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Eloraline's life has been pretty boring and dull, no real excitement. She isn't exactly the most popular girl in school either. But that all changes when the worlds biggest popster walks into her life.


3. Chapter 3

*5 months later* 
I know what you're thinking, and no, we didn't become a couple that day, neither are we now. We just have that kind of relationship as friends. I've always thought about it, yes, but i just don't know quite what to think of it. It's now September and I am quite excited because Harry finally has a few weeks off and im going to visit him in London for a week! It took quite a bit of saving, but on the bright side i get to stay at his house for the week. Erm, I mean flat, I can't remember all of their language; too hard. Today was the day that i left though! I finished last minute packing, checking that I got everything, gave my mom and dad kisses and hugs and was on my way. Once I got through security and was waiting, I received a text that said: "hey babe! I can't wait any longer! I'll be there when your plane lands (: xx" he was seriously the sweetest friend ever. Soon my plane was called, I boarded, and fell into a deep sleep l. I only woke a few times, to eat, but it felt like I was on there for days. Finally the next day when we landed, it was the moment I'd been waiting for for so long! As I stepped off the plane and took the long walk through the hallway, i nervously looked around for Harry who said he'd be here. Suddenly I heard my name being called! Finally I spotted where the voice was coming from, a tall, dark haired, good looking boy came running towards me. Oh Harry. "hey babe! You don't even know how much Ive missed you!" Harry said out of breath, then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and a super tight hug. Just how I liked it, man he smelled good too. "I've missed you too Harry..." I didn't know quite what to say. Then arm in arm, we walked over to luggage. "you need to tell me ALL about your tour, mr hotshot! Still gettin dem girls throwing themselves at you, eh?" I joked, but gave it away with my smirk. "oh yes, I get all of dem bitchez erry night gurl" Harry attempted to be ghetto or something.. "but seriously we need to catch up, majorly." I tried to act serious after laughing at his comment. "maybe take a walk in the park once I get back and unpack?" "well of course, even though I've texted you so much I feel like I still have a lot to learn." and with that we were at baggage claim, grabbed my stuff and headed out to the limo waiting for us. 
Chapter 3 part 2...
Finally we reached his home, it was quite cute on the outside, nice shrubs and flowers, but of course a thousand girls outside waiting for him to get home, so we ended up going around back to make sure I wasn't seen. I didn't really mind though, I understood. When I walked in though, there was a surprise. "what are you guys doing here?!" Harry yelled, he actually seemed kinda angry and embarrassed. "we wanted to see ya girl, the one you haven't shut up about for months," Lou said jumping up from the couch where they were playin video games. "yeah, you know who we're talking about, that one riihhhhttt there!" Liam joked, pointing right at me. I just kind of giggled, but when I looked at Harry he was... Blushing. "shes not my girlfriend, just my bestfriend!" he protested. "whatever ya say man - by the way your out of food!" Niall groaned as he walked outta the kitchen. Wow, the stereotypes were already coming true. "whoaahh, hello there beautiful!" Niall then exclaimed as he looked up at me. I almost laughed out loud because Harry was glaring so hard at him after that comment. "hello boys I'm Eloraline if you didn't already know!" then they all ran over singing my name and pulling into a group hug, like it was planned or something; weird. "okay, okay boys, that's a good enough welcome. Come on Eloraline we need to get you situated in your room now!" he said with a cheeky smile. There's the Harry I knew! I followed Harry but as we left the room, Louis gave Harry a devilish smile and flashed his bum at us. Oh how I already loved the uk and these boys. Anyway, his apartment was amazing for someone his age. "I'm so in love with your apartment! I'm going to have so much fun here I can already tell. You must have an amazing interior designer!" "yeah, you likey? Hehe she is great, do you like that kind of stuff? Room decorating or whatever it's called?" Harry smirked. "yes! Haha I would like to study interior design when I'm older maybe," I laughed as I talked. He does that to me a lot... "okay, well its official," he plainly said. "what do you mean?" I was so confused at this point. "while you're here your redoing my whole house as practice." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "what?! No, I love your house and I couldn't do that to you... Too much money wasted," I protested. "pshhh, no. Do you KNOW what my job even is? It's fine! I trust you." that just about killed me hearing that he trusted me that much. Ahh. "fine. I can't argue with you." I pretended to pout and immediately jumped onto the bed and lied on my back, looking up at the ceiling. All the sudden, while my eyes were closed I felt a pillow smash down onto my face! I screamed and realized it was just Harry. "oh, you're in for it now boy! Watch out for me!" I screamed and picked up a pillow from the then-neat bed. We just had a mini pillow fight right there when all of the sudden we heard someone from downstairs yell at the top of their lungs; "PIILLOOW FIIIGHHTT!" "brace yourself Eloraline!" Harry grabbed me and gave me an extra pillow to defend myself. Soon enough, all of the boys came running in armed with their own pillows. It was so funny because it was so cliche, like something straight outta the movies... Only BETTER. Feathers soon went flying all over the place, coating every inch of the room. When we finally called it quits, we all lied down in the layer of feathers all over the ground and furniture. "oops..." I wearily said. "were redoing the house anyway, right? Well just get new ones, these were getting old anyway," Harry chuckled. "HAHAHAHAHA!" Niall broke out into hysterical laughter from across the room. "alright boys, let's let them alone, come on downstairs and I'll make tea for all of us!" Zayn yelled happily. "all day, a night, Chef Malik, chef Malik!" Lou giggled on his way out. While we just lied there on the bed, I caught Harry staring at me and smiling. "what?! Do I look crazy or something?!" I questioned him. "no, it's just... You just look so beautiful with all of the feathers in your hair." he seemed so genuine that it almost... Scared me. I don't know why though. "ha!" I accidentally let out. "sure i do, just about as beautiful as a crazy person maybe." "don't say that Eloraline! You are beautiful, feathers or not." he made me blush so hard that I had to get up before things escalated. "okay! Well why don't we join the boys downstairs for some tea, that just sounds lovely right now!" I said quirkily. "uhh, sure. Yeah it does I guess sound good." harry seemed almost mad or maybe confused, I don't know. Why would he be mad though? Whatever. We headed downstairs and had this amazing bubble tea and crumpets. Being cliche again haha. Then as we turned on a movie, we all sat in the living room. Niall and Liam built a fort for us and we even fit the couch inside! I loved this trip do much already. We put in 'she's the man', one of my favorites I brought from America with me. The boys had never seen it before, but I could tell they enjoyed it, especially Niall... It was getting late and when I curled up next to Harry, I immediately fell asleep on his lap. 
As I opened my eyes I saw Harry staring, smiling, right down at me. "hey babe," Harry said in a soft, scruffy voice. "good morning, what are we doing today?" "I thought we could go out for a walk in the park!" Harry responded excitedly. "sounds great, I'll go get ready and be right back down! Give me like... 30 minutes tops, I promise!" "Take your time," Harry replied with a cheeky smile. No wonder he had the hearts of millions... "Okay, ready!" you cheerfully bounded down the stairs to the main level. Then with that you two were out the door in no time, leaving behind Niall and Louis who were eating and playing video games. You soon arrived at the park but it was a bit chilly out. Without even noticing you let out a long "burrr" while shivering. Harry touched your exposed arms which were filled with Goosebumps. "here take my blazer," Harry gently said to you. He then took it offend wrapped it nearly around your shoulders. "Thanks, but you don't have t-" "Its fine, I'll be fine," Harry protested. We walked in silence for a few minutes just taking in the scenery around us before Harry turned to me. Still walking he said; "I have something to tell you El... The only thing is, I don't know how well you'll take it." "Well... I'll never know unless you say- right?" "Right... Well, for awhile now, actually since that first night you texted me, I've fancied you quite a bit. And now with you and I being such good friends, I feel like I already know you so well..." I stopped in my tracks and just blinked at him for a good minutes. I just couldn't handle, I couldn't take in and process what he was saying... To ME. "Did you just hear anything I said?" Harry asked me. "What?" I continued to just stare at his worried face. "Are you talking to me?" I still don't believe this. "Who else would I be talking to?" now Harry seemed really confused and a bit angry. "I just don't... Understand I guess. Why me? Don't you have millions of gorgeous fans who are nice and.. Well beautiful?" "But I think you're amazing and beautiful.I like YOU." "Is this a joke, I really don't believe you. And if this is, that is one MEAN joke to be playing," I protested to Harry. "What? You think I'd do that to you?... I just don't want to see anyone treat you badly like before... It breaks my heart to see that. You've been through so much in life." "Oh, so you just feel sorry for pathetic old me then?" "What?! No!" "Well then no. I just don't think you're telling the truth." "Why can't you just accept the fact that I like you and only you?" And with that Harry stormed off. I immediately started crying after Harry left. Why do I always do this to myself? Push away every guy that comes along.. And I had even been so honest with Harry and let my guard down more than ever. He was m best friend. Maybe he DID mean it. That day i just walked around, shopped, ate, whatever to get my mind off the matter. But there was no escaping this one. I couldn't bring myself to go back to his flat, at least not right now. I had no where else to go that night and really no more money either. I didn't even really know my way around the city yet. I spent all m money today and the rest was back at Harry's. Although risky, my only choice was to sleep on a bench in the park. It got quite cold and really scary... Until I couldn't bear it any longer. I ended up walking bam at around 12:30 am. I decided I could sneak in quietly and snuggle up in bed without him noticing, wrong. When I finally reached his flat, he was no where to be found. This time I was worried, I don't know what came over me but I started panicking and ran right out the door. I searched the streets and looked into bars, but I ended up going back to the park. Right when I got there I spotted a tall brown haired boy close to one of the only lamps nearby, waiting it seemed. He was faced away from me which was good. I started to make my way over to him when suddenly an arm grabbed me and pulled me around. "Ever thought of making a lot of money in one night? Your quite fit it seems," an older man said creepily as he eyed me up and down. I was shaking so hard but managed to say; "No, go find another woman for your dirty job." "Oh, no, I think you're the perfect fit." Thats when he grabbed my wrists tightly and started pulling me away. The only thing I seemed able to let out was; "Harry!" I squealed this at the top of my lungs when suddenly the guy slapped me across the face and put his hand around my mouth. "Let's not be a bad girl, you know what happens to them." I couldn't believe this was happening to me of all people. I started to lose faith that Harry would rescue me when all of the sudden another hand grabbed me at my shoulder. At first I just assumed it was another pimp, but when I saw curly locks as I turned around, I knew. "Let her go! She's not yours!" Harry buffed up. "She is now, so scram little kid, wouldn't wanna get hurt now would we?" "I'll take my chances!" Harry shouted as he punched the guy square in the face. He immediately fell to the ground in pain and shock, and, taking my hand, Harry yelled quickly, "RUN!" I obeyed of course and we ran a few blocks before we were sure we were safe. "Harry..." I was speechless yet again by this boy.. But for different reasons. "I didn't know you had it in you or even had heard me scream your name. It all happened so quickly, I just came out to look for you because I was worried. I could have been killed and you saved me." "Neither did I... But I could recognize your voice from miles away." Harry replied. "Next time, though, don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I was just so scared about where you went so I went out searching for you for hours. I thought I had lost you for good." Harry said so genuinely. Maybe he did care for me as much as he said. I started crying from being do overwhelmed, again. I had been so over emotional since the day I met Harry. Maybe it was a good thing? I wasn't sure yet and I couldn't sort out all the thoughts running through my head right now, too much had happened. Either way I buried my face into his shoulder as he pulled me in tightly. Then picking me up princess style, Harry carried me all the way home and even tucked me into bed once we got there, leaving me with a goodnight kiss on the forehead. Sleep was much needed, as I had to make sense of this whole situation and occurrence of events that took place tonight. 
The next morning I woke up around 12 in the afternoon. My mind was still clouded from the pervious night. I heard talking, but not really joking around, downstairs and assumed it was the boys. Why didn't they just live here with Harry? As I got out of bed, I slipped on some socks and fixed me hair just a bit. I realized I still had yesterday's outfit and since I felt so gross I decided to change quickly into just shorts and a simple t-shirt. "Hey boys, thought it was you down here talkin," I welcomed as I walked downstairs. I wonder I Harry told them about last night. Guess we'll find out! Then as soon as I said that, they all got up simultaneously and hugged me. It was strange, but sweet at the same time. I assumed Harry told them then... I'm glad they all cared about me so much though. "Are you okay?" Liam gently whispered in my ear as they all pulled away from the hug. I simply nodded and responded with; "I'll be fine." Except, I wasn't sure if I would be. "Where's Harry?" "That-a-ways!" Louis pointed toward the kitchen. As I walked in, I saw Harry preparing tea, probably for me. Before I could even get a word in, Harry quickly turned toward me and said; "I think I forgot something last yesterday." Then his soft pink lips crashed into mine. It was a gentle kiss, lasting less than 10 seconds, but man that was the longest 10 seconds of my life, and I liked it. That's when I realized something... I had loved every single second I had spent with Harry or talking to him. I loved him. As we pulled away, Harry whispered into my ear; "So.. You wanna give us a try?" He sounded so nervous yet sexy at the same somehow. Instead of responding I pulled him close and kissed him again. You thought this would be a good enough answer. Then he lifted you up onto the counter, almost knocking over the tea. You two were going at it for a few minutes until you heard quiet giggling coming from the living room. "Do you hear that?" you pulled away . "What?..." Harry responded slowly. Then you just shrugged and went back to making out. "WOO-HOO!" You heard Lou shout. Then Niall followed with that cute laugh of his, he just couldn't shut up. "We know this day would finally come," Zayn said with a smirk. "I say get a room!" Liam then shouted from across the hallway. "Uhh, this is my house? So theyre ALL my rooms..." Harry questioned. 
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