Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.




I slipped on some white jeans and pulled them up to my waist. Thanks Louis for the short notice about a party! I didn't want a very out-there look and wanted to stay casual. I curled the ends of my hair and stared into the mirror. I wore a beige, oversized shirt with white jeans and boots, accesorizing with a black bag and earth-coloured rooster feather extensions. I took one last look in the mirror and nodded with approval, "Looking good, me!" Ugh, why am I so vain!

I dashed down the stairs being careful not to slip (like Julia did once) and met up with the boys in the foyer. Harry's eyes met mine but they soon travelled down my body. He smirked at me, causing me to shake my head, "Alright, ready to go? I asked.

Liam grinned, "Hang on... GIRLS!"

"COMING!" Mia and Julia both cried, stumbling down the stairs. Julia was wearing a leopard print dress, a brown best and brown wedges while Mia went with the American print tee, a black skater skirt and black booties.

Harry walked straight up to Julia and stretched out his fingers as if they were claws, "Rawr..." He purred, slinging an arm around her. Liam pulled Harry off Julia and pushed him away, clearly jealous. I stood stunned... Why was Harry being so flirtatious?

Louis grabbed my hand tightly, "Alright... Ready to go?"

I nodded and we walked to the garage, piling into the Volkswagen. I had no idea where we were headed, but I knew it was going to be nice to talk to people. What if it was someone famous? Johnny Depp, Alan Carr, Katy Perry... how cool would that be! Soon enough, we arrived at the destination. It was a fairly big house and it had neon lights shooting out of open doors and windows. We hopped out and walked down the pathway, leading to the front door. Skrillex pumped from the speakers within the house and a boy greeted us. He had brown spiked up hair and pale-ish skin with a massive smile smeared onto his face, "Welcome! Louis, so glad you could make it!" He yelled over the loud music.

"Stan!" Louis shouted, pulling him in for a massive hug. Oh yeah! Stan! I had read about him in Dare To Dream! I gave him a small wave while Louis introduced us, "Stan, this is Chelsea, Julia and Mia..."

Stan extended his hand and flashed us a friendly smile, "Nice to meet you girls! Come on guys, the party's really out the back and the beverages are in the kitchen! Just go crazy!" Stan cried, flipping his hands up madly and running through the house.

I exchanged glanced with the girls as shrugged as my boyfriend quickly followed his friend. I was dying for something to drink so I finally found the kitchen. It wasn't a clean kitchen, alcohol bottles littered the island bench and people slung over the counter, utterly drunk.

I didn't like the looks of where things were going and Niall suddenly came up behind me and slung an arm around my shoulder, "Hey, Chels. Wanna drink?"

I stared at the alcohol, soon shrugging. Niall's eyes widened, "You have had alcohol before... right?"

"Not really..." I replied.

Niall looked at me as if I were some inhuman being, "Chelsea... You have not lived my friend. We are getting drunk tonight wether you like it or not!"

I shook my head, starting to step back, "Niall, I don't think it's a very smart idea-"

Harry came up behind me, "Just try it Chelsea! Don't be a scaredy cat!"

"I'm not a scaredy cat!" I protested, crossing my arms.

Harry raised an eyebrow cheekily, "If you're not a scaredy cat, you'll have a few drinks. Come on."

As much noise as the warning bells were making in the back of my head, I finally gave in. They pushed me over to the island bench and handed me a full strength can of a drink I haven't even heard of before. I raised the can to my lips and it slipped down my throat. It was disgusting at first... but then it eventually improved. Niall grabbed a can and took a swig with no worries at all. I couldn't believe these kids! "Niall, don't drink too much..." I warned.

Niall shot me a dirty look and snapped, "Nobody gets in the way of my drinking. Shut up and drink!" Niall sneered, raising my can to my lips.

I pushed him away and some alcohol lept out of the can and onto the floor, "What an absolute waste..." Niall grumbled, drinking again. He was already starting to get drunk.

I shook my head, "I might just get some water..." I said before Harry stopped me and handed me a small glass, "Drink." He ordered.

"What is it?" I queeried, inspecting the beverage.

Harry laughed, "You'll find out soon enough. But first... drink it."

"DRINK IT! DRINK IT! DRINK IT!" Niall cheered, slamming his can down.

I laced my fingers around the cup and took a small swig. I nodded, the taste very satisfying, "It's nice... what is it?"

"Coke and rum!" Harry exclaimed, "Come on, have a little more!"

All I remember is trying a few more drinks with the aid of Niall and Harry. The rest? I definitely can't remember anything... But I know it's history now.

* * *


I swiftly made my way across the dance floor out the back, certain boys giving me inappropriate looks. I shrugged them off and slung both arms around Liam's neck. He smiled, his eyes shut and his body moving to the beat of David Guetta. Where was Chelsea? I haven't seen her in a while... In fact... I haven't seen anyone in a while! After I searched the dance floor and had no luck, I turned my gaze back to Liam. He looked at me and smiled and I laughed, "Can I confess something?"

Liam nodded, "Sure, anything."

I grinned, my feelings taking over, "Your smile lights up my world, all day and every day. Liam, it might not occur to you but I am completely seducted with your smile right now. It's perfect."

Liam smirked, "That sounds like something I would say to YOU! But I must say, that the reason I smile because of you."

Liam pulled on my heart stings so bad that I thought it was going to fall into a pile of jelly and die happily. I pulled in close to him and nuzzled into his chest. Liam kissed the top of my forehead and I felt shivers down my spine.


I kept my arm around Stan and laughed fairly loudly, with a drink in one hand. The music bleared and I was so happy to be with Stan again. I had been so busy that I didn't have time for my old buddy, old pal. I watched in the distance as Niall and Chelsea stumbled up to me. They were clearly drunk.

"Lou..." Chelsea giggled, her face not showing a frown, "The rest of us are heading hoooome. We're sooo tired ad we need sleeeeeeeeep."

I nodded, "How are you getting home? You can't drive."

Niall flicked his fingers, "Don't worry, we've got it ALL figured out, Boo Bear. Paul will drive us backity-back-back home and you can stay the night at Stan's!"

"We figures that because you would want as MUCH time as possible with Stan." Chelsea added, bursting into laughter over nothing.

Stan smiled, "Yeah that's fine! Is that alright with you, Louis?"

I agreed, "Sure! Alright guys I'll see you tomorrow!"

They both giggled like excited little girls and ran off to find the others. Well, if Liam was going with them, he would keep an eye on them... right? He wouldn't of had much to drink. I shrugged it off and began talking again with Stan, not a fear in the world...



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