new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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11. good day

Emillia POV


"Rise and shine!" 

my left eye fluttered open, keeping my right tightly shut, Kia is standing over me with a tray with a pile of bacon, two eggs, a sausage on a plate and a piece of toast, beside the plate a cup of water and a cup of orange juice, my right eye flung open and i sat up within seconds with the biggest smile of my face. Kia rested the tray onto my lap, "after a rough night i think you deserve a great breakfast, but seriously, you eat more than me! how the hell are you so skinny!!!" We both laughed and stuffing my face with food, i just threw him a wink. "Wheres Oscar and dad?" i questioned, "dad went to get some food to fill the cupboard and oscars at a friends house". 


After i finished eating i decided to go wash the grease of my face and brush the oil off my teeth. DING DING/knock knock, someone was at the door, "CAN YOU GET THAT KIA, ILL BE DOWN SOON" I howled hopping he could here me. I picked up the speed and scrub my teeth fast, i quickly threw on a pair of denim shorts, a shirt that was sleeveless printed KISS in red across the chest and a pair of black socks, i brushed my hair and decided to wear it down letting the multiple colours of brown show. I rambled down the stairs and stopped when my eyes wider and i started to go red, I swift my head angling it to stare at my toes. 


"May we speak?" Harry asked in his irresistible british accent 

"yeah" as i pointed in the direct of my room up the tall staircase

as harry walked up the stairs i turned head and looked at Kia and widen my eyes, and mouthed "what the!" he just smiled widely and shrugged his shoulder and trotted into the entertainment area. I followed harry up the stairs an into my room, he sat on my white and pink stripped donnas on the bed slouching over and leaning his elbows onto his knees and smiled and stared deeply into my frisky green eyes, i copied doing the same.

"Soo what brings you here?" I asked, even though i already knew the answer


He gently gripped his hand onto my chin leaning it closer to him and kissed me with his warm, silky lips and pressing them firm into mine like they were designed for each other they fitted perfectly together and followed the same rhythm, a smile grew and danced across my face as out lips were still compressed together.

An army of butterflies marched in my belly, I could now honestly feel that there was something between us, something more than me and niall could have ever had. 

Beep! my phone vibrated on my bed i pulled away from harry's lips and reached over to grab my phone

"Hey, we need to talk :/"

I replied almost instantly 

"Ill come round later and we can talk than"

"sounds good (:"

I dropped my phone and turned back to harry 

"Im sorry about last night" I frowned, " Its okay Niall told me what happy" Harry tried hard and finally let out a smile

"Emillia, this my sound cheesy but my feelings i have for you is almost unexplainable, I can't put them in words your so beautiful and i can honestly say you are the most amazing person, I've ever met so trustworthy, down to earth and knows how to cheer everybody up". He sung, he face went bright red, a smile builded up on my face I could not wipe of my cheeks started to hurt. I place a tender kiss onto his lips with my right hand placed onto his burning cheeks. "you make me the happiest girl".


Niall's POV

I was sitting nervously on the couch, I hope that the minute my eyes meet hers i would not change my mind and want her, I sat with my head in palms thinking. I felt the couch squash in as someone settled them self unreasonable close to me placing their hand on my higher back and let out a loud "sigh" straight away i could tell it was eleanor by the tone of the sigh.

"whats up?"  she questioned me, I thought it was really strange since she never seem to care, before i answered she looked at me and said "Don't tell me its this Emillia" she said with a slight attitude in disgust.

I looked at her with my bright light blue eyes gapping at her in anger, I stood up and uncontrollable yelled

"YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER ELEANOR, SHES A GREAT PERSON BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW CONSIDERING YOU HAVE BEEN A SNOB TO HER SINCE THE DAY YOUVE MET HER MAYBE IF YOU GIVE HER A CHANCE YOULL REALISE WHY US GUYS LIKE SPENDING TIME WITH HER AND YOU WONT BE SO JEALOUS!" I looked back at Eleanor and immediately apologise "i didn't mean to yell like that I'm so sorry!" She did not speak a word but stormed out of the room. 

The sound of claps came from behind me, i spun around, before my eyes there stood Harry and Emillia standing there in shock there jaws creating the perfect 0. 

"Cant believe you just did that!" Emillia gasped and hugged me tightly, i responded with a smile

"Ill leave you two be" Harry barged out of the room


"Emillia i just wanted to say that, that thing between us" before i could finish she interrupted

"We should just forget about it, it was nothing we should just remain friends" she smiled, but suddenly when i looked into her green gems my heart reminded me to why i liked her, i knew this would happen, i just tried and shake it off and smiled. 


Harrys POV

"I really like Emillia Lou" i hummed 

"Ask her on a date" louis said jumping up and down in excitement


I roamed into the entertainment area, to find Emillia, tightly wrapping her arms around a pillow like it was a baby and her eyes stuck onto the television. 

"Emillia" she pivoted her face in my direction i took a deep breath but got lost in her smile before getting to the point. Than finally arrived back to reality


"will you go on a date with me?" I grinned

"of course" she said jumping and gripping her legs over my waist clasping out lips together

"ill be back" she smirked and left the room, for some reason looking here more beautiful than before



i looked at my phone and saw a text from my ex girlfriend 


"Hey, lets met up for a coffee?"


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