Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


6. What's In Store For Today?

~ LOUIS P.O.V. ~

As soon as we got back to the hotel, I wanted to go straight to bed. We managed to avoid the dedicated directioners by entering through a back entrance. The lads and I arrived at the hotel room and Niall went straight to the fridge. I groaned, flopped on my bed and rolled around in the sheets, trying to get comfy.

"Chelsea was nice," Zayn was the first to speak when we got back, "She's all cool and stuff, not screaming in our ears all the time..."

Liam agreed, "Yeah, just listen to the directioners outside! Our fans are great, but a little bit too loud at times."

There was a bit of an awkward silence when the boys leaned over to stare at me. I opened one eye, "What?"

"You like her!" Liam cooed.

"It's fairly OBVIOUS!" Zayn stated.

"And upsetting, whats ever going to happen to Larry Stylinson!?" Harry exclaimed.

"And Nouie Horlinson!" Niall said with a mouthful of food.

"Hey, Hey, HEY! I never said I LIKED her..." I cried, slightly offended.

Zayn rolled his eyes, "Yeah, well, like I said before, it's fairly OBVIOUS!"

"But that means nothing!" 

The boys nudged each other, "Oh, ok Louis..."

"SHUT UP!" I screeched, a bit too loud in my opinion, "We're just friends..."

Niall yawned, "Well, I'm tired and I want to sleep. How about it lads?"

"Yes, night boys!" Liam agreed as he belly flopped onto his bed.

I dug my face in the pillow, it was clearly becoming red. Sure, I liked Chelsea... AS A FRIEND... but maybe I had it a bit deeper. I missed Eleanor, but Chelsea had this little something that gets me blushing the bloody way I am now. Someone placed their  hand on my shoulder and I flinched. I rolled over and there stood Zayn.

"Louis, if you want to talk about it, talk to me..." he whispered, "I'm here for you, buddy."

I nodded, "Yeah, I know..."

Then he popped the question, "So do you like her?" 

I gave a small nod innocently and Zayn flashed a smile, "And hey, by the looks of it," he said as he bent down to whisper in my ear, "I reckon she does too..."


Louis grinned and planted his lips on mine. Before we knew it, we were passionately kissing as rain danced across our skin... 

My eyes sluggishly rose and the world was a blur. I heard my name being called and some one sat on the bed next to me. "Chelsea? Chelsea?" It was definitely a British accent... wait a second, Louis? The blurriness cleared and there sat Louis, in the flesh. I grabbed the sheets startled, pulling them over my head.

"What are you DOING here!" I cried, as I checked my alarm clock, "At Eight in the morning!"

Louis put his hand on mine, "We're here to pick you up, sweetheart!"

I peeked from under the sheets, "Wait... WE'RE? You don't mean..."

"SURPRISE!!!" The boys screamed as they leapt up from under the bed.

"Oh, you guys! I would look terrible at this time of morning!" I stammered,

"I think you look mighty fine, Chelsea!" Liam exclaimed, "What are you doing in bed anyways? It's 8!" 

I rolled my eyes, "It's called sleeping-in, Liam. And there's another thing called school, not like you guys attend it anyways..."

"Cause we're TRAVELING THE WORLD!" Niall grinned.

"Oh shush, what a great way to make me feel better!" I hissed.

Harry smirked, "You look REALLY sexy in bed..." 

Louis slapped him, "Oh stop being such a flirt, Harry Styles!" 

"Yeah cause your JEALOUS!" I cooed.

"Ooh! Burn!" Niall laughed.

"Tell me something I don't know, Niall!" Zayn said.

I dug my face in the pillow, "Ugh, I'm so tired!"

"Are you serious? We couldn't wake you?" Liam questioned, "Wow... I guess we'll have to carry Chelsea to the car!"

I turned around, "Wait a sec, where are we "supposedly" going?" I asked.

Louis shrugged, "Well, it's our last day to have fun in Melbourne, so I was thinking that we go out and have fun! Then, tonight you can sleep at the hotel, tomorrow we get ready for the concert and then..."


I nodded, "That sounds great! And my parents are OK with this?" 

Zayn flicked his hand, "Oh yeah, sure. They said it would be great!" 

"By the way, I think your mum is fangirling inside...!" Niall whispered.

"Yeah, over my ridiculously curly hair!" Harry laughed.

Louis rolled his eyes, "Oh god, go eat a carrot!"

I smiled, "Yeah, I'll come, but I gotta get out of my pajamas... so... shoo!" 

Liam blushed, "Oh yes, of course!"

Harry whimpered, "Can I stay?"

I leaned forward, nearly so close I could kiss him on the lips and quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if he would get to my lips first, "Harry," I said quietly, "I know your cute and your a superstar, but you ARE NOT staying in my room to see me naked!"

Harry rolled his eyes, "Oh please, I'm not that childish, I wouldn't actually do that to you!"

"Are you sure about that?" Louis snorted.

I laughed, "Nice one, now shoo! Go on!"

Harry groaned and was last to leave my bedroom, no surprise there.
I watched the bedroom door while I got changed, just in case Harry had any "ideas". I scoured for an outfit, what the hell was I going to wear? Something sexy? Something sweet? My brain flooded with ideas, and I quickly picked out something...

~ LOUIS P.O.V. ~

"How long does it take for a girl to get changed?" Liam queried, clearly getting impatient.

"Maybe just as long as it takes Zayn to do his hair!" I laughed as I poked Zayn's head.

Zayn yelled, "Hey! I don't know if that's an insult or a compliment!"

My eyes swam to the door, "Well, it really depends what girl your talking about..."

"Yeah well I KNOW which girl your talking about," Niall giggled as he nudged my arm.

Suddenly, the door swung open and there stood the angel, Chelsea. She wore a nice sky-blue summer dress with a white cardigan along with white slip ons.

"Aw, you look beautiful!" I commented as she closed the door behind her.

Chelsea nodded in approval, "Thank you, Louis!"

We walked out to the kitchen where Karen held a shoulder bag, "Here sweetie," she smiled, "It's packed with everything you need..."

"Wait, you knew about this?" Chelsea asked.

Karen huffed, "Yes! We sort of planned it, matter-of-fact! Now go have a good time, you boys better take good care of her!"

Niall's eyes gleamed, "Oh, don't worry, Mrs Fletcher, we'll take good care of your daughter!"

Karen nodded, "Glad to hear that, Niall, now go have a fun day!"

The boys, Chelsea and I sprinted our to the front. Today was going to be great, I could sense it!


Hopping into the legendary orange and white Volkswagen Camper van was an experience that will never ever forget. Liam slid open the door for me and he bowed like he was some royalty, but in retrospect, he was...

"Thank you!" I curtsied.

Liam snickered, "My pleasure, Chelsea..."

I giggled and hopped in. Harry sat next to me and gave a small smirk, oh god he was good at being a flirt. Niall sat next to Hazza, and Louis and Zayn sat opposite (Louis directly opposite). Liam, being daddy directioner, sat in the front next to our driver. The van hummed to life and we started to drive. It was a thrilling experience. 

"So," Zayn grinned, "Do you want to know what's in store for today?" 

I fizzed like a coke can full of excitement, "Yes please!"

Louis reached over and tapped my knee, "Well, we'll have to do a rehearsal first up..."

"Goodie!" I cried.

Niall continued, "Then Luna Park..."

"Wow! Anything else?"

"...Maybe a swim..." Liam called out from the front of the van.

"Oh yes! Perfect day for it too! And...?"

Harry brushed his leg against mine, "And... maybe a dinner out somewhere... the looks of it it probably Nando's!"

Niall smiled, "I suggested it!"

I bounced up and down, "This day is going to be the finest day of my life!"

The radio played through and Louis leaned closer to me, "Sing..." he whispered.

I raised an eyebrow, "And if I don't...?"

Louis gave me puppy-dog eyes, "I'd be terribly, TERRIBLY  upset!"

I rolled my eyes, "Is my singing THAT good all of a sudden? I mean, it must be serenading Louis Tomlinson!"

"But, Chelsea, your voice is angelic!" Niall admitted.

I breathed in and exhaled, calming my nerves. It was pretty nerve-wracking singing in front of One Direction. I waited for the next song to start, and it happened to be one of my favourite, "Different Worlds" by Jes Hudak (ft. George Arthur Krikes).

�� I've been out on the ocean
�� Sailing alone, travelling nowhere
�� You've been running on hard ground
�� With just you around, your heartbeat's the only sound.

�� But I know, once in a while we would find
�� The sound of your heart beats with mine
�� And when it's time
�� I'll leave the ocean behind

There was silence, nothing but the small voice of the radio. I didn't know it they were shocked that I wasn't as good as yesterday, or totally speechless it was that amazing. 

Harry placed his hand on my shoulder, "That was intense! It have me goosebumps!" This was the cue for the applauding, which the boys did crazily. Louis was next to speak,

"Where does that voice COME from?" he asked, his eyes begging for an answer.

I shrugged, "I dunno, it just... reveals itself..."

"Your SO good!" Zayn cried.

I blushed, "Thank you..."

Liam turned around in his seat to face me, "This album is going to be so much fun! Can't wait!"

"Sing more!" Harry demanded.

Zayn suddenly switched on like a lightbulb, "Idea! Sing a song that you wrote!"

I felt flattered, but my songs I wrote were terrible, "They're not that good..."

"Any song can be a hit, Chelsea," Niall stated, his blue eyes gleaming, "Sing for the moment..."

Louis added, "Please?"

I sighed, "This song, is a song that I adore..."

�� I saw you, ��
�� Over there and I...��
�� Fell to the fact, ��
�� That your heart had moved on ��
�� Can't you see, ��
�� I have not yet let go ��
�� Everything in life, ��
�� Seems to remind me of you ��

�� You know that I'm dying inside ��
�� So here is the question... ��
�� Why don't you come back? ��

�� But, one day, my heart ��
�� Will finally move onto, ��
�� Better things... ��
�� You'll finally fall, ��
�� Like the way I did, ��
�� I will finally move onto, ��
�� Better things... ��

Once again, the awkward silence lingered. I wanted to whisper 'Gay Baby', but I didn't think the british knew what that meant.  Zayn clapped slowly, before the van erupted into an earthquake of applaud. 

"Oh my god, when did you write that? That's gold!" Liam cried as he tried to wrap his head around it.

"Um... I think two years ago? I can't remember... but I can remember I wrote it after my boyfriend broke up with me..."

Liam's face softened, "Oh... I'm sorry..."

"Oh, don't be," I reassured him, "He wasn't worth it! I just wrote the song to explain the event through lyric..."

Niall nodded, "That's the best way to do it..."

I beamed, "Totally, I love pouring my heart out onto a blank piece of paper and making a song out of it. It makes me feel..." I thought for a word...

"Different?" Louis suggested.

My lip curved into a smile, "Yes, but in a good way!"

Louis' cheeks flushed a slight red, "Of  course. You feel as though your the only one in the world who has the knowledge to be able to do that sort of thing..."

"Yeah, I agree. Wow Louis, I'd never expect you to be so soft-hearted. I have always imagined you to be so... energetic and eccentric!" 

Louis' eyes pulled me into a gaze that was too hard to pull away, "Which one would you prefer?"

I smiled and leaned closer, "Both..."
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