Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


25. We Are Family

"Chels? Chelsea? Hello?"


My eyes flickered open and there sat Louis, his eyes gleaming. I'd fallen asleep... how long for? An hour or so? I shrugged it off, I felt like sleeping for the rest of my life. This jet lag was killing me inside. I cupped my mouth and yawned, rolling over.


"Your no fun when your sleepy!" Louis cried, then kissing my forehead.


"Sorry," I appologized, "It's the jet lag... but I think I'm getting a little better."


Louis layed down beside me and cuddled up, "What are you thinking about?"


He asked after a long pause. "I dunno... nothing really..." I replied, "I just can't think well. I'm too tired."


Louis laughed and stretched his arms to the sky, "It's a bit like that. Tours are a pain when you have to fly from one place to another, but we would never let our fans down. They mean the world to us. We owe so much to them."


I closed my eyes and listened to the soft music of Summer Paradise by Simple Plan, "But, hey! You'll get more jet lag when you start touring with us! It's gonna be so much fun, You... Mia... Julia... The boys... all on the road."


My eyes nearly bulged out of my head, "We're TOURING?"


"Of course we are, babe!" Louis chuckled, "Did you think you we're coming here to record a single and then flying back?"


I bit my bottom lip, "No... I had no idea what's gonna happen! I don't even know how long I'm staying!"


Louis smirked, "What your parents don't know won't kill them, right?"


He had a point... but, to tell you the truth, I was terribly homesick. I missed my family and everything about Australia. I felt like I was on an entirely different planet in London. I missed my family horribly. "Louis... you don't understand..." I coughed, choking on my tears.


Louis placed one hand on my shoulder, "Chelsea, are you ok?"


I shrugged him off and stood up. I walked away from him. I needed a bit of space, sometime to clear my head. But nothing would work. My head pounded with heavy homesickness and I collapsed into a mess. I wiped the tears away and pinched my finger. Why are you crying, Chelsea? What's wrong with you? Your supposed to be spending time with your boyfriend! Not mourning over the distance between you and your family! 


"Chelsea?" A soft voice echoed in my head behind me.


"Zayn!" I cried as I leapt up and wrapped my arms around him, "How do you do it? All of this touring? How can you spend so much time around the boys and not your family? What does your family think? What do I think? What does my family think? What-"


"Shh... calm down, Chels," Zayn hushed pushing a finger to my lips. "I don't know how you do it..." I whispered, a tear sliding down my cheek.


Zayn forced a smile, "It's hard, isn't it? It'll be ok Chelsea. Your family is fine and always will be. Right now, you've got to focus. For now, the boys and I are your family."


"I miss them-" I hesitated as Zayn shook his head.


"Don't think, just relax. The homesickness will be gone soon, ok?" 


I nodded and Zayn kissed me on the forehead, "There's a good girl. Now, lets head back to the picnic, shall we?"


So we did exactly that. I explained to everyone that I was homesick and they cheered me up fairly well by singing and dancing. Zayn was right. They were my new family. I had to accept that. 





"Niall! Push me!" I cried, wriggling around in the swing to get Niall's attention.


Niall clambered out of the tunnel, "I'm coming!" He ran up to me and placed his warm hands on my back and gave me a small push. I turned my head around to face him and raised an eyebrow, "Is that the best you can do?"


Niall rolled his eyes and scrunched up his sleeves, "Give me a sec, I've got to warm up. I gotta look after these puppies..." Niall pushed one finger to his muscles and acted all tough.


I laughed and looked at his arm in confusion, "What puppies?"  


Niall poked my nose and kissed his muscles, "They ARE there... you just cannot see them because your not Irish."


"Shut up and push me," I giggled pulling his right ear gently.


Niall wrapped his arms around my waist while Harry took pictures from afar. Niall stepped back, causing me to go further back and higher. As soon as Niall could just barely keep his arms around me, he let go and I swung into the air. He kept pushing me and after every push I would go higher and higher. I screamed like a little girl amazed at how close I was to the sky. I closed my eyes and let my self go into cool, calm and collected mode. When the swing had stopped completely, I opened my eyes back to reality. 


"Feeling better?" Niall asked kissing my hand.


I nodded, "Much, I feel... younger. And also slightly tired. I just want to go home now, relax, maybe watch a movie until dinner."


Niall grinned, "That sounds awesome, but first..."


Niall opened his hand to reveal a silver ring. I gasped and admired the lovely ring. Engraved, it had Niall <3 Mia. I quickly slipped it into my ring finger and marveled at its beauty.


"Its... delightful. Thank you, Niall," I smiled, starting to tear up. 


"Aww..." Niall pulled me up out of the swing and pulled me closer to him. I stared up into his dazzling blue eye and he licked his thumb. With one swift movement, Niall dabbed the tests off my cheek. "Thanks," I whispered.


Niall cocked his head and placed both of his thumbs on the tips of my lips, "Smile!" He cried, forcing me a smile by sliding his thumbs up.


I laughed and looped my fingers through his, "Come on, lets go home. It's getting a little dark..."





As soon as we got home, I collapsed onto the couch. What was the time? Three? Four? Nope, it was FIVE O'CLOCK! Had we really been out that long? I couldn't believe it! Liam collapsed onto my lap and I screeched in pain.


"I'm not that fat, am I?" Liam laughed, poking the side of my face.


I giggled and pushed him over, "No! I just wasn't prepared!"


He smiled and looked up at my snapback. He quickly turned it around and the front then faced the back, "Oh, your so gangsta now! Look at moi, I'm a gangsta like what, what?" He cooed in a New Jersey accent.


"Hey!" I cried, doing the same to his snapback, "You change the positioning of mine, I change the positioning of yours. We gotta be matching! It's not rocket science!"


"YO! KIDDIES!" Niall screamed, waving his arms frantically in the air.  That all got his attention. We quickly darted our eyes to Niall in the kitchen, "Thank you," he nodded, "Now, I just wanna ask... WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR DINNER?" Everyone shrugged. We said it nay be a possibility that we were going out for dinner, but it hadn't been confirmed. 


"I don't mind cooking again," Chelsea suggested, "Hazza?"


"Meh... Not really, you can cook all by your self can you, Chelsea?" He smirked.


"Hey!" Chelsea cried as we all laughed.


"Why don't we just order some pizza or something?" Zayn asked.


"Yes! Order SOMETHING!" Niall yelled, "I'm bloody STARVING!"


"Sure," Harry said, entering the pizza number while he got everyone's orders, "Hello, can I please get uh... one large margarita pizzas, one medium Hawaiian, two erm... medium meat lovers, one medium teriyaki chicken and a... large garlic bread? Thank you. Yes please. Uh... No this is not Harry Styles..."


We all held back our laughter from not being too loud and nearly collapsed on the floor. I laughed nearly so hard I thought my stomach was going to explode. Harry sent it to Paul's address in fear we may be caught out.





An hour later, Paul appeared at our doorstep carrying the pizza and garlic bread. "Special delivery for One Direction and friends!" He called as Liam opened the door. 


"THANK YOU, PAUL! YOU SAVED MY HUNGER!" Niall screamed, running down the hallway to collect the pizza. We payed Paul and we soon dug into our pizza. We all snuggled on the couch and watched the News as there was nothing else to do. It was pretty boring to be honest, but Liam was taking quite an interest.


"I'm bored..." Louis whispered in my ear before I did.




Louis tapped my ear, "What do we do? I can't always have it my way, you'll have to break the news to Liam that your bored."


"Why do I have to do it?" I laughed in a hushed whisper, "I can't be mean..."


Louis interupted, "But I can't do it either! Look at Liam! He's drooling over freaking finances!" 


I laughed rather loudly which caused everyone to stare. I laughed again but collapsed into Louis chest while he laughed aswell. Another boyfriend and girlfriend inside joke added to the long list. After we had settled down, I nodded to Louis that we'll do it at the same time.




Liam darted his eyes across the room to us. "I'm not stupid, I could hear you guys."


Louis and I burst into laughter again. Now I think about it, we were quite loud. I tapped my chin... trying to think of what to do. I looked over at Louis who was busy on twitter. Twitter... Twitter... Twit... Twitcam! A TWITCAM!


"What about a twitcam?" I suggested, grinning like mad.


"Yes! A Twitcam will give us an awesome opportunity to communicate with the fans!" Zayn exclaimed.


"And its great cause we have twitter on our television," Liam stated, "Let me just set it up..."


While Liam logged on to twitter, all of us sent out a tweet...



Having a twitcam on Liam's account, @Real_Liam_Payne , see us all there in ten minutes at the most



The minutes flew by and Liam set up the twitcam. All of the viewers flooded in, waiting to watch us stuff up and be pretty much crazy.


"Hello directioners! Liam Payne here and we are broadcasting from our lounge room!" Liam grinned.


"Stop acting like its a radio show or something, Li!" Louis cried, "Anyways... we're here with my beautiful girlfriend Chelsea, Liam's beautiful girlfriend Julia and Niall's beautiful girlfriend Mia!"


"Its great to be here!" Mia cried, waving at the camera.


I smiled and waved along with the rest of the boys and my two best friends. Oh boy... the directioners were in for a treat... 

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