School of the Prophets: The Talent Thief

A story about a girl who gets an academic scholarship to a school for prodigies. This is the first bit of the story. This is not one of my best stories but I decided to publish it for fun! Enjoy :D


1. Arrival

© All Rights Reserved. Any further distribution of this story is illegal. This story belongs to mickymomo- aka Morayo.


I gave my Mum a final wave as the glass doors shut behind me. I turned around, ready for anything, everything. The lobby was massive.

The tiles were a creamy white and in the centre was the School of the Prophets sign. The front desk was made of oak and had 3 women and 2 men behind it, typing quickly on their computers. Hundreds of pupils were milling around with staff and other adults. They all had their bags and suitcases ready to enter The School of the Prophets.

When my Mum told me I was entering The School of the Prophets, I thought it was something to do with Christianity. I am a strong Christian though. But then after visiting the website,  I found it wasn’t to do with Christianity. It was for kids aged 11- 17 who had special talents. My special talent is in academics. Mainly Chemistry, Physics and Biology though.

There were plush leather sofas in the right side of the building which had a massive glass window behind it that stretched from the ceiling to the floor. There were some stairs too which lead to the dormitory block. I knew because there was a wide door cutting the marble- speckled landing which read: DORMITORY BLOCK 1 in silver metal letters.

Everything was so breath-taking. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. A tall lady was standing in front of me. Her skin was the colour of milk- chocolate and her eyes were like hazelnuts just like mine. She had curly black hair which was held in a bun on the top of her head. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a black jumper with a white lab coat on top. She also was holding in her right- hand a clipboard.

“Hello there. Are you lost?” She enquired with concerned eyes. I shook my head.

“No. I’m looking for somebody called Mrs. Idegun. One of the Science teachers. My name is Morenike. Morenike Cage.” I replied, scrutinising the crumpled sheet of paper in front of me.

“Pleased to meet you Morenike. I’m Mrs. Idegun. I know I don’t look like a teacher because the Winter term hasn’t started yet. Follow me.” She said and beckoned me up the stairs. I took an instant liking to her and tugged my battered suitcase along. Mrs. Idegun led me up the stairs and up there were several other kids with other staff. She held out a white card and put it in front of a black box next to the door. The door opened.

The whole hallway was filled with lockers, either side. They were big and blue and I could easily store my books and other necessities in them. The floor was black this time with speckles on it though. The hallway was dimly lit and I bumped into a beam. I quickly caught up with Mrs. Idegun, rubbing my forehead. The hallway was very long and at the end, there were another pair of double doors like the first set but this time it read: 1ST YEAR 7 DORMITORIES.

Again Mrs. Idegun opened the doors and we walked into a much sunnier part of the building. There were five doors either side the hallway the colour brown. The walls were a peachy- pink with a ceiling window that stretched from where I was standing to the other end of the hallway which had double doors reading 2nd Year 7 Dormitories.

“This is your dormitory.” Mrs. Idegun told me and pointed at the door on my right.  “I’ll let you go in and settle down. Here’s the timetable for the rest of the day. At 3.30 there will be a meeting for the academic students in the Academy Hall. It’s shown on the map, but feel free to find me in my office which is behind those doors and down the stairs. The rest of the academic staff will be down there also. See you at 3.30, Morenike.”

Mrs. Idegun waved me a goodbye, opened the doors and turned left to go down the stairs. I couldn’t hear any noise in the room so maybe nobody was in there. I opened the door to find one of the prettiest rooms ever.

The first thing I could see was the window which showed you the view of the nearby beach and sea. It had purple curtains with white flowers on them. The walls were made of oak and there were two desks beneath the window.

To the left was a set of bunk beds. And underneath the top bunk was a chest of oak drawers and wardrobes which was beside the bottom of the bottom bunk. At the opposite end of the room was another set of bunk beds. There was a door a little way away from bunks which probably led to the bathroom. The carpet was purple to match the curtains and there two white plush sofas in the living space in front of me.

There was also a TV on the back of the door and on the desk I could see five information packs and five white cards with pictures on them. I decided to quickly bag a good bed. I chose the bunk on the right which was closer to the bathroom. Top or bottom? Top, I won’t have to put up with a wriggling person above me.

I crossed over the desk. There were 5 INFORMATION PACKS. Each had different names on it. I spotted one which had my name on it: MORENIKE CAGE. It also had a white card with my name, picture and a bar code. It was a replica of Mrs. Idegun’s except with a different name, picture and maybe bar code. The other 4 packs had different names on them: VICTORIA HYDE, MADISON TYSON and ALEXANDRA THOMAS. They must be my roommates.

I kicked off my Abercrombie & Fitch flip- flops and climbed up the mini ladder onto my bunk. I decided to put my sheets on later and read the instruction pack. The first page was about the cards which were actually called: proximity cards and they basically let you into hallways and through doors with black boxes next to them. The next was about the Academic program and what it offered: Maths, English and Science. There were also extra- curricular activities to do on Tuesday and Friday period 4, 5 and 8:






I’d probably do sport. I was rubbish at languages, the library would be too boring, and whenever I pick up a violin the notes don’t match with my fingers and ICT is too difficult to get your head around.

It also said that on Saturday and Sunday there would be a dorm tidy up and I had the job of: cleaning the bathroom this week. It rotated every two weeks. So hopefully next week I’d be doing something better.

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