully, her face lit up and she walked up and supported herself against me.

"Well you looked handsome" engaging a kiss on my cheek.

Before we head off she quickly put on a white pair of sandals and I placed on a white pair of converses.


When we arrived the boys were not at the Cafe so we decided to just take a seat on a glass table placed by a extensive window. After 10 minutes of waiting the boys finally appeared, all sitting around the table with us, everyone was amused and having a good time, except niall he had no expression on his face what so ever, he just sat there is silence and didn't eat he said he wasn't hungry. We were all in shock Niall was not hungry!!! I instantly knew that something was up, thought ill just ask him later on.



I was on my way to meet up Natasha; she completely got over how I was utterly in love with her.

"Faggot" the sound of a Husky voice, howl I glared around to see a familiar face stride in my direction. Before I had the chance to say anything he punch me in the face, knocking me unconscious. He scampered off leaving me there on the side of the filthy street.

Half an hour later

My right eye open slowly, but my left eye wouldn't budge I touched it only slightly but did not dare touch it again, closing both eyes and laid there is silence.

"OMG KIA!" I heard a beautiful voice streaming in through my ears

"Are you ok?" I opened my right eye to look at her, her blonde curls hung over me whilst leaning over, her eyes were so dare in fear, I could see the reflection of my own blue eye reflect back at me. 

" I thought you stood me up!" Natasha laughed while trying to help me up. I pulled my head up; it felt like a heart beat in my brain, my head started to throb. I stood up, slowly trying to gain balance but being pulled over by Nat pulling my arm over her shoulder and walked steadily and slow with me.

“Ill take you home” she grinned

When we reached the big yellow house that was mine, she walked me inside assigning me on the brown lounge placed against a big white wall in the entertainment area. I sunk into the lounge getting snug, she ran up the flight of stairs to my room, grabbing a cotton blue pillow from my unmade bed. When she arrived back to me she placed the cotton blue pillow under my head, I rested on it for a few minutes and finally letting out a whisper

"Thank you" and smiled slightly

"I need to tell you something” she took a deep breath

“I'm moving away to Australia" a frown stuck on her face

My heart crushed, she laid her head on my stomach "I’m leaving tomorrow, I will be back in a year" tears leaked from both of her dark brown eyes dribbling down her cheek and dripping onto my stripped shirt forming a wet patch. She was my only friend; I didn't want to be here by myself.

"Can I come?" I gasped 

She let out a chuckle " REALLY!” jumping up and down I didn’t even fit a word in

“Of course you can!! Now I wont be alone! But remember we are only friends” giving me wink, I let out a jokingly sigh and smiled.

“Better get packing” I hummed

She helped me walk up stairs I sat down on my bed, whilst she packed my bags. I glanced over to the mirror noticing that my eyelid was all puffed up and surrounded in black.

“Well everything is packed, so when are you going to tell your parents?”

“I’m going to write them a letter”, she just nodded her head and started to book my flight.

I wrote up the letter, leaving it on Emillia’s stripped bed along with my black blink 182 t-shirt since she’s always wearing it, and my favorite bracelet. A small tear fell from my face, I was going to miss my family but Emillia the most, and I knew this was going to be hard on her.

"Ready to go?" Natasha said peeking over Emillia's door way

I quickly wiped the tear and turned to face her


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