Playing Games

Eloraline's life has been pretty boring and dull, no real excitement. She isn't exactly the most popular girl in school either. But that all changes when the worlds biggest popster walks into her life.


2. Chapter 2

*3 months later * 
Harry: "hey you wanna meet up for coffee tomorrow?"
Me: "sure thing! See you there! (: xx"
I opened the door to go outside, it was how April and the weather was beautiful! Oh how I loved this time of year! Anyway, Harry and I have been friends now for about 3 months, texting back and forth all day. It was like an instant connection formed between us, I wasn't looking for anything more than a friendship though, I was fine with where we were at right now. I could tell him anything, honestly. Today though, I think was the day that I would finally share with him that day so long ago. It changed who I am now... How could I not tell him?! I was just so scared. Who knows how he would react, would he be scared? I've been wanting to tell him for awhile, but I don't really ever get to see him, since he's always touring and all. Plus, I think something like this shouldn't simply be texted or told over phone/Skype. You both needed to be there, in person. As I walked up the steps of the place, I saw Harry getting out of a taxi. "Eloraline! What's up? Good timing, eh?" he could always make you laugh. But that's why I loved him. "haha come on let's get something to drink." I said as I put my arm around him and walked in. Of course just about everyone in there recognized him right away. They all pounced at him, taking pictures and asking him or autographs. Once we finally got our drinks we picked a window seat. Not the smartest Idea, but my favorite. "I remember when I didn't even know who you were when we first met... I'm sure your fans would hate me for that." I started with. "that's kinda what I liked about you actually. You didn't obsess or scream when I said hi and gave you my number. Kinda nice for a change." Harry replied with that cheeky smile of his. God I loved when he did that. That's another thing, I'm obsesses with the way the English talk, their slang is amazayn. Haha. Now to the part that I've been dreading the most. "ummm, so I have to tell you something, serious, is that okay?" I reluctantly asked Harry. "of course babe, you know you can tell me anything. What is it?" then I went into detail about that awful night. Tears swelled into my eyes the whole time as I tried to fight back the tears. But by the end I couldn't hold it in any longer, I was just flat out balling(once again). "oh my goodness..." Harry stuttered. I knew it, I overwhelmed him. Why did I even say anything? That just made me cry even more. While a million thoughts ran through my head, Harry just sat there for a solid minute just staring back at me, like he was frozen in time. Tears began to form in his eyes as well. Then Harry finally said something; "you are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met, inside and out. Dont let you ever forget it. Dont let what anyone says or does bring you down. You gotta be trust me on this okay? Do whatever it takes to get over this and move on and I'll be here with you every step of the way, okay?" kinda cliche, but I simply nodded, taking in fully everything had just said. "now you clean that pretty little face of yours up and lets get outta here alright?" again I just nodded and got up to go to the bathroom. I dabbed my eyes up trying to fix my running mascara with a paper towel. Then i leaned against the sink and stared at reflection in the mirror. Did Harry just say that to me? Is he just saying that... Or does he truly mean it? What does this all mean? I guess I'll just find out sooner or later. I thought to myself. Then, with a sigh, I stood up straight and pushed open the door. "ready?" Harry tried to say as perkily as possible when he saw that I had cleaned up and returned to the table. "um, yes." I replied. "good, we need to get outta here quick!" the. Harry took my hand and we walked out of the shop and started along the street. "so... What do you mean one of the prettiest girls you've ever met?.." I joked around. "I mean.. I have to include my mum!" Harry shouted back, sounding half drunk. That afternoon we walked for hours , talking about anything and everything. 
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