Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


17. Which Direction?

The concert soon finished up, and as soon as Louis hurried off stage, I pulled him into my arms for a hug.

"Such a great performance! Good show, good show!" I said in the worst british accent of all time. 

Louis cocked his head to one side, "Are you BAGGING my accent."


Louis gasped dramatically, "I am ashamed... oh, the betrayal! Why? WHY?!"

I clapped as Louis fell to the ground. He stood up, bowed and swiped his hand vertically like a credit card across his face, "And scene."

"Nice, Lou," I nodded as my lips curved up into a smile.

"What's with all the racket? Is Louis acting again?" Liam sighed.

"I'd think so," Julia winked, "With Chelsea of course..."

Harry chuckled, "Hahah... ACTING. With CHELSEA. Get it?"

Niall shook his head, "You have a wrong mind, Hazza."

"How the heck did you even think of that?" Zayn cried.

Liam coughed and cleared his throat, flinging his arm around Julia, "Well, it IS Harry."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Harry barked.

Louis poked his tounge out, "Everything!"

Liam tapped Julia and Mia on the shoulder, "Hey everyone, I'll be right back..."

I sat down on the nearest chair, "Ugh, school tomorrow."

Louis sat next to me, "Oh no, your coming with me, young lady. We'll lastly stop in Brisbane which will be our final stop and then head back to London where-"

"Louis?" Mia interupted.


I grabbed his hand, "We have Year 12 to finish." 

Everyone's faces dropped, "Oh."

"Sure, we'd love to come with you and all but... I'd really like to finish my last year," Julia explained.

Mia continued, "And I'm sure our parents wouldn't approve us three going over to England either. Or Ireland."

"But-" Niall started.

"Niall, she's right. They all are," Zayn admitted.

Louis was in small tears, "No, Chelsea, you CAN'T leave. We have the album and everything... and I have to be with you."

I held his hand tighter, "All the same Louis, but-"

"CHELSEA!" A fermilliar voice screamed.

I turned around and there stood my parents and my brother Jack. I ran up to them and I pulled them in for a hug. Liam had gone to fetch rhen for me. To be honest, I had forgotten about them... but in the nicest way.

"You were phenomenal!" my mum cried.

"Cough! Cough! PHENOMINIALL! Cough!" Niall... um... coughed.

I gave a glare to Niall and turned back to my mum, "Wait, wait, wait... you were watching?" 

"Of course we were, cupcake! What kind of parent doesn't watch their own children perform with One Direction?" my dad chuckled.

"I was just here for the girls," Jack winked.

I rolled my eyes with scarcasm, "Thanks, bro."

Jack flashed a mean, brotherly smile, "No problem, sis."

"Anyways, Liam said you wanted to talk to us?" my mum queeried.

I shrugged, it was worth a try. It wasn't going to work, but maybe my mum had a change of heart! Maybe... just maybe... 

"I..." I stammered, "May I please go back to London with Louis...?"

My mum stood frozen. She couldn't believe what she had heard...


"May I please go back to London with Louis...?"

Did my daughter just ask that? Not to be rude or anything, but that girl has had gotten everything in the last couple of days. I don't even know the boy! And know she wanted to travel half way across the world with him?

 I cleared my throat, "Um... I don't think so..." I managed a small chuckle, "What? Are you folks going out now?"

Chelsea smirked, "Uh... yeah. Yeah we are."

Oh. Wasn't expecting that.

"Wait.. Louis? Aren't you twenty?" I asked.

Louis blushed, he was clearly getting nervous, "Yes."

"A two year gap, Chelsea! You haven't even left school yet!" I cried.

"Just so you know, Caroline and I had a fifteen year gap! Just sayin'..." Harry pointed out.

My head snapped around to him, "What?! Oh, you know what? I'm just going to drop it. Chelsea, honey," I turned back to my daughter, "I love you... but this is getting a little silly, isn't it? You have exams and everything. I think you'll just have to wait until next year..."


I knew it. I absolutely knew it. I knew she wasn't going to let me.

"Next year?!" I snapped.

"Yes! Next year! You have exams and education comes first! Wouldn't you prefer to be fully educated when you start to collaborate with they boys?" My dad confirmed.

I shrugged. "These boys aren't fully educated..."

"Chelsea! Enough is enough! We said what we said and that is FINAL!" my mum cried.

I'd pushed her buttons way to far, one more outburst and I'd probably never be able to talk to Louis again.

"I... Erm... Ok..." I stammered.

"So, Chelsea's not coming to London?" Louis finalized.

Mum smiled sweetly at my boyfriend, "No Louis, I'd rather her to finish Year 12 then to pursue with her singing dreams."

I sighed. I felt like bursting into tears.

"Can I at least go with the boys to the airport?" I asked, holding back the tears.

"Sweetie..." My dad started.

"Dad!" I groaned.

"Oh, I suppose..." 

I wrapped my arms around Louis and pulled him close.

I'm going to miss you so bad, I whispered.

There was a moment of silence before a soft voice rebounded off the top of my head...

I'm going to miss you too...


I remember waking up back in the hotel. Julia and Mia had gone back to their own houses, after their parents picked them up. Looked like I was the one taking them to the airport. Both Julia and Mia's parents had said they couldnt go with One Direction to London either because of school and that "I would feel left out". Julia was pissed. I could read it on her face.

"Its our last half day in Melbourne..." Zayn sighed as we dug into breakfast. I had been to sad to cook, so we ordered room service. 

"You don't know how hard its going to be to see you go..." I whispered horsely.

Niall and Liam were hardly speaking. They missed Mia and Julia so terribly badly. We were all in a bad mood. I had a terrible sleep last night. I kept thinkinf about everything that could happen in the rest of the school year while Louis is in London. I could be at school and he might find another girl. What would happen then? Would it be to awkward for me to be ok the album with Mia and Julia But I wasn't going a whole year of not being with my boyfriend let me down. I wa here to have fun with them  for the remainder of the half day. I thought of a plan, a wonderful plan that I could make a girls dreams come true.

"What shall we do, darling?" Louis asked me, tucking a loose hair behind my ear, "Go shopping? I hear girls LOVE shopping. Maybe-"

I pressed a finger to his lips, "Shh. Before you go, I have the best idea."

I slipped away from the table and fished out my phone from my jacket pocket that had been draped over my made bed. I texted as quick as I could,

Hey Tiff, got a surprise 4 u and ur sis. Which hospital is ur sister @?

Tiffany texted back instantly,

Text u the deets soon btw y do u want 2 kno???

I smiled,

oh nothing, I just want 2 pay her a visit...


I sat impatiently outside of Tiffany's sisters (who's name I found out earlier was Lily) drumming my fingers to the song playing throughout the hallways of the hospital. Tiffany knew what was happening, but Lily didn't have a clue. The only thought that occurred to her is that she was getting a visit by me. The soft smell of hand sanitizer shrouded my scent, which you would expect in a hospital.

The door swung open indicating me to stand up and brush my jeans off. Tiffany appeared and nodded, "You guys can come in now..." 

We all started to walk over but I spun around, "Hang on, wait until I give the signal," I ordered to the rest of the visitors.

They nodded and I walked in with Tiffany. There she was, the poor darling, lying in the hospital bed. She was bald but she didn't care and either did I, she was happy she was alive.

"Hi," I whispered, "I'm Chelsea, I'm one of Tiffany's friends."

She was at least a year or so older then me. On her lap rested an iPad so she locked it. 

"I'm Lily, nice to meet you," she grinned, her smile brightening my day.

I was lost for words. I seriously didn't  know what to say. I decided I might as well  bring the rest in.

"I... Erm... I have a few more visitors..." I stated.

"Oh, thats cool." Lily replied.

I coughed to break the silence, "Um... Do you want them to come in or...?"

"Sure, I don't mind."

I poked my head around the door way and winked, "You can come in now," I said quickly with a small nod.

I trotted back into the room and waved my hand towards the door, "Lily, meet-"

Her face lit up like a desk lamp shrouded in a million stars.

"Hi, we're One Direction!"


Louis and I curled our fingers together as we walked into the airport. To Brisbane, then to London, which seemed as though it was a world away. The boys checked in as they were surrounded by paparazzi and the occasional directioner. Security held them back as they walked over to sit down to enjoy a nice cup of warm hot chocolate after they went through X-Ray. The weather had taken a twist and it was bloody freezing. The boys had moved security and they were happy to snap pictures and sign autographs. I sat back and watched them do they're thing. Some directioners even asked me for pictures! As every minute passed, it got closer to letting Louis and the boys go. It was going to be a whole year until I see my boyfriend again. If I were to have one wish, I would win to be with my boyfriend.

"First call for passengers on flight A37128 to Brisbane. The flight is now boarding, please make your way to Gate 6." the lady over the announcement called. 

I looked over at Louis and at the exact same moment, he did too. We knew. Everyone knew. He had to go. We all made our way to Gate 6 and every step I held Louis' hand a little tighter. I didn't want to let him go.  I stopped as soon as I saw Gate 6 in big letters. 

"Chelsea?" Louis asked as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

I've always had this... um... "thing" with people touching my shoulder. It's not ticklish but it's sort of an annoying thing. But when Louis... oh, when Louis touched me... it wasn't annoying. It was really quite soothing and soft. 

"I-, it's... fine..." I stuttered.

We walked to Gate 6 where people were busy scanning tickets and pushing them out to hop on the plane. I pulled Louis away from the line and wrapped my arms around him.

"Chels..." Louis sighed.

"Lou..." I sighed.

There was a hell of a lot of sighing.

I looked up at him and traced my finger from the the bottom of his ear to his chin.

Me - "You know I'll be..."
Louis - "Your life..."
Me - "Your voice..."
Louis - "Your reason to be..."
Me - "My love..."
Louis - "My heart..."
Me - "Is breathing for this..."
Louis - "Moments..."
Me - "In time..."
Louis - "I'll find the words to say..."
Me - "Before you leave me today..."

Louis kissed the top of my head and I smiled, trying to hide my sorrow. 

"I'll miss you..." Louis whispered.

"I'll miss you more!" I cheered.

"I'll miss you MOST!" 

I pulled in Louis for another hug. I didn't want to let him go. But I knew he was safe in the arms of Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam... and maybe Paul. Tears escaped from my eyes and slipped down my face. Louis pulled away from the hug and I laughed.

"And the tears stream down my face..." I sung crookedly, while laughing and wiping my eyes.

Louis cleaned me up by wiping under my eyelid to clear all tears, "You alright?"

I coughed, choking on my tears, "I'm... fine." 

"Hey," he grinned, lifting my chin up, "Smile, I don't want to go to Brisbane without seeing it!"

I bit my lip and managed a small smile, "There we go! Perfect!" Louis giggles as he tapped my lips.

I kissed his check softly, "Something to remember me by?"

"I'll never forget." he stated.

I pulled Louis in and we locked lips for the final time before it was at least a year until I saw him in the flesh again. 
We parted quickly and I hugged him for the last time. I joined up with the rest of the boys who were about to go through. I hugged them for the last time as well. 

"Well..." Louis sighed, "This is it, I guess."

"Bye, Boo Bear." I smiled as my lip wobbled.

"Bye, Chels." he said giving me one last peck on the cheek.

Louis was told to move on, so thats when our fingers seperated. He walked down the hallway backwards, blowing me dozens of kissed which I grabbed and stored in my heart. He was about to turn the corner and disappear, and that's when he gave me...




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