Playing Games

Eloraline's life has been pretty boring and dull, no real excitement. She isn't exactly the most popular girl in school either. But that all changes when the worlds biggest popster walks into her life.


5. Chapter 5

I woke up to the smell of bacon filling the air and remembered I had to go back to school that morning. I had absolutely no time to prepare. I didn’t know what to expect because I hadn’t told anyone except family the real reason I went to London. Not even my best friends knew, they know I had talked to Harry before but I didn’t really let onto how close we had become. Now I have to tell them that we’re dating. I opened my closet, and honestly not even giving a fuck about how I looked, just picked out a white v-neck, black skinny jeans, and my white high top converse. Just like Harry’s. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and hopped in the car unenthusiastically. “Have fun at school!” My mom yelled out the window as she dropped me off. I started making my way towards school when I noticed everyone was just glaring at me, what did I do wrong? I thought. I made my way to my locker and as I closed it shut, Allie and Sabrina were standing there, staring at me. “Oh my gosh! Don’t do that to me you scared me!” I snapped at them. “Sooo, when were you gonna tell us?” Allie asked angrily. “What are you guy-” “You know what we’re talking about, don’t act like you don’t,” Sabrina cut me off coldly. I stood there and stared at them with a confused look on my face. I really had no idea what they were talking about. “How about you dating one of the biggest superstars in the world?! Does that maybe ring a bell?” God Allie sounded like such a bitch, they both did and it was really pissing me off. “I just got home late last night and crashed right when I got home. I haven’t even HAD a chance to explain…” I defended myself. “Fine, I guess that’s fair but we have a lot to catch up on at lunch today,” Sabrina responded. “One question though, why is everyone staring at me so weird?” I questioned, feeling uncomfortable. “Why do you think?” Allie said to me like I was dumb. It took me a second before I realized why. “Whoah whoah whoah, wait you mean the WHOLE school knows about… me and Harry?!” I finished the last part by whispering. “Uh…duh,” my friends responded simultaneously. After that ‘nice’ little chat I had with my friends, I awkwardly walked to off to first period with a weird feeling in my stomach. I sat down, and as if on cue Harry texted me: “Don’t worry a thing! You’ll be fine today!” He knew how nervous I had been. Suddenly the guy behind me leaned over my shoulder and said, “is that your lover boy?” Mockingly then leaned back laughing. I felt sick to my stomach. A couple stared and out of embarrassment all I could say was; “Shut up.” Then I heard a few whispers around the room saying how I was probably just with him for the fame or attention or gifts I would get out of it. Harry hadn’t even bought me anything yet except that one shirt that cost maybe, $10? I started getting dizzy at the thought and sick to my stomach. How was this happening to me? I didn’t even intend on being friends really… it just happened. All the sudden I felt like throwing up and right when the bell rang I got outta my seat and ran for the bathroom. In the distance I heard murmurs and giggles. This was just so much to take in right now. How could people be so cruel? I kept asking myself over and over again. After running straight down the hall I ended up just leaning against a locker and sliding down onto my butt. By now I decided to call Harry. After 3 rings he finally picked up. “Hello?” Harry asked, confused at why I might be calling him during school. He could barely hear what I was saying through my sobs. “Babe, babe. I can’t understand you, what’s wrong? What happened?!” He kept questioning over and over again. “I don’t… I don’t know if I can take this…” I chocked. “What do you mean babe?” “I mean people at school are already saying things and I haven’t even looked at my twitter since ive gotten back! It’s not easy being the girlfriend of a pop icon..” as soon as I said those words I regretted it. “Oh…I see now. Well nobody said it would be easy! You knew what you were getting into from the beginning and it’s not exactly easy being THE pop icon either ya know! But if you really love someone you keep trying, you don’t just give up after 2 seconds! Just make up your mind before I waste my time on a relationship going nowhere!” Then Harry hung up. I had never heard him so angry… so cruel… so sad? I wasn’t even sure what was going on, but whatever just happened, was not reassuring AT ALL. My whole world seemed to be crumbling down. At lunch, although I wasn’t in the mood to go, I kinda had to so I went and found my friends. “Oh… my god El! We heard you had like a total, meltdown in class today!” Allie squealed as Sabrina nodded in agreement. What great friends I had, so caring. “It was more like on the phone with Harry…in the hallway,” I corrected. “Whatever, spill the dets, we need to know more. We must!” Sabrina said quite dumbly. “About what?…” “Everything, anything. The trip, what happened, you know..” Allie raised her eye brows at me. “Ew. I was only there a week and we just started dating. Now cut it out you guys aren’t acting like good friends,” I snapped back. “Um, YOU’RE the one who didn’t tell your bffs about any of this. So, reality check, you’re the one being a bad friend,” Allie chimed in. I just about had it with my so called “friends”. I had never in my life seen them act this way. I felt my cheeks start to burn as I swelled with anger. I couldn’t take them anymore, I was about to burst. “I’M the bad friend?!” I suddenly yelled out. This caused the whole cafeteria to fall silent, eyes fixed on me. “Uhhh.. El?” Sabrina tried to hush me, glancing around nervously. “You know what? NO! I don’t need to be quiet or calm down. In fact, the whole room should really hear this. You guys have been nothing but selfish and rude since I’ve returned to school!” My voice was rising. “I don’t know maybe you want to get to Harry through me, maybe fame? I honestly don’t know. And for the rest of you,” I turned toward everyone, “You guys can really just shut the fuck up. Sorry if you think that’s too blunt, but I’m fed up with walking around school like a stranger. Everyone staring and talking about me behind my back. What’s your deal? Are you jealous cause I really don’t understand at this point. SO WHAT I’m dating Harry Styles? He’s a celebrity, but do you think that’s why I am? Because I don’t know if ya’ll knew or not,, but we’ve already been best friends actually, for months not. None of you cared then though did you? To me he’s just a normal guy. So to all of you sending hate, nice to know you care now.” I was done. I grabbed my bag and started to make my way out. “Oh and make sure to put that on youtube, gotta make sure the whole world knows what a bitch I am right?” I angrily stared at someone recording the whole meltdown. I needed home. As soon as I landed on my bed, I checked my twitter feed. I shouldn’t have, but that’s the kind of person I am. I saw disgusting tweets like, “Who’s this Eloraline bitch? You could do better Harry” and “What a cunt. Probably using you for fame!” or even “You should be with me, not this Eloraline chick, she’s so ugly.” Despite most of the hate there were a few positive tweets saying they’re glad he’s with a normal person and someone close to his age. That still didn’t outweigh the bad though. I noticed I had gained like 50,000 followers so far also. Some people still didn’t exactly believe we were dating yet, just another fling like the rest. I just wanted to die. Suddenly I woke up to my phone vibrating off the hook. I looked at the clock and it read 4:30 pm. I’d been asleep for hours and now my parents would be home soon and see the video….the video! I just remembered and checked twitter to see if I could find it posted yet. Scrolling past the hate. Finally I found it, it was posted on youtube about an hour ago and already had 70,000+ views, great. When I clicked the link already it had thousands of comments as well, which I ignored for now. But I did notice it was called ‘Eloraline Perkins Meltdown Video Official’. Ugh. Then I decided to go through the comments which were nasty, pointing out how I was the bitch and how Harry could do better, that was a shocker. There were a surprising amount of positive comments too though. Saying how strong I was and how they loved me and what I did, even saying I was their hero for this, and how I was so brave to stand up for myself. Those were more encouraging at least and made me feel better about what I did. Obviously by being the biggest pop stars girlfriend I was bound to get some hate by jealous fans, but that’s just what I had to deal with if I really loved him, and I decided it was worth it. He was an amazing boyfriend after all, this just made me feel worse about the whole fight we had earlier though. Then I picked up the phone because I thought it was time to call him. I noticed there were tons of voicemails and missed calls and messages. 37 missed calls, 13 voicemails, and 85 new text messages to be exact. All from Harry. I read through them all and listened to the voicemails, he seemed so upset like I was, but even more devastated, saying he regretted saying all that stuff before, and begging for me to pick up, that he was so sorry. Asking what happened, and most importantly, telling me he loved me. This threw me over the edge. I had fallen asleep, it’s not like I purposely ignored him, at least not at that point. I kinda stared back at the screen with a blank expression. Harry had kinda said it before, but it felt so different this time. After a minute I decided I should call him back. After 3 rings someone picked up, but not Harry. It sounded so familiar…. Then I realized it was Louis. “Lou?” I asked him. “El? Eloraline is that you?!” He sounded over-excited or something. “Yeah, its me… where’s Harry? I need to talk to him now,” I demanded. “We don’t know he just left all of his stuff and, well, walked out of the house. He didn’t say where he was going or anything and he’s not picking up on his other cell phone.” My head raced with a million thoughts a minute. I couldn’t think or see straight. And now he’s just, gone? Even though everyone by now knew, Harry had never publicly come out and said we were together in an interview or anything. Probably more for my safety and because he didn’t want me to get hurt, but so much for that. I decided not to get on twitter for awhile so that I could sort out my thoughts and calm down. I called Harry’s other phone seven more times that night; still no answer. I skipped dinner and just pretended I didn’t feel well. I guess it wasn’t a total lie since I really didn’t… but still. The next morning the last thing I remembered was crying myself to sleep. I convinced my mom to let me stay home from school, which was an easy persuasion. My parents still didn’t know about my meltdown or the video yet, they really knew nothing of my personal life at all. Maybe it was better that way though. Once everyone in my family had left, I decided to call Harry one more time before I walked to starbucks. Still no answer. Maybe he’s over me now? I thought. After I walked out, without thinking, I left the door unlocked. I tweeted one last thing; “My life is just going great right now,” hinting my sarcasm. Then I turned it off and slid it into my pocket, knowing I’d get 30 million replies to that one single tweet. It was already starting to get cold out and all I had on was a tank top, shorts, converse, and a beanie. Oh well. I ordered a carmel macchiato since it was so cold and slowly made my way home, in no rush at all. I basically ignored everything and anything going on around me. All the time I just wished I had better confidence or self esteem or something. Being carefree would really help me right now. I got back to my house and opened the door, then set my purse on the couch. Something didn’t feel right while I walked upstairs, it was a strange feeling that I just couldn’t wrap my finger around. I was hesitant when I opened my door to the bedroom. Slowly I started to walk in and all the sudden I saw a man on the bed. I was about to freak out until I realized who it was. “Harry?!” I let out in a state of shock and confusion. “What are you doing here?” I shrieked. “Well, I just couldn’t stand you being so upset so I flew over here as soon as possible. I haven’t even told the boys yet…I should probably call them before they file a missing persons report or something…” Harry trialed off. I let out a laugh before asking; “But don’t you go back on tour soon, like next week?!” “I still have the week, which I was thinking I could spend with you?” Harry asked shyly, already knowing the answer. “I mean, I guess, but that means you’ll have to like, meet my family.” “Deal,” Harry responded with absolutely no hesitation. Then he pulled me by my waist onto the bed. He kissed me softly on the lips, not going any further. “So what’s good around here?” Harry pulled away from me. “You’re such a tease Harry! Well what about that café, remember, the last place we went while you were in town?” “How could I forget? Let’s go!” I had just gotten coffee…but this was a special occasion I couldn’t pass up. When we got there we sat in the same seats as last time. I waited for our drinks while Harry went outside to call the boys. Luckily no one there really noticed who he was, although I don’t know how you couldn’t. When we got home later that night after walking around a bit I had to explain what all had happened and introduce Harry to the family. Surprisingly they seemed pretty chill about it, most likely because he was around and they didn’t want to make a scene. The only condition that he stay was he had to stay at a hotel and I still  had to go to school that week. After Harry assured me that was okay, I reluctantly agreed. The next morning I was actually really happy for once, my family loved Harry it seemed, especially my brothers, and I don’t think people knew he flew to America yet. Although last night he might’ve given it away with his tweet; “Visiting someone special (: xx.” Whatever. When I walked outside to go to school, a limo was in front of the house. The driver got out and asked if I was Eloraline. After saying I was he explained that Harry had arranged for me to get dropped off at school and then afterwards. I was beyond excited and climbed. I tried not to think about what might happen at school today… considering my whole meltdown and all. When I arrived everyone was staring because no one ever took a limo to school. All eyes turned to me the second I opened the doors. It was so silent, you could hear a pin drop. I was starting to freak out, but instead walked straight, not looking into anyone’s eyes, this was the first time I was actually being confident. Then one person broke out clapping, then another, then another, until almost everyone was doing it. Still some people shot me evil glares, but I didn’t know what was going on. Then Allie and Sabrina ran up to me. Oh good lord what could they possibly want from me now? They started apologizing frantically saying they don’t know what had come over them and how they acted like total bitches. I mean, I guess that’s how I might’ve reacted hearing that kind of news from a nobody. I finally told them it was okay, mainly to get them to shut up because they were getting on my last nerve. 
Then I asked what was going on? “Um, duh, that whole standing up for yourself thing. It got super awkward in the cafeteria after, well, you know..” Sabrina informed me. “Yeah, no one even knew if you would come back to school! You weren’t answering anyone!” Allie chimed in. “I just needed some time to think,” I said plainly, I was debating whether or not to tell them Harry was here when Allie added; “So, what’s up with you and Harry? Did he see the video?” “You don’t have to tell us right now if you don’t want to!” Sabrina was quick to mention. “No, it’s fine. I’m not sure if he saw the video or not… but we talked and it’s better now. But you’ll never believe this, come here!” I motioned them closer. “What is it?” They asked, moving in. “Okay, promise not to tell?” I asked first. They both nodded in agreement and pinky promised me. “Well, yesterday Harry secretly flew in to see me. I’m not sure how many days he’ll stay, but he surprised me at home yesterday. Their faces instantly lit up, mouths gaped open. Sabrina and Allie both freaked out. As I walked into first period, my phone lit up with a text message. When I looked down I saw it was Harry, my face beamed. I opened it as I sat down in my desk. It read; “Wahhh, I’m bored without you here with me.” I quickly replied with; “It’s not like I want to be at school either ):” “I don’t know what to do here babe xx.” “I have to go, ill call at lunch! (: Love you!” I replied. Harry never texted me back but I didn’t really think much about it because class was starting. The day was going by so slow and people were still treating me weird. They weren’t exactly being rude or anything, they either ignored me more than usual, or acted overly nice. So now that I’m dating someone famous people wanna be friends? Guess that’s how it goes. I finally got to lunch and after getting my food, I sat down with Allie and Sabrina, ready to spill the beans. The cafeteria got really quiet though, but then a few shrieks erupted, disturbing the peace. A bunch of people ran to the entrance of the room. Immediately I bobbed my head up, wondering what was going on. I gave my friends a puzzled look, but they just gave me one back. Was something exciting going to happen at every lunch now? I began to think. I guess it was a person because the crowd started to part making room for them. Then everyone looked at me. You would think I would’ve figured it out before but finally after a couple of seconds, I saw who this person was. “HARRY!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I ran to give him a hug as he lifted me and spun me around, forgetting everyone was still watching us. “What are you doing here?” I asked him, confused. “Well I thought we could go to lunch or something, I missed seeing you babe.” “Aw I did too, but we only have a 30 minute lunch break and I can’t exactly just leave…” “I guess we’re eating here then!” He responded excitedly. “Wait, how did you even get in the school?” “Babe, I’m Harry Styles,” he smiled cheekily. I just laughed and grabbed his hand, pulling him over to my lunch table. “Hey, I’m Harry Styles,” Harry introduced himself. My friends just sat and stared at him in awe for a solid minute. “Yeah, we know…” Sabrina finally broke the silence. Everyone in the cafeteria either went back to eating or crammed at our surrounding tables trying to get a glimpse of Harry. They were all taking pictures and videos of what was going on. “Sorry for…what everyone around us is doing,” I apologized. “It’s fine babe! I’m used to it, remember?” Harry responded, kissing me on the nose then pulling me in closer. “So, what’s fun around here?” Harry asked. People from all around started shouting out things, trying to join in the convo. I just laughed as everybody listened and took in every word he said, they were mesmerized by him. It wasn’t exactly a date, but it was still fun in a way. The bell rang, signaling it was time for Harry to go. “See you later after school?” Harry winked at me. “Can’t wait,” I responded, giving him a quick goodbye kiss. I still felt a bit insecure with everyone watching and all. I ended up walking with him to the front of the school and reluctantly said goodbye. The rest of the school day was just kind of a blur. After 7th period was let out I stopped at my locker and chatted with Sabrina and Allie for a couple minutes before making my way out to the limo. On the way over to the hotel I was scrolling through my timeline and almost forgot the Justin Bieber concert was tonight! I loved his music but I wasn’t like an obsessed fan or anything. Not gonna lie, I kinda wanted to go, but Harry was in town so it was okay that we just had a romantic night together instead. Finally we arrived and I checked the key Harry gave me to see what room I was heading to. It was on the top floor, of course. He was staying in the city which was a little far away, but there was more for him to do there anyway so whatever. I slid the key into the door struggling a little to get it open at first. “Harry?” I called out as I wandered in. “Over here babe!” Harry responded, seeming to come from the room. When I walked in and looked to the left, I found Harry standing next to the bed which was covered in rose petals with candles all around. “Harry…. I’m speechless,” I whispered. “Well you don’t have to say anything,” He responded walking over and drawing me in close to him. He had a faint trace of Calvin Klein cologne on and his breath was hot as he leaned towards me. One kiss. That’s all it took to lure me into him. Afterward we just laid in bed and watched some of our favorite movies until I realized it was time to get going. We were supposed to eat out at this really fancy restaurant but I told Harry I just wanted to relax so we ordered room service instead. “Night babe,” Harry kissed me goodbye. “Night.” I turned around after he closed the door and walked to the waiting limo. As of right now it was hard to imagine life without Harry as my boyfriend, everything was just so picture perfect. Almost. 
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