Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


28. Recording



We barged into the recording studio, dropping our laughs into silence. Zayn and Niall sung their first part and a bit of the chorus, to give a taste to the producer. One of the staff for the songs looked over to me and smiled, "Good, you're alive. Louis, can you pop into the booth with Harry and and sing your part? Then we can move onto the girls."

"What about the boy chorus?" Liam queeried, flicking through certain paperwork.

"The girls need to hop off to a quick seperate photoshoot. They're in high demand today!"

"High demand...?" Julia repeated, "What for?"

Zayn smiled, "You girls have been setting the media on edge. You girls have not been in a photoshoot and have hardly been interviews... They want to know more!"

"Oh my god, is that how famous we are right now?" Mia asked, taking a small bite of toast, "This is so awesome!"

I laughed and Harry and Louis hopped into the the recording booth. They stood behind seperate microphones and waited for the music to start. It was a VERY catchy beat, not too fast and not too slow. They began singing and entered a very serious mode, a side I've never seen Louis reveal. Louis darted his eyes over to me and winked. I smiled and winked back, causing a winking war.

"Louis! You lost the beat!" One of the vocal staff cried through the speakers. Louis apologized and glanced over to me, raising a finger to his lips. I mimicked and slouched further into my seat.

Mia shook her head and leaned closer to my ear, "Oh my god, Chels, you guys are so alike."

"You are!" Julia pitched in, "And tell us, what did you do for the ten minutes you were gone. Did he 'enter the premises'?"

It took a while for me to understand what Julia had said, but when I finally got it I pulled away, "Ew, no! No way! That's disgusting!" I hissed in a hushed whisper.

Julia burst into laughter and cupped her hand over her mouth, "Ok, ok. What DID you do?"

"Well, he grabbed my hand, pulled me down the hallway and into this antique music room. We played the piano and sung a few songs..." I sighed, feeling like a hopeless romantic.

Mia nudged my arm with her elbow, "What'd you sing? Summer of '69?"

I shook my head and stood up abruptably, "Ok guys, that's it. I'm gonna go sit next to Zayn!" I cried, walking peacefully over to Zayn, sitting all by himself, "So long, wrong-minded people!"



"I'm gonna go sit next to Zayn..."

I snapped my head around in the mention of my name and I watched as Chelsea made her way over to me. I pinched my wrist and tried to calm my self down. CHELSEA HAS LOUIS, I kept reminding myself, CHELS IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH LOU!

Chelsea soon dropped into the wheely-chair next to me and grinned, "Hey Zayn! Why are you all alone, bro?

I shrugged, "Dunno, I guess I was left out by Niam. They're bromance is pretty tight!"

"I think we should have a bromance, Zayn! How do you think it would go? Chayn? Zelsea? I think it would be... Chayn!" Chelsea suggested, "What do you think?"

"I like Chayn, it's unique... Unlike LARRY!" I scoffed in the friendliest way possible. Chelsea laughed and swung an arm around me, "I love you Zayn, you're such a great friend. I swear you ARE my brother!"

"Another sister? I can't keep up!" I cried and Chelsea chuckled.

"I'll be a good sister, I swear. In fact... I PINKIE SWEAR. Oh jeez that's pretty hardcore right there," Chelsea nodded, extending out her pinkie, "What do you say? Will you be my brother?

"Of course!" I grinned, accepting the oath, "And you'll always be my sister!"

Chelsea pulled in for a hug and I agreed, sitting peacefully next to her. We were close, but I wanted to be closer...



Harry and Lou finally finished up in the recoding booth and Niall gripped my hand tightly, "Good luck, love."

"Thanks Niall, I just can't believe that I'm about to record my very first solo on my very first single!" I whispered.

Niall flashed me a smile, "You'll do great, hun! I know you will."

"I'm just so nervous..." I admitted.

Niall kissed me gently on the forehead, "Don't be. Mima, you are amazingly talented. Just think that a certain someone NEEDS to hear you sing."

"Why?" I asked, rasing an eyebrow.

"Because that certain someone hasn't heard Mia Farrugia sing in seven months...." Niall said, a grin revealing itself.

My cheeks burned and I KNEW I was blushing. Louis and Harry pushed open the door from the recording booth and Harry patted me on the back, "Good luck, Mia!" I gave a nod of approval and stepped inside the booth, closing the door softly beside me.

I stepped up to the microphone, humming the song. It was so catchy, I couldn't believe it! It was going such a hit! I placed the earphones over my ears and gave a nod to the producers. They gave a smile of appreciation and I looked at the sheet of paper, waiting for my voice to come to me...


Last night you walked away 

And here I lay  

Repeating what you said 

Sentences starting to fade 

Into the darkened shade 

The love's not dead


My eyes flickered to Niall and he gave a satisfied thumbs up, "Ok, Mia, can you sing for us again the second half?" The second half? I thought I did that perfectly... Oh well. I sung the first line and the music stopped again, "Sing louder, sweetie, the microphone can't pick up your sound."

"It's her first time-" Niall protested but then backed down as a producer glared at him. I would too, I wouldn't like to upset them. They look like they know what they're doing.

"How... How about I just sing my whole part again?" I suggested, leaning closer to the mic.

The lady shrugged, "What ever works."

I gave a faint smile and the music started up again. I sung much louder, more clearer and sung to the best of my ability. After I was done, I raised an eyebrow to the producers, "Alright?"

"Perfect." One of them said, jotting something down on a notepad, "Thanks sweetie."



I brushed past Mia and gave her a high-five as I jumped into the recording booth. The producers smiled at my cheerful attitude and gave a nod, "When you're ready."

"Ready!" I smiled as the music faded in from the chorus. Mia's part played in my head and I soon knew when to come in...


Do you remember me? 

Or have I been set free 

From your busy mind? 

I haven't forgotten you 

And your smile too 

It's you I long to find.


I cocked my head to the side and the producers fiddled around with the millions of switches and buttons, "Very good! Can you just sing the last sentence for me?"

I did what they asked me to do and one of the ladies nodded her head, "Good stuff! Now, may I ask you, have you had any experience before?"

"Um... Choir... I did singing lesions for a few years too..." I replied, giving a small smile at the end.

"Does anyone in your family sing?"

"No, just me," I grinned, "Why?"

"Future references... We're just... Err... Taking a survey!" One of the men re-assured.

I didn't believe him, but nodded anyways, "Alrighty then." Something told me that they weren't telling the truth and I was to keep alert to any mischievous behavior...



"You'll do great!" Liam whispered as Chelsea hopped out of the recording booth.

I blushed, "Thanks Liam. You won't do too bad yourself!" I said as I winked. I trotted into the recording booth and slipped on the headphones, speaking into the microphone, "Ready!"


But now that I've found you,  

I won't let you go, my friend 

I've made that mistake once, 

It doesn't need to happen again.


All I did was sing a repeat of Liam's part, but I thought it was adorable. I mean, how many couples would get to record an upcoming single together with their best mates? Definetely none that I know of! The producers grinned at me and one waved their right hand around, "Brilliant! Such elegance! I don't think we need a repeat of that, great job Julia!"

I gave a nod of appreciation, "Thank you! The pleasures all mine!" I stood in the recording box and waited for the other girls to jump in. We all stood behind a microphone and the music started up. We were to sing the chorus with just the girls...


I've waited all my life 

Our eyes met last night 

I can't stand through another fight 

All I want is you  

I don't want the money and the fame 

I really hate to play this game 

I don't feel any shame 

All I want is you


We sung the chorus a few more times, some louder than the others, some with more diction. The producers settled down on one recording after a while and the girls and I stepped out of the recording studio. A lady stepped into the room and smiled, "Hello there! I'm Queenie and I'm going to be taking the girls now for a photo shoot, I believe?"

The girls and I exchanged glances and our faces brightened like it was Christmas morning, "That's right!" I squealed.

Liam came up behind me and tugged on my hoodie, "Maybe I can come with? I'd like to see my girl in her first photoshoot!"

"Ah, not so fast, Liam Payne! We've got Louis', Niall's and your own bits to record so Harry and Zayn are free to go if they'd like." One of the vocal people called.

"I'll come!" Harry grinned, wrapping his big hands around my waist. I shrugged him off and wagered a finger in front of him, "Hands off! I'm taken."

Harry flicked up his palms and backed away, "Hey, I'm the flirt! Not much I can do about it, sorry!" I giggled and Zayn strutted up to us. Liam looked gutted but I kissed him gently on the cheek, "Don't worry about it, ok? Come see me when you're done."

Liam nodded and patted me on the shoulder, "Good luck, Nai! Look straight at the camera, everybody want to see that one-of-a-kind smile of yours!"

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