Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


15. You Want The Truth? Fine.

I cried.
I cried and cried and cried. 
Those pictures were going to be leaked all over the world, and it was all my fault. Directioners were going to think different and everyone will have a different story to the photographs.
I believed it was my fault.
I assumed it was my fault.
I knew it was my fault.

I had grabbed my phone and the photos had already gone viral. I checked twitter and they had already found our my name...

What is @Chelsea_Fletcher doing with my man @Louis_Tomlinson? Who does she think she is?

As if @Louis_Tomlinson is already going out with this b*tch @Chelsea_Fletcher! This is sh*t...

@Chelsea_Fletcher is just gonna brake louis's heart just like eleanor did. shes pretty ugly too

this better not be true other wise I'll hunt this chick @Chelsea_Fletcher down and strangle her

Go die in a hole, @Chelsea_Fletcher #whatthehell

I bawled out tears once more and Louis sat down next to me.

"Don't cry, babe, everything will be alright..." he whispered.

"Have a look at these tweets, they're killing me inside, Lou!" I sobbed as I chucked my phone to him.

Louis pulled me in for a hug as the other band members and my friends gave us some space. 

"It's all my fault..." I coughed.

"It's not your fault, Chelsea. It's no ones fault... the paparazzi just had to be in the wrong place at the wrong time..." Louis comforted.

I shook my head, "But, it shouldn't turn out like this. Louis, I'm new to this sort of fame and... I'm scared."

"Eleanor went through this too, so did Danielle... soon enough both Julia and Mia will and yet it won't be their fault. It's fine..." 

"It's not fine! All of this is NOT fine!" I cried, "Louis, your used to this! You get mobbed pretty much every five seconds, camera's flashing in your eyes all the time which probably might cause blindness... don't you get it? I'm just a normal Aussie school girl who will probably never cope with this!I will never get used to it!"

I ran off as Louis cried my name. I didn't listen because he didn't understand. No one would. I ran into the bathroom and stared into the mirror. Tears had swelled up in my eyes and I looked like an idiot. My slight mascara had run and I cried even more. I looked into the mirror and my reflection stared back. The tweets from the directioners haunted me by repeating themselves in my head. I screamed at my reflection and fell to the floor. I buried my head in my hands and I screamed even more. When I stopped, there was nothing audible... except for the door opening. 

"GO AWAY!" I screeched.

But they didn't. I heard footsteps right until they stood right next to me.

"It's me... Harry..."

I sniffed and turned away, "Did Louis send you here? He probably does since you spend every second together..."

"Is this what it's all about? Me spending too much time with Louis?" Harry asked, clearly surprised. 

"No, it's not that. I'm just really bloody upset..." I snapped as I wiped the tears from under my eyes.

"Hey, it's ok. Chelsea, listen to me," Harry said as he bent down next to me, "I went through this too. It was our first live performance of What Makes You Beautiful. It was my solo and I was freaking nervous. I really thought I did I terrible job, and I was absolutely shattered. I felt as if i didn't belong in One Direction. I went on twitter, typed up Harry's Sh*t and it came up clear as day. But you know what was the good part?"

I looked up and shook my head. He placed an arm on my shoulder.

"I got over it, and look where I am? If I didn't get over it and quit One Direction... I would of put the band at risk. We would have never had met you, Mia and Julia. We would never be collaborating... isn't that a terrible life to live in?" Harry laughed.

A smile crept across my face slowly, "It does sound pretty horrifying..."

Harry grinned, "Exactly!" 

"I'm scared though..." I whispered.

"Theres nothing to be afraid of. Don't listen to those mean people on twitter, they just don't know what they're typing," Harry said.

"I know... but..." I stammered.

"No but's, Chelsea. If there's haters, theres always going to be people who admire and love you. Louis does, and he's not afraid to show you to the world. He just doesn't understand how hard it is for you..." Harry sighed.

"How the hell does that work? He's older than you! He's supposed to be mature!" I cried, laughing.

Harry shook his head, "Mature doesn't exist in Louis' vocabulary."

"Thanks Harry," I smiled.

Harry flipped his curls, "No problem!"

There was a bit of an awkward silence, except for the drip drop of the tap nearby, "Harry?"

"Yes, Chelsea?"

I laughed, "You do realize your in the girls bathroom?" 


As soon as I walked out, Louis ran up to me and he wrapped his arms around me. 

"I'm such a jerk, I'm sorry. I didn't know how much this meant to you... I... can you forgive me?" Louis stuttered.

I looked up into his amazing blue eyes, "What are girlfriends for?"

"Sorry to interrupt, but Paul went down to get us some Subway for the sake of what happened..." Liam said. 

"He didn't have to do that! I could've gone down! No one knows who I am!" Mia stated, "I'll have to give him some money when he gets back..."

Zayn shook his head, "No! Don't worry about it! Paul doesn't mind..." 

"No, this is my fault, he didn't need to do this. I think I know how to fix it..." I said as I ran towards the back door. 

I swung it open and grinned at the flashing cameras, "Want the truth? Fine, you can have it. Louis Tomlinson and I are dating. There, I said it! Do whatever you like with the information, but just don't make it a stupid lie. You can take it back and publish it, I don't care. I'm happy with that!"

A voice cried out amongst the flash, "Miss! Miss! What is your name?"

I smiled cockily, "Chelsea, Chelsea Fletcher."

Before they could ask anymore questions, I flicked my head around and walked back in to the arena. I pushed the door closed and the rest of my friends smiled at me.

"That's my girl!" Louis laughed.

After a few hours, the concert arena was soon to open up, so Mia, Julia and I got dressed into our dedicated directioner clothes. We wanted to "blend in" and even though we were an item with one of the boys, we still were directioners. 

We headed to the foyer and the directioner girls ran in as soon as the doors open. The trio of us stood in front of the doors, so we soon got lost in the stampede. It wasn't long until the concert had to start, so we just chilled out in the foyer.

A group of younger girls stood at least one hundred meters away, whispering amongst themselves. They soon walked over to us and one queeried, "Hey, aren't you that girl who held hands with Louis?" 

I slowly nodded my head, "Yes, yes I am."

"Wow! That must of been amazing! What's it like?" another girl cried.

I blushed, "It's just... oh my direction, y'know?" 

"Are you together or...?" 

"Yeah, are you excited for the concert?" I asked.

"Don't try and change the subject! How did you guys meet? Is he totally romantic or is he totally nuts?" A third girl cried.

I laughed and pulled down my sleeves, "Its a confusing story how we met, but he's romantic alright."

"Have you kissed yet?" 

"Yeah..." I replied.

"Tounge action or smooth?"

"Passionate." I replied.

"Aw! That's so... Louis!" 

The girls kept asking questions, and the more I got annoyed. But I didn't was to act like a total... female dog... and tell them to piss off. 

After what seemed like years, the concert was soon about to start. Mia, Julia and I had everything ready so we went and grabbed our seats. We stood up waiting for the concert to start, we were filled with excitment.


Paul was going ballistic...

"Quick! Quick! Harry, c'mon! Zayn, stop, your hair is fine. Liam, help me round them up. Hurry Niall! Josh, you head on stage to your drums. Grab the rest of the bands as well, boys! C'MON!"

I ran up behind Liam and spooked him, causing Paul to snap at me. I adjusted my suspenders and followed the rest of the boys to the wings of the stage. The girls were chanting our names now and I could faintly recognize Chelsea's voice. The video played on the screen and we heard the recordings of our voices.

Zayn ~ Vas Happenin?
Harry ~ Liam, where are we?
Liam ~ Lads, I believe we're in Australia. 
Niall ~ Ooh! Australia! 
Me ~ Sounds awesome! I love Austria!
Harry ~ No Louis, AUSTRALIA!
Me ~ Didn't I say that?
All of the boys ~ *sigh*
Zayn ~ Wait, do you hear that? 
Liam ~ I think the directioners are waiting for us...
Harry ~ Then what are we waiting for? Lets go say g'day! 
Niall ~ Ok lads, on three. Ready? One... two... three!

Us five ran onto the stage as a flash of light reflected into the audience. The music started for Up All Night and we bounced to the music.

"HELLO MELBOURNE!" Zayn and Harry screamed as the directioners went crazy. We sung through Up All Night with ease, and it was only the beginning...


Oh my direction... THE CONCERT SO FAR WAS UNBELIEVEABLE! They sung each song to perfection and it was going great so far. As the interval began, a security man walke up to us.

"Chelsea, Julia, Mia?" he asked.

We all nod our heads.

The man bent down and whispered in all of our ears, "Your needed backstage..."

It hit me. I had totally forgot that I was performing on stage with One Direction and my friends, believe it or not. I nodded my head in approval and I followed the security man. He led us to backstage where Lou Teasdale took me to the dressing rooms. Crystabel, Lydia and Caroline took Mia and Julia to the other dressing rooms.

"RAWR!" Somebody shouted as they shook my shoulders.

I squealed, turned around and was greeted by a kiss on the forehead from Louis.

"Hey gorgeous," Louis whispered into my ear, his breah tickling it gently.

"Hey," I grinned.

"Liking the concert?" 

I nodded, "It's absolutely brilliant. Stop winking at me! Your attracting attention from other directioners!"

"I thought you were fine with that?" 

"I am, but there has to be more lucky other girls like me..." I smiled as Louis tickled me below my ear.

Lou stepped in, "Uh, sorry to interrupt but Chelsea needs to get ready and I believe so do you, Louis." 

Louis grinned, "Yeah I do, I just had to say hi to my love..."

Lou pushed us away from each other and smiled at me, "C'mon Chelsea, Lux has been dying to see you again."

I gave Louis a kiss on the cheek, "Bye Louis..." I hurried off with Lou to get ready, even though I didn't want to leave my Boo Bear.
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