Playing Games

Eloraline's life has been pretty boring and dull, no real excitement. She isn't exactly the most popular girl in school either. But that all changes when the worlds biggest popster walks into her life.


1. Chapter 1

Okay, so it started when I was just 17. I'm 21 now and a lot has changed so here goes...
I told my parents I was going to the library. No I didnt do anything bad, I just didn't want to admit I needed to go pray at church. It was just easier lying than getting bombarded with questions. Anyway, it was a cold day out so I slipped on my Eskimo styled coat(one of the newest trends I guess..). As I tightened my mittens and slipped on my hat, I walked silently out the door and down the street, making mental notes of what to pray about. (I did that a lot when I go to reflect at church). My life seemed pretty fucked up ever since that night.. Anyway, I passed by all the usual places, being friendly and waving to all the locals. That's just something you did in a town like this. It was fair sized, not too small. The wind kept getting really annoying, blowing my chocolate brown, curly hair everywhere so I tucked it under my hate and put my hood up. I probably looked like a freak but I honestly didn't care at this point, too much on my mind. Finally I spotted my church a little ways down, the big sign read: New Hope Catholic Church and below we're the listed times as always. I opened the door, and as I suspected, only a few people here and there were in the pews sitting. I quietly walked in and found a seat farther towards the back. I didn't even notice the curly brown haired guy sittin right there when I made my way over. "oh sorry, I didn't realize anyone was here already." I said not trying to disturb his peace. "what? Oh no, it's fine, you can stay if you'd like." "thanks" I responded, not quite knowing what to say exactly. I took off my many layers and got down on my knees to pray, but I didn't even recognize his presence as he glared at me while I did this. I started praying to god about anything and everything. But then I couldn't avoid it any longer, I had to pray about that thing. It was
Always on my mind and in the back of my head. I didnt even mean to, honest to god, but all of the sudden I started flat out balling right then and there. Luckily most of the Poole were gone, except for the guy right by me, great. It was embarrassing being so close to him and doing this. He looked over at me, this time i could tell, and he slowly made his way closer. "hey." he gently said. I got up off of my knees and sat back down, done praying. "oh I didn't mean to disturb you at all... I'm so so-" he cut me off; "no it's fine, I just wanted to give you my number if you ever wanted to talk, you seem to be upset. My name is Harry by the way." "thanks", I reluctantly room the paper. "I'm eloraline." he then replied; "nice to meet you eloraline," gave me a genuine smile, and with that, was on his way. I wrapped all up again and also left for home, but stopped at Starbucks first. Once I got home, I made my way up to my room, I layed down on my bed and thought about the Harry guy. He seemed so familiar, I just couldn't wrap my finger around it though. Later that night, at about 10 pm, I gathered all my courage and texted him saying: "hey, it's eloraline from earlier." within 2 minutes he responded, "oh hello love, wanna talk?" and that was just the beginning. 
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