Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


26. Twitcam

"Ok directioners, lets play..." Niall said, trying to think of what to do to keep the directioners entertained.


Harry swung his hands in the air, "Let's play Alphabet Song!"


I frowned, "What's Alphabet Song?" I whispered to Louis.


Louis stood up and smiled at the camera, "Let me explain the rules. There will be two teams. You flip a coin to see who will go first. The first team will have to sing and dance to the song chosen on that letter. Example, the first song would be a song starting with A. The next team would have to choose a song starting with B and etc. You can only perform the first verse, the bridge and the chorus. That's all. The vote comes down to the viewers."


I nodded and we all sepereated into teams. Team 1 was with Louis, Zayn, Harry and I. Team 2 was Niall, Mia, Julia and Liam. After a coin flip, Team 2 was going first. Team 1 called ourselves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) and Team 2 called themselves The Fantastic 4.


"Whats a song starting with A, directioners? We will choose the first song that comes up..." Zayn asked the viewers.


We all watched the comments carefully and the first song to appear was ABC by the Jackson 5. It was a nice song choice and Harry set up the music on his iPod dock. The music started and Team 2 took to the stage, performing infront of the camera.



You went to school to learn, girl 

Things you never, never knew before 

Like I before E except after C

And why two plus two makes four 

Now now now, I'm gonna teach you 

Teach you, teach you 

All about love, dear

All about love 

Sit yourself down, take a seat 

All you gotta do is repeat after me. 



They were doing great! All of them pretty much knew the lyrics, and they swayed to the beat and tried not to laugh.




Easy as one, two, three 

Or simple as Do re mi 


one, two, three, baby, you and me girl!


Easy as one, two, three 

Or simple as Do re mi 

ABC, one, two, three, baby, you and me! 

Come on, let me love you just a little bit! 

Come on, let me love you just a little bit! 

I'm a going to teach how to sing it out! 

Come on, come on, come on 

Let me show you what it's all about! 



Harry stopped the music before we could continue and we then clapped for The Fantastic 4. 


"What's our song, directioners?" I asked them.


Millions of requests flooded in but the first one the caught our eye was Back In Time by Pitbull.  We decided that Zayn would rap and Louis, Harry and I did the dance from the French Interview they had earlier in the year. Luckily for me, I was still a directioner at heart and knew the dance moves. 



Let's excuse me baby

Go, yeah you baby

Back, ooh you groovy baby

In let's make a movie baby

Time, excuse me baby

Let's, yeah you baby

Go, ooh you groovy baby.

Back in, let's make a movie baby


It's Mr Worldwide,

Agent A, reporting live

From Cape Canaveral,


Big Syphe, let's ride.

Back, back, in, in, time

Baby, ohhh baby

Ohhh baby,

my sweet baby

You're da one.

Miami equals black mask, black clothes With a little bit of rope to tie,

I flipped it

Black suits, white shirts, black glasses with a matching tie

Like Agent J or Agent K, and I wish the whole world would

Ok, i'm tryin' make a billion out of 15 cents Understand, understood

I’m a go-getter, mover, shaker, culture, bury a boarder, record-breaker won’t cha?

Give credit where credit is due don’t cha?

Know that I don't give a number two!

Y'all just halfway thoughts

Not worth the back of my mind,

But to understand the future

we have to go BACK IN TIME.



Liam stopped the music and TMNT bowed for the twitcam. All of us joined together and waited for our verdict. All the directioners had to do was vote for their favourite performance by commenting.


"It looks like its... THE FANTASTIC 4!" Liam cried as they pulled each other in for a hug. 


I laughed and gathered up with our group, "Ok gang, don't worry about this round. That was just a warm up. We're gonna win the next round, ok people?" Harry, Zayn and Louis grinned, "YEAH!"


All of the groups calmed down and TMNT were chosen to go up first. What song? Everyone laughed when it was Call Me Maybe, but we all agreed. Louis suggested that we act out the video clip, which we chose as the best way to take it. I was to act as Carly Rae Jepsen but instead of one hot boy, there was going to be three... Louis, Zayn and Harry. 



I threw a wish in the well,

Don't ask me, I'll never tell

I looked to you as it fell,

And now you're in my way

I'd trade my soul for a wish,

Pennies and dimes for a kiss

I wasn't looking for this,

But now you're in my way



This was terribly hard not to crack into laughter with this song, expecially when the boys acting is definitely strange. At this point, I tugged at my shirt and signified for the boys to take theirs off... which they did.



Your stare was holdin',

Ripped jeans, skin was showin'

Hot night, wind was blowin'

Where you think you're going, baby?

Hey, I just met you,

And this is crazy,

But here's my number,

So call me, maybe?

It's hard to look right,

At you baby,

But here's my number,

So call me, maybe?

Hey, I just met you,

And this is crazy,

But here's my number,

So call me, maybe?

And all the other boys,

Try to chase me,

But here's my number,

So call me, maybe?



The boys took a bow and I took a curtesy. I could hear the screaming girls crying at their computers because of Harry, Zayn, and Louis' chests... I wouldn't blame them! At least it was going to bump up our votes! TMNT sat down and The Fantastic 4 took to the stage. 



I throw my hands up in the air sometimes

Saying AYO!

Gotta let go!

I wanna celebrate and live my life

Saying AYO!

Baby, let's go!

I came to dance, dance, dance, dance

I hit the floor 'Cause that's my, plans, plans, plans, plans

I'm wearing all my favorite Brands, brands, brands, brands

Give me space for both my hands, hands, hands, hands

Ye, ye

Cause it goes on and on and on

And it goes on and on and on


I throw my hands up in the air sometimes

Saying AYO!

Gotta let go!

I wanna celebrate and live my life Saying AYO!

Baby, let's go!

'Cause we gon' rock this club

We gon' go all night

We gon' light it up 

Like it's dynamite!

'Cause I told you once

Now I told you twice

We gon' light it up

Like it's dynamite!



The twitcam went for a while with the Alphabet Game, but everyone was tired out nearly a third of the way through the alphabet. So, we left it up to the public to decide what to do next.


"Something that involves not that much movement, though..." Niall puffed.


Louis jumped around, holding his phone, "Whoever writes down their shoe size and phone number first gets a phone call!"


"LOUIS!" We all yelled at him, but it was too late. The phone number flooded in from all corners of the globe and Louis got one number down before it disappeared. A few rings past after Louis pressed call and the person soon picked up.



Girl - "Hello?"

Lou - "Hi, this is Louis."

Girl - "Wha... Pardon?"

Lou - "This is LOUIS TOMLINSON."

Girl - "Oh... Oh my god..."


Lou - "Miss, are you there?"

Girl - "I... It's not really you, is it?"

Lou - "You bet it is, sweetheart!"

Girl - "OH MY GOD! Sis! Sis, it's Louis! He's on the phone!"

Lou - "Hahah... are you excited?"

Girl - "Y-Yes! Are we still live on the twitcam?"

Lou - "Yes, darling. Everything you say is broadcasting and the phone is on loudspeaker so don't say anything bad, ok?"

Girl - "O-O-Ok."

Lou - "What's your name, sweetie?"

Girl - "It's Emmie."

Lou - "Emmie? What a lovely name for a lovely girl!"

Girl - "Thank you Louis!"

Lou - "Anytime! The other boys are here too, would you like to say hello?"

Girl - "Hi boys! And hello Julia, Mia and Chelsea! You girls are so beautiful!"

Mia - "Thank you!"

Julia - "Thanks so much!"

Lou - "What would you like for us to do right now for the twitcam?"

Girl - "Um... I'm not quite sure... Actually! Can you do some prank calls?"

Lou - "Sure, and I'd love to follow you on twitter! What's your name, Emmie?"

Girl - "It's @Emm_Loves1D-JB."

Lou - "Thanks Emmie! We loved talking to you!"

Girl - "Thanks for calling! Bye!"

Lou - "Bye..."


"Prank calls, huh?" Harry said as he raised an eyebrow, "Who should we call first?"


"Josh!" Mia laughed, picking up Harry's phone and passing to him.


"Yeah... Josh! I wonder what's he's up to..." Niall said as he watched Harry set his number to private. 


"All right I'll start dialing, but everyone's gotta be quiet..." Harry whispered as he pressed call.


After a few rings, Josh picked up... "Hello?" 


Harry smiled and put on a fake American accent, "Hello. Is this Josh Devine?"


"Uh... Yes it is, who are you?" Josh asked.


"Hi. I'm Michael Johnson from your local bank," Harry grinned, "It says here that you have exceeded your credit on your Amercian Express card, are you aware of this?"


Josh paused, "Um... I don't even know if I have an Amercian Express card..."


"Ah, ok. Well it's says here in fine print that you have exceeded at least one thousand dollars over and you have until midnight tonight to pay it..."


Harry was on fire! He nearly choked, "I'm sorry, there must be some kind of mistake! I would never do that!"


"Hey, listen. I don't set the rules around here," Harry snapped, "We've failed to connect to you over the last month but not once have we gotten a reply. It's either you pay up or this won't end great for you."


"I was never aware of this and not once have I gotten a contact from this number!" Josh cried.


He was starting to get annoyed so Zayn cut in.  "Josh! Calm down!" Zayn chuckled as we all burst into laughter. 


"It was me all that time Josh! Wow! You seem like you we're pretty peed off!" Harry said as he surfed his fingers through his curls.


"I don't believe this..." Josh sighed, "You guys better not be on a twitcam!"


"We're not. Goodbye!" Louis yelled as he ended the call.


Oh my gosh that was hilarious! We sat there laughing until we realized that the twitcam was still going. I checked the time, oh my gosh it was already eleven o'clock! How could that be? 


"What should we do next, guys?" Mia asked.


"There's no one else really to prank call without it being all over the news the next day." Liam shrugged, "I think we should wrap it up now. Big day tomorrow!"


Wait... what? A big day? What are the boys planning? The other girls didn't seem to have noticed what Liam had exactly said. Oh, but it might of been a joke. Liam could have said that to keep the directioners guessing. But Liam wouldn't do that... would he? I needed sleep... and really bad.


"I'm off to sleep, good night directioners!" I waved as I stumbled away from the living room. I made my way up stairs and into Louis bedroom. I collapsed onto my bed and was so tired that I didn't even hear Louis come in.




My eyes were glued shut, "Mmhmm..."


Louis laughed and headed into the ensuite. He quickly got changed and continued the conversation, "Same, Chels your not in your pyjamas."


"Meh..."  "Come on, get up and get changed," Louis laughed pulling me out of bed.


I moaned and stumbled into the ensuite. I got changed into a pyjama t-shirt and long pants and stumbled back out of the ensuite. Louis layed in bed and I flopped onto mine. After a while I tested if Louis was awake, "Lou?"


No reply.




Still no reply. I didn't wait for a reply. I crawled out of bed and into Louis'. He layed on his back so I snuggled close to him and Louis chuckled... he was still awake! He stroked his fingers through my hair and I used his chest as my pillow. I listened closely to his heartbeat and breathing and the slow rise and fall of his chest lulling me to sleep. His thumb drew circles on the back of my hand as I lapsed into sleep, remembering the time when I was snuggled up with him on the couch earlier this year and it wasn't even an hour since we confirmed we were going out.


I kissed his chest and laughed, "I remember..."


He then whispered, kissing my ear, "And I won't ever forget..." 




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