Emma's WORLD

This is a story about a 12 year old girl who has a rough life and she is trying to get out of it? Then she finds a advert in a newspaper but, what will happen when she gets there? Will they even want her or is this her big chance for stardom! Okay im giving up on this story so its just there for the sake of it


1. Mums gone

Entry one: Hi, my names Emma. YOU may think this is a cheesy start but, you would be wrong this is a really cheesy start, so there! I am going to start with some info about I, WWWWEEEELLLLLL where do you want me to start wait i will make a list. So read on.                                                                                                            

1.I live in a mouldy flat.                                                                                                  

2.My name is Emma hart.                                                                                            

3.I am destined to be a MODEL, for "THE BLUE PIG BRAND".                              


Well that's my list. Okay, this is Emma signing out :).


Emma got up out of her chair and placed her diary in the bread bin(This is because, NO-ONE ever goes in there). Emma walked into the living room,as soon as she did a frown came upon her face, what was her mum doing? Her mum was bright blue and failing at setting a plant pot on fire.

"MUM,WHAT ARE YOU DOING! WHY ARE YOU BLUE?," Emma yelled as she did so her mum fell on to the floor. Emma just stared at her. What can she do? Out of sheer shock Emma ran down to the entrance hall being careful because, the stairs could apparently break if you thundered down them to hard. This was stupid of her because she awoke Mrs Devrish there moany neighbour.

"Oh, great," Emma said sarcastically.









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