Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


8. Rehearsal Time


We soon arrived at the concert arena and drove the van around back. No directioners had shown up, which was a relief. We all went through a back door and found ourselves backstage of the stage. 

"Girls, how about you come with me?" Niall asked as he grabbed Mia's hand, "I'll show you your seats for tomorrow night..."

"S-Sure!" Mia stammered.

Niall laughed at Mia's cuteness and we all followed the Irish cupcake towards our seats.

"Here, will be your seat," he stated to me, "At some point in the show, a guard will come and collect you guys so you can be on stage for a few songs, got it?"

I gulped and imagined the directioners angry eyes staring me down. "S-Sure..." 

Julia looked over at me, "You alright, darling?"

I scratched my head, "Fine, Julia. Just... It's..."

Niall sat down next to me and gripped his hand around mine, "I know, Chelsea, it's your first time in front of a real audience. I understand... it's hard..."

I shook my head, "It's not that, what if the fans don't like me? They start to 'BOO' or they send me death threats on twitter?" 

"Wait, wait, wait... your singing on stage Chelsea?" Julia asked.

"I haven't heard you sing before!" Mia cried, "Oh this would be great!"

Niall bit his lip and continued talking to me, "Let's hope they don't, you have to get the world to notice your talents, ok? Don't let the fans get in your way..."

I nodded my head wobbly, "Ok, thanks Niall. Your a great friend..."

"I try to be!" Niall winked.

Niall soon ran off and I sat back to relax and watch the boys. Adrenaline pumped inside of me as I watched them preform. The boys looked nowhere but straight at me and the girls and I started to laugh when the stage director told them to look around the arena, not at me. Louis winked at me and I winked back, which almost caused him to miss a line. Liam pointed to Julia as he sang, as if the song was ment for her. Niall kept smiling at Mia, which caused Mia to smile. After "Another World", the stage director turned to face me.

"Ok, Chelsea, Julia and Mia... is it? Yeah, well, you guys will come on at this point. Niall explained it, correct?"

I nodded shyly.

"WE'RE GOING ON STAGE TOO!?" Julia and Mia yelled in unison.

"Yes. If thats ok with you, girls!" the stage director grinned.

"TOTES!" Julia agreed.

"I'm in!" Mia stated.

"Good, so when the security guard comes, you trio will be ushered to the stage. After the boys finish Torn, you'll come on and believe your doing a duet with Louis, Chelsea?"


Louis seemed to be more shocked then I was. The rest of the boys snickered and I felt frozen. We're they serious?

"Um... I wasn't informed about THAT part..." I stammered.

The stage director gave the boys a strange look, "Boys..."

"BUT THEY HAVE TO!" Harry cried, hiding a small grin.

"Yes! Do it, Lou!" Julia shouted.

Louis snapped, "No, we don't! I can't believe you guys planned this behind my back!"

The stage director sighed, "I'm sorry, Louis, but we can't change the run of the concert now. We'll just have to roll with it, but I'll be having a chat to the boys later on..."

Louis muttered a few things under his breath and walked to the edge of the stage. He held out his hand and pulled me up on stage. His soft voice tickled my ear.

"I'm sorry if I offended you, Chelsea. It's not like I don't want to sing with you, It's just... I didn't... expect it..." he whispered, "Don't take it the wrong way..."

I gave a small grin that indicated that I was ok with it, "It's fine, Lou, I mean... I'm looking forward to it..." 


I sat next to Julia, smiling like an idiot or something.

"I can't believe Chelsea's doing a duet with Louis!" I whispered as Chelsea was pulled up on stage, "It's going to be so good!"

Julia nodded, "I would love to do a duet with Liam... but the stage director said that they can't change the run of the concert."


I looked up and there stood Niall with a green baseball cap. Absolute SMEXYNESS! 

"Yes?" I said.

"Good, your alive," Niall laughed, "Do you wanna come up on stage or...?"

"YES!" I yelped as she jumped off of my seat. I grabbed Niall's hand and he pulled me up, "Thanks!" I grinned.

"No problem! Let's go join with the group..."


Mia was pulled up on stage by Niall and disappeared to the group. I sat there fiddling my thumbs together. We're they going to bring me up on stage or what? I was about to pull out my phone when Liam appeared in front of me.

"Hey love, you wanna come up on stage?" he asked.

I brushed a hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear, "Yeah, sure... why not?" I was technically screaming inside... but I kept my cool on the outside. LIAM PAYNE and I walked over to the stage. He climbed up (some how) and then offered his hand to help me up. I gracefully accepted and was pulled up by... ohmygosh... Liam Payne. 


As soon as we regrouped with the boys, I asked, "So, what's the duet song?"

Zayn smirked as he handed me a microphone, "Well.. We were thinking doing "Different Worlds" again..." 

"But depends on what Louis want to do..." Niall said.

Louis cleared his throat, "Well, I'm sorry if I stuff up or anything, it just, you know... I WASN'T WELL PREPARED!" 

I giggled, "Yeah either... but anyway, let's just roll with it, okay Lou?"

"You guys are gonna be so cute together!" Mia squealed.

"And I FINALLY get to hear you sing, Chels!" Julia added.

I blushed and turned to Liam.

Liam nodded, "Cool, well, let's do that after when we all do I Should Have Kissed You..."

"YES!" Julia cried, "That's, like, my favourite song!"

The music started and Niall began to clap his hands, "Are you ready, Australia?"

I whooped with excitement as adrenaline ran races around my body. I think the same exact thing was happening with Julia and Mia.This was the time I was going to reveal my singing abilities.

"Just sing the chorus, follow my lead," Louis whispered as he grabbed my hand, "I'll give your hand a quite squeeze when you need to come in..."

My eyes drifted towards his and a smile creeped up the side of my face, "Oh, how romantic..."

Before Louis could speak, Liam began with Julia.

I keep playing it inside my head,
All that you said to me.
I lie awake just to convince myself,
It wasn't just a dream.

Oh my gosh, it was happening, I don't care if it was a rehearsal, it was happening! I could tell Julia was fangirling in side, she was singing with LIAM PAYNE!

Cause you were right there,

Julia sang this part and Harry then joined in,
And I should of taken the chance.

Liam continued,
But I got so scared,

Harry and Julia finished,
That I lost the moment again!

Julia and Liam both sung in perfect harmony,
It's all that I can think about, oh, your all that I can think about!

Louis squeezed my hand but I already knew it was coming. I breathed in while... time seemed to stand still and opened my mouth to sing with One Direction and meh besties ..

Is your heart taken?
Is there somebody else on your mind?
I'm so sorry, I'm so confused, just tell me...
Am I out of time?

Is your heart breaking?
How do you feel about me now?
I can't believe I let you walk away when...
When I should have kissed you.

I should, I should oh, I should have kissed you. I should, I should oh, I should have kissed you.

I was relieved, and I think I did pretty well considering the stage director and staff clapping straight at me and my friends... EVEN THE LEGENDARY PAUL!  I felt proud of myself. All I had to do now was survive the screaming directioners. Louis squeezed my hand before it was his and Harry's duet sentence, so I guessed I was taking over for Harry. 

It's all that I can think about, [I turned to face Louis] oh, [I tapped his nose] your all that I can think about! 

I turned around and faced the imaginary audience. I was totally rocking the stage during the chorus. I really felt like I was born to preform on stage. As soon as it came to Zayn's part, Niall and Mia took over.  Zayn took hold of my other hand and whisked me away to the other point of the stage. He sung fluently, making me feel drunk from his heavenly voice. When Niall and Mia sang 'when we were dancing', he spun me around like a ballerina and I laughed. I was a sucker for cute boys in boy bands! He then grabbed my hands and stared into my eyes and I looked down, giggling.

I would of never have let you go...

Niall and Mia sung those lyrics and Zayn spun me across stage. Time slowed down for moments. I became dizzy and as soon I stopped, I fell backwards. Louis caught me and asked,

Am I out of time?

I immediately jumped back up and started to own the stage. I wasn't going to become distracted again, I was better then that. We continued with the song until we sung the last lyric, I should have kissed you, and we all collapsed onto the floor. 

I laughed so much that I rolled my eyes over to the left and there lay Louis next to me. I poked his forehead and asked, "Are you sure you didn't rehearse that? It was pretty damn good considering you met me only just yesterday..."

Louis exhaled and gave me a look of satisfaction, "I dunno, I don't  remember, I was too busy concentrating on the lyrics, I suppose..."

"Are you sure? It seemed more like your eyes have being working overtime trying to distract me..." 

Louis wiggled his eyebrows as he rose from the stage, "I guess they deserve a break..."

I accepted his gratitude of helping me up off of the stage, "More like a vacation!"

Louis chuckled, "I like you... you've got a good voice, a great sense of humor..."

"That's me!" 

"Thats what I look for..."

The boys joined the sweet conversation and Zayn patted my head, "Good work Chelsea, Julia Mia! Well done! You definitely took over the stage!"

I blushed, "Thanks, Zayn!"

"Means a lot!" Julia winked.

"I'm hungry..." Mia stated.

He winked at Julia and I, "Any time!"

Harry brought over two stools and two microphone stands, "Here you go, for the two lovely singers!"

I sat down on one, "Cheers, Harry."

Niall set down a stool as well, only shorter and further to the side. He had his guitar, this was going to be so good. My friends and the other boys shuffled away into the darkness (to the side of the stage to be exact). I adjusted the mic as the stage director pointed to the band behind us. The tune I heard on the radio earlier played, only this time more realistic. I was nervous, I had never done a duet with another person before, especially a superstar. Niall plucked the strings and before I knew it, I had to start...

I've been out on the ocean
Sailing alone, travelling nowhere
You've been running on hard ground
With just you around, your heartbeat's the only sound.

Louis adjusted my microphone a bit more and looked at me. He mouthed the word 'beautiful' and I thanks him with a small nod. Here came the duet...

But I know, once in a while we would find
The sound of your heart beats with mine
And when it's time
I'll leave the ocean behind

It was beautiful, I had never heard such wonder in one song. Claps from beside erupted and the stage director hushed them. I began again...

So I'll look out for a lighthouse
See through the fog, Search the horizon

The band grew louder which caused Louis and I to stand,

You'll be like in a movie
Where everything stops; You can see clearly now

We were up on stage now, staring into each others eyes. I was definitely in a "Different World". Louis grabbed my hand and we sung our words,

But I know, once in a while we would find
The sound of your heart beats with mine
And when it's time
I'll leave the ocean behind
I'll leave the ocean behind

I sung that to perfection, Louis noticed that too. We were only inches apart now. Our arms that held our microphones had been locked and we didn't have a care in the world.

'Cause I know, once in a while we would find
The sound of your heart beats with mine
And someday, the crash of the waves will be far away
And I will sail in your eyes

I finished the duet off,
'Cause when it's time
I'll leave the ocean behind.

We stood there staring in to his eyes as if we were inspecting for tiny worlds inside of them. It was quiet for a moment, before all of the crew, my two best friends, the rest of One Direction, EVERYONE was clapping for us. We stood there frozen before the boys rushed over.

"That was amazing!"
"You guys were great!"
"I told you the duet would be a great idea!"
"Absolutely astonishing!"
"Bloody hell, that was EPIC!"

Louis and I suddenly realized where we were and unlocked arms. We just sang to each other, beautifully, harmonically... and yet I didn't get a bit of stage fright. The stage director clapped and told us that we had to move on. Louis walked me over to the edge of the stage,

"You were angelic!"

I curtsied, "Thank you, Louis Tomlinson! And it wasn't for you, if you didn't sing with me, I would have never gotten over my stage fright!"

There was a bit of a silence, it was a perfect time to kiss, or at least for a small kiss on the cheek or something, but instead Louis wrapped his arms around me and said 'good job'. I hopped off of the stage, along with Julia and Mia and we all returned to my seat. If he liked me, why didn't he go for it? But then again, that all depends on if he does...
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