new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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15. another disaster

Harrys POV


Emillia pulled her face out of my chest and picked up her phone to call her father her long brown hair was in a mess and her green eyes were blood shot. Tears filtered the brim of my eyes, seeing her in this stat. Remembering I put the items Kia left behind on the ground I reached over picking them up laying them on the blanket beside Emillia, she rotated her head looking at the items and left out a weak smile. I stood up and sat behind her letting my legs weave around her body, I wrapped my arms around her stomach I could feel her stomach jump in in and out in a fast repeatedly way. Once she hung up the phone she lent back resting her cold body onto my harden chest, she extended her arm reaching for the pillow Kia had left her she comforted herself with it, we sat in silence having not much left to say. I looked down brushing a long piece of hair pasted of her cheek from the tears, revealing her eyes, which were tightly just indicated she was asleep.  I moved slowly and gently tucked her into the bed placing the blanket over her, giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead, I grabbed my keys and drove back to my apartment where the boys were waiting for me, we had a radio interview in 3 hours, but wanted to get something to eat before hand.


When I arrived at the apartment the boys were scattered all over the couch, as soon as I opened the door the sound of an Irish accent immediately spoke “you decided to come back now did you” it was a slightly strange tone he used sounded like her was jealous, but didn’t think much of it, all the boys let out a little laugh so I joined in “sorry just got caught up with a few things” I walked in the direction of my room, I opened the door getting a glance of my reflection in the mirror “ I LOOK LIKE THAT” I said in disbelief as I did not like what I was seeing, until I heard I smirk from behind me “ you look like that all the time” I spun around to see Louis leaning against the door way, he was wearing a navy blue and a dark blue stripped t-shirt with a grey pair of jeans, matched with a navy blue pair of toms, “I do not!” I yelped throwing a pillow hitting him right were I was aiming on the head, “ You messed my hair, harry!” Louis said going from joking to serious leaving the room almost immediately to fix his hair back to perfection. I picked up a plain black t-shirt from the ground pulling away from the rest of my wardrobe which was also scattered across my bedroom floor, I held it to my nose giving it a good sniff, it clean a smirked ripping off my previous t-shirt and replacing it with this once I found a pair of grey jeans too match a quickly placed them on, I put on my white ankle converse and whilst doing so my reflection met my eyes again, “I really need to do something about this” I whispered to myself, after I placed my converses onto my feet I quickly combed through, and looked in the mirror again my face made the perfect O shaped when my hair was big fluff ball, well that’s what it looked like to me, from the side of my eye I saw I beanie, I grabbed it almost instantly placing it on my head,” this will have to do I “ considering it was a major improvement, I headed out to join the other boys, we left within minutes.


We decided we were going to go to a small old-fashioned café just near where the interview was, when we arrived I looked at it, it was small but impressive we walked in a took a seat on the wooden chair by the heater, the weather was getting quiet chilly. “Wouldn’t mind a cappuccino right now” With all the boys nodding and agreeing, I picked up the menu to scan the price of it, but all they had was ‘coffee’ what kind of café is this I laughed, I’m going to go out and get a cappuccino, would any one else like one? “Yes please” Niall nodded “same here” Louis and Zayne said than jinxing each other “what about you Liam? I questioned as he was staring at the menu blankly, “ohh um yea may as well” he laughed. I headed out the door to look for the nearest restraint, on my way I was interrupted by a text from Emillia before I could open it I was pulled into a gap between two buildings, “What the hell!” I tried yelling but only came out as a loud whisper, I turned to see my face had met with felicities “oh hey” I laughed “ I thought someone was trying to kidnap me” we both just laughing but the laughing came to a stop when I could feel a cold but smooth pair of lips join with mine, I felt nothing no feeling no nothing everything I had for felicity had finally gone, I pulled back “What on earth do you think your doing!” I whispered loudly so no one could here but her, “ I love you harry and never have stopped” she spoke with tears in the brim of her eyes, my heart pounded at a slow pace making me upset, I didn’t want to hurt her or ruin our friendship so I had to choose my words wisely. I reached out for her hand clutching it in mine, “I’m sorry felicity but I have moved on I have a new girlfriend now and I think I’m in love with her, what I use to feel when I loved you is exactly how I feel when I’m around her, when we kissed I couldn’t compare it with the feeling I get with her” I stopped as I saw tears running down her face I pulled her in tightly for a hug wrapping I arms around her and continued to speak “You see we are just not meant for each other your going to find someone that you’ll love and will love you back” I pulled away and gave her a smiled “ well I have to go, I text you later” I walked away and into the direction of the coffee house. When I arrived back to the boys with the coffee in my hands they all looked at me and laugh “Took your time!” Liam shouted snatching his coffee from my hand and drank it, “Ouch!!” he yelled burning his mouth with the coffee, all the boys laughed except Liam, “Its not funny guys” he frowned, I looked down and saw tacos at my set I sat down “Thanks guys” I smiled tacos are my favourite!


After the interview it was just dark all Liam, Niall and Zayne had all snugged up next to each other fast asleep letting out quiet snores, Louis and I thought it was quiet the laugh, and Louis came up with the idea to take a picture and post it on twitter, just as I posted it I saw felicities name being used it many tweets I scrolled down but just saw more and more the further I went I read a few and was confused until I found a tweet with a picture a attached I opened it to see a picture of me and felicities lips compressed together, my heart sank and my stomach started to feel like there was toxic acid in it. The instant thought of Emillia came into my mind what if she sees this oh my god! I could feel sweat build up on my forehead. Than I scrolled down to see another picture of us hugging and another one of us smiling. I started to feel dizzy, tweets everywhere saying that felicity and me are dating again and all other rubbish. Tears filled my eyes and a few escaped before Lou could see the tears I quickly wiped them away and took a deep breathe, how am I suppose to hand this.

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