Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


47. New Beginnings


I couldn't believe it.

I couldn't believe it.

I couldn't believe it so much that I refused to believe it.

I couldn't believe it so much that I didn't breath a word to Harry until late that next day.

I couldn't believe it so much that it sickened me inside that it may be incest.

It's come to the point where I think that meeting One Direction was the best mistake in my entire life. It had transformed my life in a wrong manner, but I guess I wouldn't change it for the world. Without them, I would be stuck in Australia, going onto university and stuck in a boring part time job. There will always be pro's and con's in a change of life, I guess.

I stared back at the large house and smiled faintly, I'm sure going to miss this place. Every laugh, every cry, every antic. I was probably never going to come back here... I don't think the boys were either. They live such a high profile life that they will have to move on.

We clambered aboard the tour bus express and I immediately collapsed onto the nearest couch. The bus took off soon enough and the girls joined me on the couch and the boys slid into the booth.

"I can't believe it's starting! I'm so excited!" Mia cried excitedly as the bus revved to life. The wheels soon started to roll and we were off...

Onto the road...

For endless hours...

Where it will be one hundred times harder to hide Harry's and my secret...

* * *


I flicked my ginger hair out of my face and smiled directly at the small crowd. I was busy sitting at the bus stop, waiting for the boys and girls to pick me up and already I had a group of people wanting to hear me sing, "Sing to us!" My fans pleaded.

I sighed with a grin and my fans laughed. I tugged my acoustic guitar out of my case and shrugged, "Alright, what song then?"

"Little Things!" A fan shouted at the far back. The rest of the agreed and praised the fan for the idea and I frowned, "That was once my song, darling, but not anymore. I don't really have the permission..." I stated, trailing off.

The girls cheered for me to play I chuckled under my breath, "Ok, alright, settle down a little." I sat back down and positioned my guitar comfortably. I strummed and couldn't help but have the smallest smile on my face. It seemed like such an honor to be touring with the band in a bus.

I know you've never loved 

The crinkles by your eyes 

I know you've never loved 

Your stomach or your thys 

The dimples in your back 

At the bottom of your spine 

But I'll love them endlessly

I played the rest of the song, putting my heart into the lyrics and chords like I did at every performance. As soon as I finished off, I was so drawn into my performance I almost didn't see the bus pull up. All of my fans spun around and the boys hid behind the tinted windows. Some fans knew who was in the bus, most didn't. Yet everyone I knew was touring with One Direction, so they soon realized...

"That's my ride guys..." I announced, stuffing my guitar back into its case. I grabbed my suitcase and pushed through the crowds. The crowd waved goodbye to me and I waited near the bus door. I pushed my self up against the glass and the doors slowly slid open. I blew kisses to the bunch of girls and then disappeared into the bus. Before I knew it. I felt two arms and two legs wrap around me and I yelped. A bunch of curly locks brushed my cheeks and I pushed Harry onto a couch, "Get off me!" I teased.

"Nice to see you too..." Harry laughed, brushing his jeans. I placed my suitcase and guitar on a lean against the wall and smiled at the group of boys, "Right then! I think it's time you introduce me to these lovely ladies, boys."

The slightly-tanned girl blushed and Niall stepped beside her, "This is Mia, she's a massive fan of yours."

I grinned and Mia stood frozen, her eyes twinkling. I saw tears foaming in her eyes, who knew that I could make her cry? I'm no bigger than One Direction. The edges of my lips curved up into a toothless smile, "Aw, don't cry!" I said, walking towards her, my arms spread for a hug.

Mia sniffed and I pulled her in for a hug. She laughed and cried, overwhelmed with happiness. Mia then pulled away and couldn't wipe the smile on her face, "Hello."

I laughed, "Hello to you too." Liam stepped forward and pointed to the two other girls, "This is Julia and..."

"Chelsea. I've heard a lot about all of you girls..." I interrupted, stepping towards each one of them and introducing each other. We turned up the music and we talked to each other in our little groups. I walked up to Chelsea and I smiled, "Hey, can I talk to you... privately?"

Chelsea nodded, "Yeah sure." She followed me to the back of the bus and we then stood in the corner, sinking into a private conversation.

"I have heard a lot about yours and Louis relationship, and I am very sorry..." I explained, pausing for a moment, "I know what it's like to have management hanging over your shoulder, it's highly annoying. But, anyways, let me cut to the chase. I'm writing tracks for my new album and I'd like to write a song about what's happened between you two. I just wanted to ask if that's ok."

Chelsea had come to a standstill, thinking it over, "Of course. I don't mind, go ahead."

"Thank you..." I grinned, watching her eyes go glassy. My smile flipped into a frown and I placed a palm on her shoulder, "Hey, don't be sad. It will work out, I promise."

She nodded and sniffed, rubbing her eyes and cleaning the sadness off of her face. We then walked back to the front of the bus, lyrics racing around in my head.

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