Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


32. My boy, Niall



Ooh no! It's the unlucky chapter!


Anyways, how y'all doing? MERRY CHRISTMAS!! OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER!! It just seemed like yesterday that I had my first day of school, seriously. I'm totally looking forward to next year though...




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In around two weeks, our single was to be released.

In a month or two, we were off on tour.

I could NOT keep up with this AT ALL. I mean, could you? One minute you're flying to London, next minute you're touring over the UK. I don't know how the boys do it.

"I miss you..." My mother breathed through the phone, trying to hold back the tears.

I managed a smile, "I'll be back before you know it. Promise."

I soon hung up and sat down at the dinner table while Harry dished up some fish. I squeezed some lemon over mine and cut of a portion, popping it into my mouth. Louis grabbed the rest of my lemon and threw it into his mouth, biting down on it and smiling. The lemon replaced his teeth and he bounced around obviously because of the sour taste. I laughed and pulled it out while Lou reached for the water and sculled it down.

When dinner was done, we headed to bed completely tired like yesterday. At least we have a few days off, I thought to myself. I got changed and slipped under the covers. Louis hopped in soon after and I sighed, "What a day."

"What should we do tomorrow?" Louis asked, resting his head on the pillow.

I coughed, "I don't know. Maybe we could go... and... um..."

"ICE SKATING! Do you want to go Ice Skating, Chels?" Louis queeried, "Cause I know this really good place!"

I leaned forward and crashed my lips against his, kissing him in the darkness. He pushed me on to my back and began to move his way on top of me, sliding his hand under my tee. I squinted and shook my head, pushing him gently back onto the mattress, "No Louis, I'm not ready."

Louis shrugged, "Suit yourself. But I'm here for you, ok?"

I smiled and wrapped my arms around him, curling up under the sheets. I knew where Louis was going before but I didn't want to move onto that stage JUST yet...



I collapsed onto the ice and laughed loudly, calling out Niall's name. He spun around, the small ice shards cutting through the air from his skates. I smiled and waved him over. He extended his hand and he pulled me up from the cold, hard ice.

"Thanks, Nialler!" I grinned.

He winked and gripped my hand tighter, "Anytime, love!" He took off and pulled me along the ice, skating to the beat of LMFAO. I pumped my fist in the air and the music soon came to a slow swaying beat. The lights dimmed to a dark pink colour and a lazer love heart appeared in the middle of the rink. Niall guided me over to it while Daylight by Maroon 5 pumped through the speakers.

"And when the daylight comes I'll have to go, but tonight I'm gonna hold you so close..." Niall whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine.

I pressed my lips against his cheek and smiled, "You would never leave me."

"Never." He confirmed, curling a loose hair behind my ear.

"And promise me you'll never love a girl as much as me..." I blushed.

He cocked his head from side to side, pouting his bottom lip, "Actually, yes..." Niall said, giving me large smile, "...She'll be running around the house as fast as her little legs could carry her, never giving you peice and quiet. she'll call you mummy and call me daddy."

My face softened, "Aw! Nialler! That's adorable!" I wrapped my arms around him and pulled away after a satisfying hug. We began skating again and I soon fell over. I cried out and laughed again, lifting my gaze. There stood a girl around a year or two younger than me with Niall. She lifted a bony finger to Niall's chin and grinned madly. She was very attractive and jealousy took over every other feeling. The girl gave me a b**tchy look to the side and poked her tounge out at me. Niall pushed her away and grabbed my hand, leading me off the rink.

"We gotta go. Now." Niall stated, settling down on a bench.

I shook my head, "Wait, what? Why?" I asked, quickly untying the laces knotted on my skates.

"They're coming," Niall explained, "The fans. We've got to get you and I out of here, we'll get mobbed."

I sighed. As much as I loved Niall, I wished that I could sometimes be able to go out in public without the fans watching our every move, waiting for the right moments to jump out.

Niall and I rushed out of the building not sure of where the rest of the boys and my girls were going, but focusing on ourselves. Lately, Niall was the one being targeted more than the other boys and all because of me. I was the first girlfriend Niall had had since the stardom started, "I know this place where we can go shopping. It's closed on Sundays but if I give the owner a buzz, she'll open it for us."

I raised an eyebrow, "Where are we going, Mr. Horan?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out, Mrs Horan!" Niall laughed, tapping my nose.




Later on, we arrived at a dress shop, "Pick out one, any one. We're going out tonight and I want you to choose a dress." Niall exclaimed, gesturing to the millions of fancy dresses.

The lady smiled at me and picked out a few dressed that would match with me. I jumped into a dressing room and hung each dress on a hook. I started from the left and slipped on the dress. It was a strapless beige dress with a large, black bow strapped around the waist. It was alright but wasn't a favourite for me. I moved onto the next dress and tried it on. It was a cream, dip hem dress with a sequin waist. It was better then the last one and was my favourite so far. I slipped into the next one and examined myself. It was a silver-grey, strapless dress with a a shiny strap around the waist. It had sequin upper half and was pretty good but I had one more dress left. It was a bright red dress with a sequin waist band and the frills at the bottom swirled up into the band. It was absolutely perfect.

"Niall! Don't look!" I cried, pushing the dressing room door open a crack. Niall shielded his hands over his eyes and I stepped out for the lady to take a look. She cocked her head to the side and have a thumbs up, "Thats the one!"

"I thought so too..." I smiled, rushing back into the dressing room and slipping back into my casual clothes. I emerged from the the dressing room and handed the dress to the lady to buy. I placed all of the other dresses back and quickly made my way over to the cashier. She handed me the bag and handed me a smaller one, "These are matching shoes, on the house."

I gave a friendly smile and gave the lady a nod of appreciation, "Thank you!" I whispered to her as Niall and a exited the shop, narrowly avoiding the fans.



I called the girls from upstairs and they scrambled up like a herd of elephants. I pushed open the door and they gasped, marveling at my magnificent dress.

"It's beautiful! You're beautiful!" Chelsea cried, clasping her hands together.

Julia took me by the upper arm and into the bedroom, "We're doing your make up, girl. Right here, right now."

I shrugged, "I'm fine with that. But NOTHING over to the top."

I was ushered into the en-suite and the girls dragged a chair over, painting my face. My eyelashes were brushed with mascara and the girls applied some blush and faint red eyeshadow. They smeared a soft red over my lips and Louis stepped in while Julia filed my nails, "Looking good, Mima!" He cried, giving me a wink. I smiled and the girls soon gave me a French manicure on my nails. I was finally done after fourty minutes all about make up. I took one last look in the mirror while Chelsea spritzed me with the Princess perfume, "Done!"

I stepped down the stairs and into the foyer where Niall was waiting. He spun around and his eyes widened. My smile dropped to the ground and finally made my way to my boyfriend, "Mia... You look... Stunning!"

I smiled, "Not too bad yourself! Alright, ready to go?"

I linked arms with Niall and stepped out into the cool breeze. I was in for an interesting night, I could feel it!

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