Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


23. Where's Lux?


The weather seemed to have cleaned up a bit, so we all slipped outside for a swim while the warm weather lasted. Louis and Chelsea had been gone a long while, but I didn't worry. They were... responsible... in some definition. I layed back on one of those white beach chairs and sighed, hoping for a tan. My black DC snapback rested safely on my head, until some one snatched it. I looked up and there stood Liam, holding my favourite hat.

"Hey! Give that back!" I screeched as I leapt off of the chair. I was busy leaping for my snapback, but also busy admiring his fabulous body.

Liam snickered, "Oh dear, it would be a shame if it would happen to... fly away with the wind..."

I scowled, "You wouldn't..."

"I would!" Liam laughed, "Or maybe even worse! It could be soaked in chlorine!"

"No, you wouldn't," Mia sighed, reading a magazine without looking up, "I know you, Liam, and you wouldn't do such a thing as that."

"I would so!" Liam argued, placing a hand on his hip.

Niall stood up, "You returned a spare chicken nugget back to McDonalds!" 

I watched Liam carefully. He was going to do it. My hat was going to slid from his hands and not be taken by the wind, but into the pool. I leapt for my snapback as it dropped from his hand. Liam caught it and I slid on the wet concrete into the pool. I coughed and gagged as I rose to the surface, "Liam," I choked, holding out my hand, "Liam!"

He cursed and held out his hand, "I've got you! Hold my hand!"

Still coughing, I held onto his hand. I gave a quick smile and pulled Liam in with a swift tug. He was going to kill me, so I swum as fast as I could to the other side of the pool. I stopped to breathe and Liam had disappeared out of sight. I sighed with relief but was quickly pulled under the water. I opened my eyes and there was Liam. I pressed my lips to his cheek and we both rose to the surface, gasping for air.

"What are you two love birds up to?" Chelsea laughed as she stood in the doorway with Louis.

"Nothing," Liam shrugged.

"Nothing," I shrugged.

Chelsea giggled and pulled out her phone, "Well, I'm just gonna go and call my mum. Catch you guys in a couple of seconds, ok?"

Before we could all answer, Chelsea ran off with her phone. Liam and I scrambled out of the pool and wrapped a towel around us.

"Can I have meh snapback... back?" I asked, cuddling up to Liam.

Liam nodded, "Sure, but first..."

Out he pulled a black snapback with the letter L in purple with white lining around the side. It was so sweet! 

"Aww, Li-Li, it's adorable... thank you!" I grinned, wrapping my arms around him.

"I got one too," he said, pulling out a same one but with the letter J, "Now we have matching snapbacks!"

I raised an eyebrow, "Does the J stand for Julia or James?"

Liam kissed me on the nose and ave a friendly grin, "Which one do you think?"


After my awesome dress up date with Chelsea, I stumbled over to Harry and sat down on a beach chair next to him. He was the first one to speak, before I could even breathe a word,

"I have a confession..." he said.

"Go on..."

Harry sighed, "And I don't think your gonna like it."

I grew impatient easily but made it into a joke, "Well, come on then! Spit it out! Don't hide it in there all day!"

"You know the veiw?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yeah... it's cool, calming... why? What about it?"

Harry bit his lip, "I sorta showed it to Chelsea last night..." 

My eyes widened, "You WHAT?"

Harry hushed me and moved closer, "She was awake and... I was awake... she couldn't get to sleep and-"

"But I thought we were going to show all three of them TOGETHER!" I hissed. I was clearly pissed off. Harry can't just come in and try to steal Chelsea. Was that his master plan? Try and gain Chelsea's heart to keep? She was mine... and Harry was well aware of that.

"But I heard she was awake and because of the jet lag she couldn't get back to sleep!" Harry argued.

I bit my lip, calming myself down. Shouting wasnt going to solve anything, so I decided to take it easy, "Ok, Hazza, I understand... I'm just a little protective of her, y'know?? I haven't seen her in freaking ages!"

Harry nodded, "Yeah, I know. Hey, bro, and I'm sorry. I should have asked if I could and all... so, sorry."

"Watcha talking about?" Chelsea asked as she sat on my lap.

"Nothing much, darling," I grinned, "Harry and I were just having a little chat, that's all."

She stood up, "Well, enough talking. It's time to-" In a flash, she ran up to the edge and jumped in the pool, "-Have a swim!" 

I pulled off my Jack Wills shirt and jumped in after her. She squealed as the water splashed her soft face and I rose to the surface. I pulled her closer and she giggled, then joining lips together for a short, cute kiss...

Afterwards, we all dried off and cleaned up a little. I snuggled up with Chelsea on the couch because the jet lag had gotten the better of her again. It should wore off sooner or later though. The sweet scent of her lavender perfume covered her neck as it smudged onto my wrist. I combed my fingers through her hair and she slept quietly while the others raged in the background.

"Shut up guys, Chelsea's asleep!" I barked as I threw the remote and Liam's head. 

He caught it in the nick of time and wagered a finger at me, "Well we weren't aware, Lou. Calm down a bit."

I flashed him a grin and turned back to my angel. She slept smiling, which I thought was adorable. The doorbell rang through the house and her drowsy eyes opened. 

"Who is it?" she yawned, stretching her legs against mine.

I faced the door as Zayn rushed down the hallway to get it, "Beats me!" I shrugged.

Chelsea rested her head on my wrist softly and yawned. The distant door swung open and voices arose from down the hallway.

"Hey Lux...!" Zayn's voice echoed.

Before I knew it, Harry, Chelsea and Mia leapt up and bounded down the hallway towards baby Lux. I laughed to myself and sat up, my joints tight from laying down. I stretched as Lou and Lux made their way to the living room.

"Hey boys! Hey girls!" Lou grinned as she placed her handbag on the kitchen table. Mia, Harry and Chelsea followed, Harry holding Lux.

"Hey Lou!" we all replied in unison.

Lou pointed to Chelsea, "You wouldn't mind if I call your mother, would you? She's concerned..."

"How do you know?" Chelsea asked.

"Ol' Paul, the babysitter," Lou joked, "Your mum called Paul who called me to call her."

Niall shook his head, "I don't know of I quite caught that... sorry?"

We all laughed and Lou flicked her wrists, "Don't worry Nialler, so is that alright Chels?"

Chelsea smiled, "That's fine, let me just get my phone..." 

Lou hurried away to Skype call Chelsea's mum as we sat waiting. Chelsea searched for something in the kitchen while Mia and Julia ran up stairs to get something or rather. I watched Lux as she rolled around on the carpet, but in a split second she was gone. I hadn't even realized! How long had she been gone? Where in the world was she? I had my eyes on her just a second ago... she couldnt of disappeared that easily! My eyes scanned the room and no one had even noticed that she was missing.

"Guys, has anyone seen Lux?" I said quickly, my eyes darting around the room looking for her.

The boys sprang to life and looked around for the baby girl. We all went into panic mode, as did Chelsea from in the kitchen. Where was she? I was supposed to be keeping an eye on her! Chelsea cursed loudly from the kitchen and ran for her life towards the backyard. 

"LUX! STOP!" she screeched as Lux walked on the concrete, not sure where she was headed, "LUX PLEASE!"

Chelsea sprinted out of the sliding door and all of us boys watched in horror in the living room. Lux turned her head around to Chelsea, smiling like the sun...

... until she fell head first into the water.
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