new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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6. Home

Emillia POV

"would you boys like a cuppa?" i heard dad yell from the kitchen, as the boys and i were laying on the silky brown lounge in the entertainment room " yes thanks!" the boys said immediately like they were dying from thirst.  "KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK " a loud bang echode through the house from the door, " oh no its guy" i said remembering what had all happened and a tear leaked from my eye. " Ill get it!" kia sung whilst skipping to answer the door. "dad can i talk to you for i minute" i whispered, walking out of the room, " Guy cheated on me dad, i don't want to see him" i cried and dug my head into my father chest, he ran his wide fingers through my hair and patted my back comforting me and whispered into my ears " its okay, baby girl rough times come like this, ill grab his stuff and tell him to leave if you life?" he suggested wiping a string of hair from my wet hair, i nodded "I'm going to bed, now goodnight" and gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked upstairs. Ripping all my clothes off and dropping them into an untidy pile, listening to the soothing sounds of the shower turned on, i took a step by step in till i was completely drenched in water, before i started to washed my self, the thought of guy just came into my mind and i started crying uncontrollable trying to let out all my tears. Turn the hot water of first then the cold, squeeze the water out of my long brown hair like a tape the water fell turning into just drops, wrapped my head in a cotton towel and the same with my freshly cleaned body. Walked into my room and turned to my left to see a frame with a picture of my mum n i when i was 9 we looked so happy i just picked up the frame gently and dropped onto my made bed landing on my back, i just stared at the frame and let out a loud sigh "why did you have to leave us" i question my self. i closed my eyes and let the old memories flutter through my mind, as i finally feel to sleep.  

Harrys POV

hmm i wonder where Emillia is she went up stairs and never came back, and there is some random boy sitting next to us, he looks about the same age us niall and i his got brown hair that is dead straight with a long fringe that weaves around his scaly green eyes. The room was drowned in silence " Guy may i speak to you" Emillia's dad hissed with a fierce expression smudged on his face. He escorted him into a room, all i could was yelling come from that room, i looked at niall as his face started to turn purple "Emillia sure is magnificent" niall hummed, "yeah she is isn't she" i agreed with the smile pranced a crossed my face of the thought of her. BANG! the slam of the front door went as guy rampaged out of the house, holding to what looked like a leather black suitcase.  "Sorry about that bouts" Emillia's dad apologised and handed the cup of coffee. For around to hours me and niall were talking to this lovely man, and learnt a few things new about each other.  "Well niall and i better head off we have school in the morning, but defiantly catch up soon" i said honestly wanting to know more, "sure thing you boys should come around more often! even when Emillia isn't come your always welcome hear well seeya"  

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