new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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10. feelings

The sound engine pulled up before me, I titled my head up from my palms, to see Kia is a dark blue ford, lifting my weight from the ground I got in the car. I stared out the window getting one last look at the party before we left and saw harry and niall looking like they were in distress "Its only 8 why are you leaving so early" I turned my face and stared at Kia's baby blue eyes and frowned "wasn't that good i guess".



I scanned over at Emillia, observing to instantly figuring out something was wrong, we have always been so close basically her body language is just another language to me, I can read her like a children's book "you know you can tell me anything" throwing her a weak smile. For the rest of the car trip come she explained the whole night and the disasters and confusion she was facing. The car came to a stop pulling into the gravel driveway to my house, a tear dribbled from her right eye, she looked so afraid and worried. I frowned and tugged her into a hug pressing her head into my warm chest, rubbing my hands in circles on her back, I leaned her head up and whispered "follow your heart, I'm sure they will under stand". 


Emillia's POV

When the car came to a holt, a tear dribbled from my eye, i was afraid, i was afraid that it will just never be the same. Kia pulled me into his warm chest comforting me, rubbing his rough hand repetitively in circles on my back. 

Soon as we walked inside I went to the wash room, splashing warm water onto my face, wiping off the smudged make up.

I place a pair of purple pyjama pants on and a pink singlet. Slipped into bed, I just laid there and stared up to my white ceiling, there was glow in the dark stars placed onto the roof that i had never notice, my face lit up brightening my mood. "beep" sound came from my phone i looked at it and saw a text from harry  "Hey where did you go? niall and i have been looking everywhere for you"

i sighed and put my phone down and decided not to reply till later

"Knock Knock"

"Hey can i come in" Kia whispered walking into my untidy room, "sure" i smiled, he trolled in near me and rested on to my bed laying his head down onto a pillow with pink and white strips and stared at the stars, i peered at him "hey, whats up?" i could tell by the tension he was keeping something bottled up, "well you know how i was speaking about that girl earlier on, well i really think I am starting to love her but i know she doesn't feel the same way" he frowned, it really hurt to see my brother like that, "She will come around your an amazing guy" i smiled but could tell that wasn't just it so i question "anything else".



I just wanted to tell her how miserable I have been feelings ever since we've moved here, i have no friends, i miss my old ones, the only friend i have was Natasha but ruined it the feelings I have developed, people just call me disparaging names, i sit by myself at school, but the biggest thing of all is that i miss my mother so dearly much my body throbs when she comes to thought, every night before i go to sleep at night i lay in my harden bed and drown in tears leaving my pillow damp. "nothing" i let out a fake smile, but my the looked that appeared on her face was disbelief, i felt her tiny hand grab onto mine weaving her fingers together with mine in a sisterly way, "everything will be okay" she whispered as we slowly fell asleep hand in hand.  Harrys POV "Im such an idiot!" 

"hey harry can i talk to you?" 

"yes niall" I glared at him in the eyes wondering what was up

"I kissed Emillia the other da......" "YOU WHAT!"

" I thought we had something but after tonight spending time with Natasha i released she's the one i want to be with. I know you like her and i can tell youse have something special by the way she looks at you"

"Did you not see the way she shattered tonight when you were all over that lassie tonight! but now i understand your so oblivious"

making a getaway to my room, locking my door and flung onto my bed and went straight to sleep trying to think of what was probably the worst night i have had in a long time.

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