Playing Games

Eloraline's life has been pretty boring and dull, no real excitement. She isn't exactly the most popular girl in school either. But that all changes when the worlds biggest popster walks into her life.


4. Chapter 4

He was also very romantic we went out a lot for dinner or picturesque picnics. The only things I didn’t get a chance to do were redo his flat, or meet Danielle or Eleanor. It’s no big deal I can do that later though. But then the day came when I had to say goodbye and go back home and Harry had to go back on tour in about a week. He begged me to stay longer but my mom would never let me, plus I had school. That Saturday morning I woke up a little earlier than needed, so I just lay there thinking and looking at Harry who looked beyond beautiful while sleeping. This whole trip had been surreal. Not to mention I had to somehow explain all of these events to my parents when I got back home. They would probably be very angry…then again they might not really care at all. Just I kept thinking to myself; is this real life? How will people react at home? What have they been saying about me online? I have always been pretty insecure about myself, I read into what people think about me too much. I finally forced myself out of bed for the last time and headed downstairs to make tea. It was quiet with the boys not here, but they realized we needed our time. “Morning babe,” Harry stumbled in, still half asleep. “Hey! I made you some tea, just the way you like it,” I extended the cup towards him. I was smiling at him but on the inside I was dying. What if this doesn’t work out, us? A million thoughts were running through my head and I couldn’t seem to get them to go away. “Aw thank you babe,” Harry smirked. Coming closer to me, Harry wrapped his arms around me, keeping me close. “I just love you so much…and I feel like crazy we can make this work, we have to.” Taking what he just said in, I responded with, “I feel the same way and it’s gonna be hard but if we truly like each other, it should work.” After that Harry kissed me and I went on upstairs to finish last minute packing. I was still a little shaken from the events of last night until I came across an ‘I heart Harry’ shirt he bought me earlier in the week. It was kind of a joke, but the funny part is, when he bought it the cashier didn’t even notcie He was Harry Styles! He walked out of that place laughing his butt off with that adorable laugh he had. It made me smile every time. Once I held that shirt memories came flooding back. I almost wanted to start crying again and I don’t know why because he was still right downstairs. Just the thought of having to leave him in just a few short hours pained me. What if he found someone on tour and decided to text me to break it off? I couldn’t stand to think of these possibilities, but I couldn’t help it. On the limo ride to the airport, we didn’t say much, rather just held hands and sat close. It was all too much for me to handle. Even though he set up for me to fly out and meet up with him on tour a few times, I could already tell it would be a hard year. As soon as we pulled up and got out of the limo, paparazzi swarmed around us. How would they even know we were gonna be here? I wondered. Harry was used to it by now, so I guess I would just need to also if we were gonna be dating. I couldn’t even use my phone all week because of being in a different country and all. We stopped and got star bucks then kind of walked around the airport for a bit, just talking. Eventually I had to get going though and had to still go through security, which was the ending point for anyone with no ticket. So this was finally time we had to say our goodbyes. This was all too soon for me and I suspected Harry felt the same way. Turning me around to face him, Harry grabbed both of my hands. “I don’t want to say goodbye, not right now…. But we have to,” I muttered. Silence filled the space between us so that the only thing you could hear was the distant sound of cameras clicking from the paparazzi and fans. “I know it’s going to be so hard being away from you so long. I mean, I have done it before but I guess it’s just different now, I don’t know what to say…” “You don’t have to say anything,” Harry pulled me in close for a hug. This really set me over the edge and I started crying, trying not to be too loud because of everyone around us watching. “How about we don’t say goodbye?” I gave Harry a puzzled look cause I wasn’t sure what he meant. “Let’s just call it…. til next time.” Looking up at him with glassy eyes, I wearily said; “Til next time.” I didn’t have many friends at home, just a couple close ones, I definitely didn’t get the guys, and I was quite shy. Harry hasn’t even announced it to the media yet that we’re together…but I’m almost positive that by now word has gotten around. After silently crying for another minute, Harry drew me close and brushed his lips against my ear, whispering; “I love you.” Then he leaned in and kissed me warmly. It was the most passionate kiss I’d ever had and it left me wanting more, but I knew there wasn’t going to be ‘more’ for awhile. I loved how he didn’t care others were watching us. I really can’t stand being the center of attention, so if it wasn’t for him, I would have hated this. After that I couldn’t run away from that dreaded moment anymore. I silently breathed one last thing to Harry; “I love you too,” until I reluctantly turned around from his warm embrace. I let go of his hand gently and started walking away, tears starting to sting my eyes. I took one final glance over my shoulder and then walked down the long, empty hallway, not knowing when I would see his face again. The plane ride home was possibly the worst ride ever. I had to fight to hold back my tears, so I was forced to just solemnly stare out the window for about half the flight. I had nearly forgotten I would have to go back to school as soon as I got back home. The flight started to pass quickly, probably because I was tried and sad, but then I had a terrible nightmare. I’d never told anyone this but ever since that night, I had terrible reoccurring nightmares of what happened there. I guess I should tell you guys what all happened then, so here goes. This was about 2 years ago, I had been invited to a party by someone who was really good friends with Keith, who was probably the most popular guys in the school. Jon (the guy who invited me) was so nice and even told me I could bring friends, so I chose really my only two best friends to come along so I wouldn’t be alone. We got ready and everything and I was so excited because I thought of all the fun I might have meeting new people for once in my life. We arrived at this huge mansion, which was Keith’s house, and made our way around back to where the pool was. The music was so loud and there were a massive amount of people, diving in the pool, making out, and drinking loads of beer. It was so different than anything I had ever been to! This night, I decided, would be the night that I let my guard down and let loose. I was sick of being so shy and uptight, I wanted to find someone to have fun with. My other friends headed to the pool area and I told them I would get some beer from the keg for the three of us. As I made my way over I was just so enveloped in the scene going on around me. I could get used to this, I thought. Then I spotted Jon walking over too, “Hey Jon!” I shouted over to him as he made his way through the crowd to me. He beamed a huge smile which he always wore on his face. “Hey! You like the party so far?” He asked cheekily. “Yeah, um I’ve only been here but a few minutes but it seems like a lot of fun!” I shouted back over the music. “Cool! How about we go inside so we can talk some more without having to yell so loud?” “Sure!” I replied then followed him inside. My friends could wait, I thought. “This is so nice, Keith is a lucky boy,” I awed as we walked inside to his huge family room on the main level. “Yeah, but let me show you his room, it’s even cooler,” Jon suggested. “Are you sure it’s okay? I mean it’s his bedroom, a little personal huh?” I asked confused. “Well Keith told me I could take anyone up there that I wanted, since he’s my best friend and all,” Jon winked. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me with him upstairs. Something didn’t feel right about the whole thing, but I kept on following since it was my first big party and I wanted to let loose… right? As he opened the door, Jon pointed out all the key features that he loved about Keith’s room. Then he motioned for me to sit down on the bed with him. “This is my favorite part of his room though…” Jon let me know. “His room is huge!” I let out, not realizing how dumb it sounded. After a minute of just sitting down and looking around in silence Jon placed his hand on my knee and started to make a move toward me. “What are you doing?” I asked him hesitantly. “Well you’re so beautiful and I think I really like you…” Jon trailed off, then kissing me roughly on the lips. Then he kept sliding his hands further and further down me until he started to pull my tight bodycon skirt off. I grabbed his hand and yelled at him to stop. “What are you talking about baby?” He whispered in my ear so that I cringed. “I don’t want to do this, I barely know you! Go find some other slut to bang,” I said clearly with anger in my voice. “Oh no, I want you.” Jon pulled me onto the bed and forced me to take off my clothes. When I tried to scream for help he slapped his hand over my mouth. “Let’s be a good girl now, shall we?” Jon said slyly. “Stop it, I know you’re drunk! Don’t do this, you’ll just regret it tomorrow!” I managed to let out. “Of course I wont regret it! don’t shut up.” After taking full advantage of me and my boy, Jon put on his clothes casually and walked out of the room like it was no big deal. No. Big. Deal. I was so shaken that I cried, still lying naked on the bed, I had never felt so emotional in my life. I ran out and found my two friends who were already have drunk and protested that they wanted to stay at the party. So I called my parents and they just picked me up. Fighting back the tears as I got in the car I just lied and said that I wasn’t really feeling it and wanted to go home and sleep. No questions were asked. I held in this secret from people for over a year because I was too embarrassed, not to mention people thought Jon was one of the coolest, sweetest people in the school. When I finally tried to tell someone I guess it was too late because no one believed me, not my teachers, not my councilors, not my peers, not my friends. But what hurt the most was that not even my own family believed what I was saying. I tried to explain to them what happened but they just denied it and said I seemed fine that night. My friends asked if I was just thinking it all wrong, maybe I was the one that wanted to do it or maybe I didn’t remember right because I was too wasted. People around school started calling me an attention seeker and said I was lying. The worst part of it all though, was having to face Jon in the hallway and the two classes I had with him. That was the worst. But, not that was all behind me I guess and people started to forget around school. Not me though, no one understood how bad it hurt and how much of an emotional toll it took on me, that night. I even contemplated suicide multiple times but thought it wasn’t worth it because people still wouldn’t believe me then. All the sudden the flight attendant came on and interrupted my flashback. She informed us that we could start exiting the plane. I was less than excited to see my family again, let alone be home. Without Harry. He was all I could think about, everything reminded me of him. I had never had this strong of feelings towards someone before, it was all new to me and a little strange at the same time. It wasn’t as though my life back home was anything to brag about either. I slowly made my way out, picked up my luggage, then proceeded to find my family waiting. “El!” my family shouted happily as I rounded the corner and made my way to them. It was just my parents and two older brothers. They were twins who were seniors in high school while I was still a sophomore, I was old for my grade. My brothers both pulled me in for a rough hug. I managed a giggle and said hello back, then gave a kiss to my parents as well. They could tell I wasn’t the same though. I guess they thought it wasn’t important enough though as we kept on walking without a word being said. But then something totally unexpected happened as I stepped out of the airport. In the parking garage were tons of paparazzi snapping away photos. I would have thought a celebrity was behind me or something except they were calling MY name. In every direction I turned there were a million cameras. Stunned, my parents and brothers grabbed me and rushed me to the car, but the camera men still followed. We climbed in quickly, buckled then got out as soon as possible without one word being uttered. “WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT ALL ABOUT ELORALINE?!” my mother let out. “Yeah, care to explain El?” my older brother Matt glared at me, still in shock. “What did you do in England?!” my other brother will barked at me. He seemed pretty excited though, except for the fact that the attention was for me not him, but still. “Everyone calm down! I can’t answer 300 questions at a time….” “Spit it out already, stop delaying!” Matt yelled in my face. Why does everyone always want to know what’s going on in a persons life? I guess this time they kind of had a right to know, though. “Okay here goes…and no getting mad. So you know how I went to visit my good friend Harry right?…” Everyone nodded in agreement, eyes fixated on me. “We kinda sorta maybe made it like official…” I hesitated to tell them all the details, it was my personal life after all right? “Like… by official you mean an item, a couple? You and Harry?” My mother asked in a rush, wanting to get down to the bottom of this whole thing. “Yes, it’s quite a long story but he said he’s liked me for quite awhile now, and after some, interesting events, I said okay…” “He better be nice,”  Will said sternly but half jokingly at the same time. “Agreed, we need to meet him,” Matt chimed in. Then there’s my mom and dad who started on this long rant about how is this the right decision with him being gone on tour a lot, how will I deal with this new found fame and hate, how he better not have gotten me pregnant. Just plain ridiculous things. “Oh there’s also one small detail I left out…” I added. “Well, what is it?!” My mom was growing impatient. “So, um, it’s kinda a long story also but I sorta, uhh, almost got kidnapped and sold into sex slavery,” I tried to be as blunt and brief as possible just to get it over with. Who knows if they’d even believe me this time. “WHAT?!” my whole family questioned in unison. My dad pulled the car over to a screeching halt. Moment of truth. I explained how I shouldn’t have been out that late at night, lying about the reason I was of course. Then I assured them that Harry saved me, which made me realize he really did love me. My mom was so panicky about it and all, I don’t blame her but it took the whole car ride home basically to calm her down. It was a long night but when we got home I just wanted to get away from everyone and curl up in bed so I headed upstairs not even bothering to check my phone. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out. 
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