new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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9. bonfire


After the boys left i decided to take a shower, scrubbing my body from head to toe, swabbing my hair with apple fragrance shampoo. Reach out my arms and grasped out a towel, enfolding it tight around my wet body, drying up the water from my skin. “beep” my phone vibrated, i looked down at it, there was a text from Harry

“Hey the boys, me and a few friends are having a bon fire down at the beach, you should come?” I smiled and replied almost immediately “yes sounds great!!!!” 

I got out a pair of tight grey jeans with slits revealing my tanned knees, I long sleeves plain white singlet and put on a pair of black thongs, showing of the silver stoned toe ring on my little toe

“Okay great ill be there in 30 minutes to pick you up” harry finally replied. 


the loud sound of the rumble of my belly, made me remember i haven't had lunch yet and it was 4 o'clock, i trotted done the stairs and made my way into the kitchen to see guy. I pulled out some bread and cheese and cooked up a crispy cheese toast for kia and I, like we use to when we were kids. “Hey Emillia, can i talk to you, I'm having some troubles with girls” he sighed, my face lit up that he would actually come to me with this “yes! tell me” i said getting comfy “Well there is this girl, i have been spending lots of time with lately, she was telling someone that she only wanted to be friends with me, but i have this major thing for her, I think she may be my first love” he mumbled, The door bell rang and i could here the sound of Harrys voice screech from the other side of the door, “well talk about this when i get home okay” and throw him a smile picked up my things and walked to the door.


“We are here! Excited?” harry questioned i looked out the window and saw at least 100 people on the beach “oh a few friends! Their is at least 100 people here!” i laughed and opened the door to be greeted by the rest of the boys, all except niall, I looked around and no where to be seen, i didn't think much of it and walked over to the fire with harry to gain some warmth. “I would give you my jumper, but i only have a singlet on under this” harry grieved “thats fine” I stood there shaking i seriously did not think it was going to be this cold other wise i would have brought a jumper i thought and fist palmed my forehead, harry looked over raising one eye brow and laughed, i let out a chuckle as well. I just stared into the fire and lose tract of what was going on around me until i felt a strong pair of muscular wrap around me, i felt a vibe travel through my body kind of like the one i felt the other day, i was so confused “ you warm” harry whispered into my ear lob “yes” i smiled and leaned my head back on his chest. 


“Hey guys you cold?” louis yelled, not sure if we could here him, over the music that began to play, “yeah but its okay, harry is keeping me warm” i said as he started to take of his jumper and hand it over to me “no its fine, i don't wanna leave you cold” i smiled and looked back at the fire “i insist i have another one in the car anyways” throwing the jumper at me and wink, whilst walking in the direction of Eleanor, who was eyeing me like i was a piece of dirt. I pulled the woolen jumper over my head and down on to my body, pulling my long brown hair out from under the jumper and placing it on my shoulders. “lets go for a walk?” harry whispered into my ear, i nodded and we began to walk.


We came to a holt when we reach the top of this hill i have never see before after harry piggy back me through the crazy bush. “This is a magnificent view!” I sung with amazement outpouring my face as you could see over the water, the lights from the bridge and 100s of boats floating around the area “your the only person I've brought here, its where i like to come alone and get away from my fame and be Harry Edward Styles, not just Harry Styles from a famous boy band i smiled and we both just sat there in silence enjoying the view as i lent my head onto his shoulder, I felt that feeling rush through my body again what is this feeling?! I felt his cold hand lift up my chin and he looked me in the eyes and lent in for a kiss, i quickly turned my face and left him kissing my red cheeks as i blushed, I stood up and shook the grass and sand off me “I have to go” I said as a gloomy feeling stretched into my brain and made my heart pound, i ran off back to the bon fire, i was so confused i don't know who i liked naill or Harry, I know i kissed niall but that feeling i had for Harry was just a questioned feeling then, until now i realized figuring out i have feelings for him more than a friend, it was the same feeling i had for niall. i reached back to everyone and spotted niall i went to run into his direction, but paused when i saw i girl linked onto his arm, i could feel my heart give out a little ache and my face started to heat up. I looked down at my feet and took a deep breath doesn't mean anything they could just be friends i tilted my head up and started to walk in his direction but came to another pause, when i saw there lips press against each other, my heart gave out a bigger ache than before, His face turned and spotted me. I turned around and saw Harry had been watching me the whole time and he let out a frown, i just ran grabbing my phone from my tight pocket and call kia “hello” kia spoke into the phone “please pick me up” i sighed “right away” hung up the phone and waited with my hand in my palms.

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