Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


48. The Truth Is Scary Sometimes



"Come on, it's easy! Don't be such a wimp, Liam James Payne!" I shouted at him, pushing my feet off the ground and skating over to him. Liam stood on his penny board halfheartedly and then shook his head. I groaned and stopped beside him, waiting for him to hop on. He just stood there, like a snowman, staring at the penny as if was a bear trap. I picked up the skateboard and looked him in the eye, "Don't let my Christmas present go to waste!"

Believe it or not, we were already in Newcastle upon Tyne, or to be more precise, the Metro Radio Arena! Because we had a fifteen minute interval I was trying to teach Liam how to skate on stage. He had never skated before. Never. A boy never learning to skate? That's like a girl never fangirling over a certain celebrity! It's impossible!

"I don't want to..." Liam whispered in a worried tone.

I rolled my eyes as Liam trailed off. I turned on my puppy dog eye trick and pouted, "Liam, can you skate fifteen meters for me? Pwetty pwease?"

Liam frowned with a smile, "You're a little angel, you know that? You can grasp me under your spell like that."

"We all have different talents!" I shrugged innocently, grinning, "So you'll do it?"

Liam sighed shakily and placed one foot on the board without saying a word. I squealed with excitement when he had both feet on correctly, "Now just push off and skate!" I explained, Liam doing exactly what I instructed, "You're doing it, Li!"

He skated a few more meters and jumped off, beaming at me. I was so proud of him and he was so proud of himself. I clapped and cheered for him as he came running back to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I smiled and he lifted me up into the air. Zayn called over for lunch backstage and I sprinted to the wings, hungry as ever. Harry poured some cannelloni pasta into two bowls and handed them to us. I slid into the booth and dug in, the beautiful flavours swirling in my mouth.

"We have a show tomorrow night! We have a show tomorrow night!" Niall cried as he danced around with Ed.

I shivered in my seat. Already, we were booked to have our own show. The boys had already been rehearsing for the tour months before this and it always gave an excuse to get out of the apartments. According to their practise, they are well and truly ready to own the stage. All they have to do is be themselves, have loads of fun and they'll empress the fans. Well, it's not hard. All they have to do is smile at the camera and the fans will die.

Unfortunately, we won't be singing the duet single on tour, management rules. But they gave an exception to perform as a fifteen minute opening act, which I guess isn't bad. I'm just happy enough to be on the road with my best friends!

We had already met 5 Seconds Of Summer, and they're just amazing! They're cute and full of talent... And they're Australian! Which means us girls aren't stuck with sexy British accents that makes us go mental all the time! Nah, other then that they're really cool guys and I'm glad to have them on the road.

So, to add it all up, the tour rehearsals were going great and it looked like there was a massive show to kick off tomorrow might!


* *



I pushed the door open from inside the bathroom and light flooded into the hallway. Everyone was tired, it's been a long day on the road. I closed the door and tiptoed down the hallway. Niall, Ed, Louis, Julia and Mia sat up talking while the others lay in bed asleep. Those five were going to stay up for another hour. A sliding door separated the lounge/kitchen from the hallway with the bunks which gave me privacy. I grabbed my phone and bent down to be beside Harry's bunk. I whispered his name into his ear and his eyes fluttered open, "I'm awake you know, the others are awfully loud."

I laughed under my breath, "Can I come in?" Harry nodded and shuffled over as I slid under the sheets to be lying next to him. I prayed that he wasn't sleeping naked, like he sometimes does. "Are the others asleep?"

Harry nodded and then breathed out slowly,"This is the first time you've talked to me since..."

"Last night, I know. It's the shock I guess..." I murmured, pulling out my phone.

We were silent for a few more moments as I tapped safari and Harry spoke again, "We might not be related, you know, it could just be a silly coincidence."

I decided not to talk. What if Harry's right? What if it IS a coincidence? But... It seems so true... "The responsible thing I think is to consult my mother about the whole thing when we touch down in Australia."

"We'll first see my mother first, we'll stop in Cheshire in a few weeks." Harry explained. I nodded slowly and googled in front of him...

Is having s*x with your cousin incest?

"Chels..." Harry whispered but I shook my head. If we were cousins, I wanted to know. I flicked through the website suggestions until I found a suitable and reliable source.



I have recently met a cousin of mine and I couldn't help but fall absolutely in love with him. We both suit each other perfectly and we one day want to start dating, but we're not sure. So, what I want to know is, would it be incest? Thanks.

- Confused


Dear Confused,

Yes, I'm afraid, that would be counted as incest. If you both love each other, go for it. Just keep in mind that it may be illegal in some countries and you may serve up to twenty years in jail. Other then that, go with what your heart tells you.

- Jessica


I looked across to Harry and we both froze. One, it's incest... and it made me sick. Two, it may be illegal. I started to freak out; what if we're charged? What if we go to jail?

What if it's the end of... One Direction?

I quickly tapped the plus button and made a new tab. I typed in 'list of where incest is illegal' and waited eagerly. I flicked through the list and stumbled across England. No, it wasn't, thank god. But then my eyes widened, what about Australia? I bit my lip and stumbled across my country.


Yes, incest is illegal, but only to those under 18 years of age.


I exhaled a massive sigh of relief and had happiness tears running down my face. Harry pulled me closer to him and I cried silently into his chest. I was so worried... but now I was fine.

Well, fine... for now...

Harry's curls dipped onto my face and he wiped the faded tears from my eyes. We will never be as close as we were, never. Harry and I were like cousins at one stage (no pun intended). We would laugh together and act like silly little children. Well, that was all before the foolish accident of ours. Now I'm torn between two boys.

Louis: Has mixed emotions yet he has improved. Likes me but not as much as he did.  

Harry: Is truly sorry and will do anything to turn back time. Likes me but not as much as he did.

I sighed and slipped out of the bunk, the group of chatters bursting into laughter. I managed a smile and then slipped into the bunk directly opposite him. He looked directly at me and I turned over so I faced the wall and could think quietly to my self. I was about to lapse into sleep until I heard three last words...

"Good night, cuz..."



I'm sorry the chapters are so short, I really am. It's just I've had a bit or writers block and all.

Please forgive me! D:

Anyways, please comment your thoughts and like if you please. Feedback is welcome, positive or negative!

NOTE: These shows are TOTALLY made up and have no relationship towards the real Take Me Home tour dates.

Just thought I'd clear that up :)

Thanks guys!!

- Chelsea_Rena


The second show for Newcastle upon Tyne on the REAL dates for the Take Me Home tour is on meh birthday :3

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