new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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8. breakfast

Naill's POV I woke up to the sweet smell of bacon swifter into my nose, i got excited of the thought of food, i looked over and check my phone it was 8.30. I decided to stand up i stretched my arms out and looked in the mirror, i heard the sound of a check coming from behind me i turned around and saw Emillia peeking her head around from the kitchen to the room i was standing in "Your awake i see" she said chuckling i smile and nodded at her, she looked gorgeous in her lazy look. She was wearing a big black T-shirt that printed blink182 across the chest of the shirt, with a white pear of pj shorts and black socks, her hair was tied up in a messy bun with pieces of hair flying everywhere. "Hungry? wait of course you are!" we both laughed and walked into the kitchen, i just remember how ever since two weeks ago when Emillia and i were laying on the lounge watching tv and she fell asleep snuggling into my chest at the boys and mines apart made me gain a little crush on her making me blush as this is the first time we've been alone. 


I looked over to see the plate she put me it was toped up with all different typed of foods from sausages, toast, bacon, eggs, a steak and hash browns "THIS IS THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER!" i yelled to see she almost had as much as me just without the steak, she loves eating just as much as me, thats what i adore so much about her, "i don't understand how we stay thin" she laughed, before we ate she pranced over to the fridge to grab two classes of freshly squeezed orange juice, i followed her over to the fridge. Just as she was pouring the juice into the clear glasses i placed my chin on her warm shoulder and she turned her face and looked me in the eyes, her eyes looked different today they were a lighter green than usually, i stared at the and just  admired them, a piece of hair was speeded over her face, i use my left hand and placed the piece of hair be hide her ear, i could see her face turn a Rosie red i lent in and kissed her button nose and left the tops of our forehead together we both let out a smile, and just stood there. The feeling i was getting was amazing, it felt like a soft piece of cotton was swiping up and down my back causing the tingling feeling that invaded my body.


Emillia's POV

I felted the warm breath of niall at the back of the neck blowing, a piece of my hair into my face, i turned to looked i him and he brushed it away from my face and placed it behind my ear tickling my face with his cold fingers, his silky lips left pressed firm on my button nose and we lent our foreheads against each other and just smiled his blue eyes just sparked in the glare of the sun shinning through the window. i lent forward and pressed my lips against his it lasted two seconds than the door bell rung. he pulled away and skipped over to the door. My smile spread so wide across my face, i grabbed the two glass's and sat at the table and started to dig into my food. I looked up and saw Niall enter the room with harry following, "Hello" we both said greeting each other and smiled " thought you might have come made you something to eat as well, walked over grabbed his plate, placing it on the table. A smile lit up his face "thanks I'm starving!" he said and we all started shoving it all in our mouths. 

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