Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


1. Vas Happenin?

Louis' POV :


"LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!" A familiar Irish voice screamed over Ed Sheeran's heavenly voice.


I jolted upright, took out my earphones from my ears and smiled, "Yes?" 


Nialler had a loud voice if he could overtake Ed at (almost) full blast, especially that he sitting in the other isle across from Hazza and I.  All of the boys were watching me now, except for Zayn who was busy chatting to a girl sitting next to him, and it seemed as though they wanted to ask me something.


"What you listening to?" Harry enquired, his ear pressing against mine.


I shrugged him off and grabbed an earphone out of my ear, "Lego House, want to listen Hazza?" 


Harry nearly leapt out of his seat and placed the earphone in his ear, "Thanks bro! Ed's album is the best!" He then smiled and tapped my nose gently, what a charmer!


We sat there for about fifteen minutes talking when a chime rang through the plane and an announcement was made over head saying that we were about to land in Melbourne, "And hello to our fellow five lads in Business Class, you know who you are boys!" The boys chuckled, including Zayn, and we all made sure our seat belts were fastened. I grabbed the earphone out of Harry's ear and turned off my phone.


The plane soon came to a landing and Paul got up,  "Boys, just wait for your bags then we'll get going to Crown ASAP. No stopping for souvenirs, no stopping for toilet breaks and DEFINITELY not stopping for fans, ok?" 


I sighed, sorry Directioners. No stopping this time... again. Harry then nudged my arm, snapping me out of the thought of Directioners standing there motionless because security are whisking us away.


"Hey, check out Zayn and his little friend! She cute, but shes not my type... but they look adorable nonetheless!" Harry smirked. 


Ilooked over at Zayn saying his last goodbyes to his female flight companion. Harry was right, they seemed as though they could really click as a couple. 


"Hey they look like what you and Eleanor used to look like, sweet and absolutely adorable-" he then paused and looked down whist he fiddled with his hands, "-I really thought you guys were, erm... really tight... You were great together! Adorable... and totally funny!"


I nodded and felt a pang of sickness when Harry mentioned her name, "Yeah... but I guess that "tightness" loosened with the tour and leaving the US nearly ALL the time, I mean, it was really hard to leave her all those times... but I wouldn't let down the fans..." I used dramatic finger quotes with the word "tightness".


Harry agreed almost instantly and looked over to Liam, "I guess Liam felt the same way. Him and Danielle had it great as well..."


"It's not his fault entirely, I mean, Danielle was five years older then him. He saw it coming, Dani was going to fall for a guy her age sooner or later... but Eleanor..." I wrapped an arm around Harry, "Until I find a girl either here or anywhere else in the world, I've got you, Harry Edward Styles."


Harry pecked me on the cheek and chuckled, "Same here bro, you absolutely handsome boy!"


I grinned, I told you he's an absolute charmer!


"Who knows! You might even find a fancy girl in Melbourne!" he said.


"Hazza! Lou! Cut the make-out session out! C'mon!" Liam chucked as he, Niall and Zayn rose out of their seats and disappeared to the end of the plane.


I grabbed Harry's wrist and we were whisked to follow the three other boys. I then felt a small tap on my shoulder.


"Excuse me?"


I looked up at one of the ladies working on the plane and she held her daughters, who seemed about seven years, hand. She caused me to let go of Harry's hand and he was whisked away before I could stop him,


"Hi, may my little daughter, Zoe, have a quick photo? She's been dying to meet one of you!"


Despite Paul's orders, I agreed and took a quick photo with the little girl named Zoe. She quickly checked if the photo was blurry or bad in anyway and gave a nod of approval.


Zoe then hugged me and yelled, "Thanks so much, Louis!" 


I rubbed the girls head gently and smiled, "No problem, Zoe! You are an absolute gorgeous girl... are you coming to the concert?" 


Zoe jumped up and down, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Uncle Ben works for Ticketek and he got me seats a few rows back from the stage for me!"


I grabbed her hand and bent down, "Then I'll see you there, I'll tell the boys to look out for you and-"


"Louis, time to go!" Paul's voice ordered. 


My smile dropped but I tried my hardest to hide it, "See you on Monday, Zoe. Be good for your mother, ok?"


Zoe nodded and then I was gone again, told to move on and get off of the plane ASAP. As soon as we got into the terminal, a flood of screaming girls surrounded us, but was kept back thanks to the security. I was hurried and caught up with Zayn. As I rushed through the sea of girls, the security did everything in their power to prevent the directioners from reaching us. I wanted to stop and take a few pictures, sign a few autographs... but that would cost me to maybe lose an arm... or a leg... or both! Depending on how desperate the directioners were. I wanted every directioner to be as happy as Zoe, but that was too hard to accomplish.  We soon reached two fancy looking cars and the band separated, Harry, Niall and I in one car, Zayn and Liam in the other. We all jumped in the cars before the directioners could reach us. As the car soon started, directioners came from no where and started to bang against the windows like some horror scene. We quickly locked all of the doors and drove off following behind Zayn and Liam.


"Phew! That was close!" Niall coughed, trying not to laugh.  "I just got some girls number! She handed it to me to sign, unaware it had her number on it!" 


Harry grabbed the slip of paper, "I hope she's cute-" I then slapped Harry on the head (gently, of course) "-Ouch! Lou, I was only joking!"


"Should we call her?"  I asked and Niall bit his lip.


"Maybe, but won't it leak our number?"


I shook my head, "Oh no, I've got my number set as private,"


I looked at Harry, then to Niall, "So?"


Harry smirked, "Go for it! She may be hot, so ask if she's coming to the concert!"


I then dialed the number, but Niall stopped me to press call, "Wait, give her a second to calm down!"


I nodded, "Ok..." there was a long pause, too long in my opinion, "Now!" 


I pressed call and waited for somebody to answer. I could hardly imagine the reaction to finding out it was three fifths of the band One Direction on the other side of the line!


Chelsea's POV:


Caramel Popcorn, An absolute delicacy!


I smacked my lips as the caramel floated in my mouth. The flavor made me totally drift away in its delicious topping. It was just another ordinary, multitasking day, watching television, looking at my favourite boy bands twitter and eating. I was reading through Zayn's tweets when my phone went black and popped up with a private number. Whoa! Your popular! Someone's calling you pick up the phone! I looked closely, a private number had really never rang me before. The ringtone was about to end so I pressed "Answer" with my free thumb.


"Hello?" I said horsely.


"Vas Happenin?" a trio british of voices yelled, with a hint of Irish.


I looked at my phone, it still read private, "Erm... who's this?"


Laughs came from the other end, "I can't believe she dropped her phone number in but she doesn't know who it is!" the Irish voice exclaimed.


Phone number? What about dropping it... whoa. Hang on a sec, was that... Niall Horan? I froze and another person asked if I was still there, who sounded a lot like Louis,


"N-Niall? Horan? Is that you? And is that... no way, Louis?"


Harry's voice corrupted in the backround, "Hey! I'm here too!"


My heart stopped beating for what seemed like an eternity, "Is it really you guys? Or some agency trying to suck me in to buying something?" T


he boys chuckled in the background and Niall was first to speak, "No it's us, miss! What's your name?" 


I nearly ran to the window for some air, "Ch-Chelsea. Chelsea Fletcher..." 


"Well It's very nice to meet you, Ch-Chelsea Fletcher!" Louis acknowledged.


"Thanks... Wow! F-forgive me if I choke and die right now, but it would be your fault, you naughty boys!" 


The boys burst into laughter, I was really doing well if I was keep the boys up and laughing,


"What are you doing?" Louis asked.


I popped a peice of popcorn into my mouth, "Just eating some delicious caramel popcorn while watching TV at home and talking to you guys!" I was speaking to these three lads as if I knew them forever! "But I can't still believe I'm talking to you guys, where's Liam and Zayn?"


Harry hummed but then Niall laughed, "They're in another car, right now we're driving to Crown Casino. Your house must be pretty close to the Airport considering your watching TV at home now!"


I gave a confused look which felt like the trio saw, "What do you mean? The city for me is about forty five minutes away!"


The other side of the line was silent for a second, and then the boys sounded like they collapsed into laughter,


"Funny story," Harry giggled.


Louis groaned, "Are you sure? The last time you told a funny story Harry, it wasn't funny at all..."


I chuckled and then heard somebody slap Louis (most likely Harry), causing him to shriek.  


"We received a number that was handed to Niall to sign just before we got in the car," Harry continued, "It looked the girl was completely unaware of what she handed him. So we decided to call that number, and here you are talking to us!"


I tapped my chin, "Yeah I do recall my friend said she was going to meet you at the airport, and I remember giving her my phone number because I got a new phone..."


Louis snickered, "Are you sure you didn't want your friend to give it to us?"


I chucked, "Absolutely sure."


Harry laughed, "Well, we'd better go... We'd love to meet you! You sound like a really funny girl!"


Niall gasped, "That can be arranged! How about I call Jules Lund and ask if she can come in the show tomorrow? Well... Chelsea.. that's if your not busy!"


I nearly died right there. I'm talking to half of my inspirational boy band now, but tomorrow might get to MEET them?!


"In person?" I queried, "Not another call?"


"Yeah-huh!" Niall agreed.


"Well... I have a lunch or something with a family friend... but I'm sure my mum can arrange something!" I replied, feeling overly excited... Too excited to be correct.


"Real mature, leave it to your mum!" Louis laughed.


"Hey!" I snapped in a "oh-no-you-didn't!" tone.


Louis chucked, "Hey well, Niall will text you all the details about it, that's if you mum let's you... oh and I'll text you my number-" 


I rolled my eyes, "Oh Louis, so mature!"


He stopped, "What?"


I laughed, "Leave it ALL to Niall!"


I could feel Louis grin as he spoke, "Funny girl, you are Chelsea!"


Harry agreed, "Yes, you would be perfect for Louis! Hang on, how old are you?"


I laughed, "Eighteen, last year of high school."


Niall sighed with relief, "Oh, good! Thank god your not some ten year old SOUNDING like an eighteen year oldl!"


"Now THAT would be awkward!" I said as I popped another piece of popcorn into my mouth. 


Louis fiddled with something, causing the boys to laugh, "Well... we may see you tomorrow, Chelsea! It was nice talking to you!" 


I giggled, "You too, you boys are lovely."


I heard Harry grab the boys in for a group hug, causing Niall and Louis to shrug him off, "Thanks! That's what we aim for!" 


I didn't want to hang up on them, but I knew they would get sick of me easily, "Ok... bye boys!"


"Bye!" the trio sung as one of them hung up on me.


My mum then entered the room, brushing her teeth, "Who washe shat?" She said while brushing her teeth, "A boy from schkool?"


I hid a cheeky grin, "Only better!"


My mum scowled at me, "Who?" But it sounded more like SHOE.


I smiled, "Oh you know, Niall, Harry and, oh! Louis from One Direction..."


My mum stood there, "What?"




My mum quickly rushed to the bathroom to finish off her brushing and quickly returned, "Wh-Wha-What!?"


I sighed and explained the WHOLE thing to my mum about how they got my number and what I may be doing tomorrow.


"Wait, so you'll be meeting them tomorrow?" Mum asked for about the three billionth time.


"Yes!" I exclaimed. She frowned, "What about the lunch? Oh well, you can just go there after the lunch. We'll have to drive straight- OH MY GOSH! Are you absolutely sure it's them?"


I nodded, "It definitely sounded like them!"


My phone vibrated in my pocket and I fished it out, it was a message from Niall. 


To: Chelsea Fletcher

From: Niall Horan


Heyy Chels, it's Nialler. I talked to Jules and he said thats absolutely fine, can't wait! He said get 2 the station @ around 4-6pm (cuz that's their show hours) & yeah! Good luck!  - Niall x



I almost died, a text from NIALL HORAN! Today was just getting better and better! I quickly saved the number to my contacts and waited for the text from Louis, looks like he's awfully busy getting outta the car or whatnot. But I spoke too soon, he texted me his number almost instantly! I couldn't wait till tomorrow...  I get to see and (hopefully) meeting my idols.




We all finally arrived in the hotel room, and I jumped onto the first bed I laid eyes on,


"Ooh! Comfy!" I squealed as I rolled around in the sheets.


Liam rolled his eyes and went to the door to help the bellboy with the luggage. Lucky for us, they had a room fit for five boys like us, which was a pretty bad idea in Paul's eyes. Niall went straight to the fridge and grabbed one of those small milk containers. 


"Yum!" he grinned as he sipped on the milk. Zayn ushered Niall to the mirror and showed him his "milk mustache". Niall laughed crazily and offered his milk to Zayn, so he too can have a milk moustache.


"Look guys!" Niall cried as he and Zayn tuned around, "We, are the Milk Moustache Brothers!" 


I rolled my eyes, "That's not nearly as funny as when you get milk lip-stick, its terrible because it looks like you grabbed something from your mums make up box!"


The boys chuckled into laughter and Zayn took a photo of him and Niall,  "Totally updating to twitter, boi!" 


I full on wrestled the sheets while the boys did whatever. Niall and Zayn were making up some milk mustache rap, Harry was on his phone and Liam had finally finished helping the bell boy.


"Boys, it's about lunch time, any ideas of what you want?" Liam queried.


"NANDO'S!" Niall exclaimed.


"CARROTS!" I exclaimed.


"OLDER WOMEN!" Harry exclaimed.


Everybody turned to look at Harry who was busy blushing, "Sorry, caught up in the moment... but wouldn't a really hot older girl be awesome for lunch right now?"


Zayn agreed, "As long as they didn't scream in my ear 'OH MY GOSH, ITS ZAYN MALIK!' all the time..."


"No! Erm... listen! What do you want for lunch?" Liam asked.


"N-A-N-D-O-S!" Niall screamed, "Nando's, Nando's, NANDOS!"


"... I mean, what are up with people saying that!" Harry finished off his conversation to no one in perticular.


Liam shrugged, "I give up!"


My phone vibrated and I grabbed it out of my pocket, it was a message from Chelsea.


From: Chelsea Fletcher

To: Louis Tomlinson


Hey, thx Louis. That's really sweet (just like u, aww! <3), can't wait till I meet u 2morrow! It will b the best day of my life! Tell the boys I said hi! Love always,  Chels xxx



I texted back, saying "Me too, u sound rly nice on the phone and I will".


Zayn leaned over my shoulder and watched me, "Ooh! Who you texting, Lou?"


I flicked him away, "No one!"


Zayn read what I had written and smiled, "Hey Niall, who's Chelsea Fletcher?" He then wiggled his eyebrows and Liam laughed.


Niall looked up and shrugged, "Oh she's just some girl we called up in the car... oh! And she may be talking to us tomorrow on the Fifi And Jules show! I sorta arranged it..."


Liam stopped, "Wait, wait, wait, how did you get her number? You didn't go calling random people again, Lou?"


I shook my head and Harry explained the whole thing.


Zayn nudged me, "Do you like her?"


"No!" I yelled, "I don't even know the girl!"


Harry smirked, "You definitely sounded like you liked her, you were drooling!"


I wiped my mouth to check if he was right, "I was not! She sounded... nice!"


Liam grinned, "Yeah nice, and what comes after nice?"


All of the boys looked at each other, "CUTE!"


I pushed them away and read my texts, "Chelsea says hi, anywa-"


Niall butted in, "Tell her I said hi too!"


"And me!"


"Don't forget Hazza!"


"And Liam!"


I rolled my eyes, "I will boys, just calm down... we don't want to completely FREAK her out!"


Niall agreed, "Yeah, Louis. No matter how hard we would try to scare her, she will never pass down not coming tomorrow!"


Liam sat down next to Niall, "Have you even asked Jules? Or at least Fifi?"


"Yeah, I wouldn't just invite Chelsea without asking! I'm not stupid you know!" Niall cried.


Zayn rubbed Niall's head, "Good boy, Niall! Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Niall is! Niall is!"


Harry sat back, "Well I can't wait to meet Chelsea tomorrow! I love meeting fans!"


I nodded, "Same bro,"


Zayn smiled, "Of course you do, Lou!"


"Shut up!" I yelled as I dug my face into my pillow.


Harry squealed, "Ooh! Time for a song lads, what will it be?"


"Chelsea! Chelsea! Get out of Louis' head!" Niall sung.


"And fall into his arms instead!" Liam joined as Zayn added, "Because he would really like that!" 


"We don't, We don't, don't know who you are!" Harry continued.


"Because we met you over the phone, yeah..." Niall laughed as all the boys joined in to wrap it up, "We met you over the phone!"


"And hopefully meeting you tomorrow!" Zayn cheered as all of the boys took a bow.


I laughed and clapped, "Very funny boys, very funny... are you sure you didn't rehearse that?"


Harry wrestled me into the sheets, "Maybe!" he screamed.


We wrestled for a while until we got tired. Harry got out his phone and updated his twitter, he read it while he typed it, "Thinking of taking a nap, what do you think directioners? Smiley-face!"


I laughed, "Just watch the comments roll in!" And they did, they FLOODED in as if they had been staring at their computer screens waiting for a tweet from us. 


Some read:


@Mia_xox0x0xo_1d  Omg YESS! You need your nap Harry you hav been working sooooooo hard lately, all of u! xoxo


@1D-mylifemylove Go ahead Hazza! Love ya x


@KaylaZaynMalik  can I join u? LNL luv u harry ;)


@JamieLeeStyles04 Totes bubs, come back 2 the UK soon! We miss u guys so much! Have fun in Aus :D Luv JamieLee :) <333


I chuckled and rolled my eyes, "The girls are all over you, Haz!"


Harry shot me an "I know, isn't it great?" look and poked out his tongue, "Yeah... well... I do have more followers then you!"


Zayn bit his lip and looked into the mirror, "Who's that sexy man?" he giggled.


Niall was eating, not much of a surprise. Liam was looking frantically for his "Woody" cowboy hat. I looked at Harry. He smiled.  "I LOVE YOU GUYS! NEARLY AS MUCH AS I LIKE GIRLS WHO EAT CARROTS!" I screamed.


The boys laughed and Liam sighed, "Typical Louis..."


Well, he was rather correct-o-mondo. It was typical me, breaking out into screams. But I didn't care, cause I had four brothers who loved me very much. ;)

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