Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


3. The Meeting Of My Life

I walked in and Niall rose from his seat, "CHELSEEEEAAA!" he cried as he ran over to me.


He came to a stop in front of me. "Wow! It's so good to finally meet you! Your look so different compared to your voice!" he laughed.


I nodded, "That's what a lot of my friends say... I guess... Anyways, hey Niall!"


I wrapped my arms around him and he gave me a huge Niall bear hug, as if he knew me for ages. I gripped my hands around my phone which lay in my pocket. I had to grab it soon so I can take some quick snaps!


"And your even more adorable in person!" I cried as I pulled away.


Niall blushed and turned away. Zayn walked up to me next.


"Ah! So YOUR Chelsea!" Zayn cried as he held out his hand, "Zayn, Zayn Malik-" he then bent down to whisper in my ear, "-If you need any assistance hooking up with any of the boys, come to me!"


I giggled and accepted his hand, "Ok I will, nice meeting you, Zayn Malik."


Harry then came up to me, "I can't believe this is happening! I'm finally meeting you after a meeting on the phone!" he gave me a quick hug and shuffled away for Louis to look me in the eyes.


"Hey Chelsea," he said softly. He definitely seemed shy and (somewhat) unprepared. 


I smiled, trying to lift his attitude, "Hey, Louis! I can't believe I'm meeting you right now!"


 Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry nudge Liam and whisper something in his ear.


He nodded, "Either, you look..."


"Phenominiall!" Niall whispered.


"Amazayn!" Zayn hissed.


Louis laughed, "...Stunning!"


I blushed, one of the hottest members of the hottest boy band alive had just called me STUNNING!


"Thank you," I said horsely and cleared my throat, "Erm... so do you..."


Jules finally rose from his seat and coughed, trying to break the meet and greet up,


"Hey! Chelsea! You must be the lovely young lady Niall was speaking of!"


I nodded, "Hello!" Fifi sighed,


"Oh Jules-y! Don't freak the poor girl out! Let her savor the moment! Hi Chelsea, welcome to the studio."


Jules rolled his eyes, "Oh shush, Fifi! Take a seat, Chelsea."


I looked over to my parents, who waved me to enjoy. I sat down in a vacant seat next to Louis and Byron outside then said, "On air in three, two-" he then pressed a button and the show began...




listened to the radio ad breaks and texted Chelsea for nearly the umpteenth time. 


where r u? Answer ur phone mrs Tommo!


Where the hell was she? She ALWAYS answers her phone and HARDLY ever puts it on silent! She must be really busy, but yet she doesn't have the time to text her best friend!


The Fifi and Jules show then started again,  "Fifi and Jules driving you home, Fifi... we seem to have a a VERY special guest!" Byron stated.


I groaned, oh lookie. Another "lucky guest" to speak with One Direction. FOX FM! STOP RUBBING IT IN! 


"Yes, indeed we do," Fifi replied, "We are joined with One Direction, obviously, and a lucky fan! Chelsea! Welcome!"


I choked half to death. Ch... Chelsea? I tried to calm, there would be plenty of Chelsea's in Melbourne... wouldn't there?


"Hey Fifi! Hey Jules!" a fermilliar voice said.


I froze. That... was... Chelsea! My Chelsea! MY FRIEND!


"You do realize your sitting next to the very famous Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan?" Jules laughed.


"Yes," replied a backstabbing friend, "And I'm enjoying every second of it!" 


I screamed and my mum then told me to be quiet. How dare Chelsea go and meet One Direction. I went into a texting frenzy, texting some words I shouldn't be texting.




I put an arm around both Niall and Louis, "Yes! And I'm enjoying every second of it!" 


Louis turned to me and smiled, Niall did as well, the other boys snickered. 


"Love birds..." Zayn whispered.


"...Totally!" Harry giggled.


Jules laughed, "Well... who wouldn't be? Your a lucky girl, you are Chelsea!"


Liam shook his head, "No Jules, every directioner is lucky!"


Fifi nodded, "Correct, Liam!" Fifi then turned to face me, "Anyways, how did you guys meet? Is Chelsea a back-up singer? A dancer for Johnny Ruffo who joined you on tour perhaps?"


"Funny story-" Harry started.


"-Oh, here we go!" Louis interrupted.


I giggled and Louis looked down at me and smiled his absolutely sexy smile  which I had been staring at my posters for ages. I couldn't believe I was sitting next to Louis Tomlinson!


Harry explained the scenario while Louis tapped my lips, "You have a really cute smile..." he whispered.


I smiled, "Like this?"


He nodded, "Yep..."


"Thanks," I grinned, "Your so sweet."


"...And that's how Chelsea met the band!" Harry ended.


I snapped back into life and looked over at Harry who had finished speaking, "It was pretty weird getting a call from the boys," I stated, "I thought it was some call centre or a practical joke! But I'm glad I did answer when I did!"


"Was your parents doubting or...?" Fifi asked.


"Well, my mum didn't believe it at first, but I eventually explained it and it all made sense," I replied.


Jules gave a sneaky grin, "Any thoughts about dating the guys?"


"Jules! No! That's up to the boys!" Fifi cried.


I laughed, "Well... it depends if they're looking for a relationship and if they're interested!"


Jules faced Liam, "What do you think Liam? Would you date little Chelsea over here?"


"Well... I would get to know her a bit, then I'll decide, but she's not really my type... sorry Chels!" Liam admitted.


I nodded, "That's ok! It's fine Liam, friends?"


Liam smiled, "Friends."


"Harry?" "We'll see!" he said mysteriously as he wiggled his eyebrows.




"I dunno really," Zayn explained, "I'll get to know her more but for now I'm taking it as friends!"


"What about Niall? Is Chelsea princess material?"


"Maybe..." Niall replied, "...But we only just met her Jules!"


"Yeah, Jules-y! Give the poor girl a chance!" Fifi demanded.


Jules shot Fifi an innocent look, "Ok! Ok! Just one more! Louis?"


I held my breath. Louis, please! I love you to bits but I'm too afraid to admit!


Louis shrugged, "I'm not sure yet, Jules. But she seems like a lovely girl!" 


I felt relieved, it's better then he hates me and doesn't want me to sit awfully close... OHMYDIRECTION! I'm sitting so close to him! Is he comfortable like this? Does he hate it? Does he like it when I'm close? Does he want me to move, should I move?! Ah! I shuffled away a tad, but not too much that he would notice.


"Ok... now thats cleared up, sorry Chelsea if any hurt your feelings, but we have a new segment!" Fifi cried.


"One Thing" popped up over the speaker but it had Fifi singing,


So get, get it out of your mouths,


I don't care if it's foul!


Just tell us the answer to the question,


That Chelsea will ask, yeah what Chelsea will ask!


Fifi burst into laughter, "Yes that was me singing, boys! I know, I'm terrible... ANYWAYS! What the aim of the game is that Chelsea's going to ask you questions and you have to answer, no matter how bad it is! Here is the cards, Chels!" Fifi handed me some cards which had different questions on it.


"Thank you!" I smiled as I read the first card, "The first question is for Zayn, what was your first job?"


Zayn sighed, "Oh good, an easy one. Well my first job was a waiter at a family restaurant..."


"Ooh! You should serve me food sometime!" Niall winked.


I laughed, "Next question is for Liam! How long have you had a fear of spoons for?"


He chuckled, "Erm... well I had it for about... 10 years now?"


Jules almost choked, "10 years? What do you eat ice cream with?!"


"A fork!" he replied quickly, "Also I have to take my own spoons with me if I'm going to someones house or something..."


"That's SO weird!" Fifi exclaimed, "Anyways next question!"


"This one is for Louis! What would you do if you were a girl for the day?" I asked, desperate to find out the answer.


"I would go straight to the nearest mirror and take my clothes off!" he smirked.


I think the whole radio station must of burst into laughter, unable to stop for a while.


"That... is... hilarious!" I said in-between laughs.


"Priceless!" Jules roared


"Next... question!" Harry chuckled.


I waited until we settled down before I started again, "Niall! What was the weirdest dream you have ever had?"


"Well, I had a dream once that all the food on the earth was gone, wouldn't that be terrible? Anyways when I woke up, I woke up to myself crying!" Niall stated.


"Aww! That's so cute!"


Louis grinned. "But equally funny!" said Harry.


"Harry, Is there anything weird or embarrassing you used to do at school? I asked, I couldn't wait for an answer full of laughs.


Harry cocked his head to one side and "Oh no, please don't make me answer this!" look spread across his face,


"Do I have to answer?"


"YES!" all of us yelled.


Harry started to blush madly, "Well... I used to... ahah... I used to..."


"Oh my god, just answer!" shrieked Louis.


"Iusedtopoledanceintheschoolplayground!" Harry said, rather quickly.


"What?" Zayn asked.


"I. Used. To. Pole. Dance. In. The. School. Playground. Are you happy?" 


There was silence for a second, but then we laughed so hard that I almost fell off the chair. God, this must be the best day of my life! I asked a few more questions and cracked up a bit more before Jules had to wrap it up.


"Well that's it everyone! It's time for One Direction to leave..." Jules said as went to wrap up the interview.


"It's been a pleasure hanging with you boys! Lots of laughs and lots of memories, Chelsea?" Fifi smiled.


"Definitely!" I agreed.


"Well, see ya guys! Any last words, boys for the fans?" Jules asked.


All of the boys looked at each other and Liam nodded, "Bye! We're One Direction!" they all said in unison.


"Thanks guys and a treat for directioners! This is More Than This, acoustic version! Bye!" Fifi said as the show came to an end.


"Cut! That's a wrap!" Byron yelled.


"Aw, that was amazing guys! We'll give you half an hour or so to "get to know each other, ok Chelsea? But remember, the boys have a lot to get through..." Fifi questioned. 


"Ok!"  Fifi and Jules left the recording studio and led us down to a room with some comfy couches, a guitar, a coffee table set with food and beautiful paintings,


"Here," Jules instructed, "You can get to know each other and everything! Karen, Ian, Jack? Would you like to... um...?"


My mother shook her head, "No that's fine, let my daughter enjoy her day!"


Everyone left the room and I was left with One Direction.


Harry leaned back on one of the couches, "Ooh! That feels great!"


I laughed, oh my god was this really happening? I pinched myself and it was no dream. It was flacking real! 

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