new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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17. doorstep

Emillia POV

I needed to find out more information about my brother but for now I decided to leave it. Tears filled my eyes as I remembered seeing that photo of Harry; I was so crazy about him it hurt so much. I shut my eyes tight trying to forget everything, I was almost asleep until music danced in the air, I looked over at my phone it was lit up with Harrys name spread across the screen, I clutched my phone in my hand and flick on the silent button and laid it in the beside me on the bed, I went back to trying to forgetting everything eyes tight shut until I drifted into a cosy sleep.


Harrys POV

“Umm that’s strange she didn’t pick up her phone” I spoke to myself throwing my phone onto my bed letting it bounce up and down still finally sitting still. I heard the sound of the front door shut, I rushed to my door peeking my head over the doorway all my curls feel and dangled down one side, “Where did you go?” I questioned Niall being gone in such an early time of the morning, “Was with Emillia, couldn’t sleep” him hanging out with Emillia didn’t bother me at all knowing he was crazy about Natasha well I think he is “ok she’s not picking up her phone” Niall’s face shot up he looked over at me as if he had remembered something “Oh um… ah I guess she’s not feeling the best” Niall hesitated to spit that sentence out. I rushed to the wash room in a hurry a big smirk took over my face I’m going to surprise her with chocolates, flowers and movies I thought that will brighten her day, tearing off my clothes I jumped into the shower turning on the tap letting smalls drains cold of water rush down my body giving me shivers down my spin, when the warm water kick in I put my full body under the water letting it wash away the dirt on my body, the water felt so good, I decided to sit there and enjoy it. When I got out of the shower, I stretched out my arm grasping a blue towel wrapping it around me drying the water from my gentle skin. Picking up a pair of black jeans, tugging them up my damp legs, than picked up a grey t-shirt of the floor taking a good sniff of it making sure its clean, after confirming it I pulled it over my chest, I bounced onto my bed gripping my phone and bounced back off, I ran out my door picking up the keys on my way out and made my way to my brand new black convertible and drove in the direction of Emillia house, I was in such a rush to see her I forgot about the chocolate and flowers.


*Knock knock*

I thrashed my fist against the door, no one answered so this time I pressed a small button on the doorbell it let out a soothing melody glided through the silence after a few minutes I could hear foot steps they slowly got loud than stoped “Who is there?” The sounds of a sleepy voice echoed through the house I instantly knew it was Emillia and grinned hoping she was excited to see me “Harry” I sang, a loud sigh came from the other side of the door followed by “Go away” my heart felt like it stopped pumping and like there were little men in my stomach stabbing me with tiny swords I instantly knew she has seen the photo, “Listen! I swear its not what it looks like” I frowned trying to hold back the tears that filled my eyes “That’s what they all say, just leave me alone” she whispered, “It seriously wasn’t, I love you!” I said furiously falling onto my knees I couldn’t hold the tears back any longer I let them realise there was no reply but the sound of sobs of the other side of the door. “Emillia please” I whispered but still no answer. I leaned back and pulled my knees up to my cheat gripping them tightly resting my head on them trying to get control of my tears. An hour passed it was still early “I’m not leaving until you open the door” I yelled hoping she would hear me from the other side if she was still their still no reply but just the sound of sobs again my heart was slowly ripping into two, knowing I hurt her so bad hurt me just as much, knowing that this might be he end of such a great thing tore my heart even more. I did as I said and didn’t leave her door, the sun slowly set I watched as the sky submerged with lovely colours, that didn’t last long and before I knew it the sun disappeared and all that was left was a dark sky filled with sparkling dots and a moon that’s looked like it was frowning at me I just looked away putting my head back to my knees. “Please just give me one chance!” I broke into tears again but still nothing this time not even the sound of sobs or anything, I didn’t move leaving was the last thing I was going to do. I pressed my back against the cold door sending vibes up my spins, letting my head fall onto the door, my curls were pointing in all different directions in tight knots but right now it my appearance I was worried about. It starts getting late gave it all to keep my eyes open, as each minute ran past my eyes slowly shut until I was wrapped in a dream.


I woke up to the by head coming in contact with cold hard tiles, I gain some strength lifting my right arm rubbing my head, but kept getting interrupted my fingers getting caught in the rough knots in my hair, I opened my left eye just slightly, it came in contact with a girl staring down I clutched my fist and rubbed my eye opening it again this girl was beautiful the green his her eyes were so vibrate and her hair was tied in a messy bun she was a mess but still striking, my eyes flung open and I couldn’t help but smile “Emillia!” I sang

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