Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


42. Loose Cannon



I hung the very last ornament on the tree, a golden bauble. I couldn't believe that Christmas was right around the corner. The weather had flipped around entirely and snow had started to drizzle down. I soon snuggled next to Niall, cupping my hangs around the steaming mug of hot chocolate. Niall wrapped his large, comforting hands around me and I placed my cup back on the coffee table.

Our hands linked perfectly together and he rubbed his thumbs over the life lines on my palm. He planted kisses over my forehead and we listened to. Chelsea and Louis screaming at each other up stairs. It was a day in, day out thing and each person in this house was sick of it. I winced when Chelsea's voice reached the highest point and Niall rubbed his large palms over my upper arms. I turned my neck to everyone who sat in the lounge room in silence, twiddling their thumbs. I grabbed the twinkling star and handed it down to Zayn, "You put it up, Zayn."

"Me? Are you guys sure? I thought we were going to do it together." Zayn asked, looking at each one of us.

"So was I..." Julia grumbled under her breath, glancing up at the stairs. Zayn shrugged and gripped his hand around the star, beginning to climb up the step ladder placing the star at the tree's highest perk. Chelsea soon trotted down the staircase and all of us stared at her with disapproving looks. Her eyes widened and looked like she was about to cry. "I-I'm going for a walk. Sorry about the tree..."

"It's ok. Zayn put up the star." Niall stated, smiling slightly, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Chelsea shook her head in protest, "No thanks, I'm good. None of you would understand what's going on in my head." She then left without another word and Louis emerged from the kitchen, "But I do."

"Lou-" Liam began but Louis cut in, "No, Liam. You don't understand. I don't trust her going out this late anyways."

Julia added a smile to her straight face,"She'll be fine Louis, I think she just need take time to clear her head. Give her a few minutes."

It hasn't even reached the two minute mark before Louis stood up and shook his head. He had to go with her, Louis was so determined that something would happen to her. He left the house and the door slammed, sending chills down my spine. Niall kissed my cheek and smiled, a sense of "I would never do that to you" in his eyes...



I pushed my chin further into my scarf and hurried down the street. I called out Chelsea's name and scanned my eyes over the neighborhood. I heard a shriek echo from further down the street and I broke into a sprint. "Help! Help!" I followed the terrified yells for help, immediately recognizing it was Chelsea. Every call for my name sent shivers down my spine. I soon skidded to a stop in the neighbor hood park and ran along the running track. I saw Chelsea crouched up against the fence with several boys crowded around her, yelling dirty remarks in her ear. They prowled towards her and I ran towards them, "HEY!"

They spun around, frowns plastered across their faces, "Hey kid, this is our girl. Piss off."

I bit my lip and scrunched up my sleeves, soon cracking my knuckles, "She's my girl."

Many boys whispered my name, pointing at me and laughing. They knew who I was and they soon were going to wish they hadn't, "What you gonna do, Tommo?"

"This." I spat, before colliding my fist with the cocky guys cheekbone. A perfect uppercut, sending him collapsing to the ground. The other boys leapt towards Chelsea and I pounced at them, throwing punches and dragging the boys from her. I grabbed her wrist and hauled her up, the other guys crouched around their injured friend. I quickly ran off with Chelsea struggling to keep up. She was terribly shocked and couldn't help but cry. We soon got a fair distance and I pulled her closer to me so she cried into my chest, "Are you ok? Chels, tell me your ok..."

Chelsea shook her head wearily, tears sliding down her cheeks. I ran my fingers through her hair and walked into the house. We avoided the other guys outside and I left a note on the kitchen table "Chelsea and I are sleeping". I sat her on my bed after we climbed the stairs and she dug her face into her pillow. She was still so shocked from what could've happened in such a short amount of time...




I run as fast as I could down the pathway, my head full with nonsense and anger. Mixed emotions swirled around in my head and I couldn't help but run faster. My chest burned and I panted loudly. I turned into the park and ran through the long grass. I heard a corruption of laughter as I reached a stop to pause. I turned my head and a group of older guys stopped to look straight at me. Bottles of liquor were scattered around them and they held cigarettes between their fingers. I looked back down and turned around, beginning to walk back the way I came. They yelled out to me but I ignored them. I felt their eyes upon me and they soon came rushing over. I hadn't made it halfway through the park when I felt someone's hands snake around me. I jumped and he whispered inappropriate things into my ear, his friends doing nothing but laughing. He then pressed me against the fence and leaned ever so close to me that I though I was going to die then and there. "KISS ME!" One of them screamed, slapping me across the face. My cheek burned and tears spilled out of my eyes as I collapsed onto the wet grass. I yelled out for help and I dug my face into my hands as the boys tormented me. Before I knew it, Louis was my superman. I heard his voice but didn't dare look up. I heard a fight occurring and some one grab my wrist slashed with pain. My eyes fluttered open and Louis urged me to run...


I couldn't believe that Louis was here, lying next to me, combing his fingers through my hair. It was that moment that the shock of what had happened passed and I sat up. I glanced at Louis and he stared directly at me, "Chelsea..."

"You came back for me..." I stated, reconnecting my gaze, "Louis, you came back for me. But why? I thought you hated me."

"I knew how vulnerable you were!" Louis snapped, "I knew the trouble you could get into, I didn't want to leave you! Don't you ever f**king do that again and run away from us, do you understand?"

"Stop treating me like a child..." I whispered horsely, sitting up, "Why do you suddenly have more control over my life, Louis? Is it because I slept with Harry? Is it because you have world domination at your fingertips? How many times do I have I say sorry until you love me again?"

The words slipped out of my mouth so quickly that I couldn't stop them. Louis stared at me blankly and he closed his eyes, exhaling, "I do love you, Chelsea, but after all of the things I've done and I've made you do..." Louis whispered, brushing his palms across my scars, "...You shouldn't deserve to love me."

Tears blurred my vision and I breathed in, "I don't care about these scars. They're my mistake, I did them. I deserve to love you so much."

Louis lost his gaze with mine and stared off into the distance, "Not tonight. Not yet."

* * *

"Merry Christmas!"  

Is it that time already? I leapt out of bed and hugged my best buddies. I ruffled Harry's hair and pushed him to get up. The other girls chanted 'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer' as they skilled down the stairs. I quickly got change and joined everyone in the lounge room. All of us had a Kris Kringle, and mine was Liam. I had no idea who had me and nobody knew who had who either, except for Paul. PAULWAYS WATCHING! Well, he's not that much of a stalker, he just picked out who we were buying for.

We all sat in a circle, reminding me much of kindergarten, and handed out each present. I had gotten little Li-Li a batman onesie and a pair of converse. The presents were opened and I had received a little black box. I opened it up and gripped my hands around the chain. It was a dog tag necklace from Zayn and it read Chayn, our ship name. I smiled giddily and pulled Zayn in for a hug. He showed me his necklace and he had a matching. I clasped my hands together and waited for everyone to be finished. Liam jumped around in his onesie and we soon settled down. Niall stood up and dropped something into Julia's, Mia's and my hands. It was a as all box with a bright red bow wrapped around it. I pulled in the ends and opened the small box. I gasped, knowing that we were now officially apart of the One Direction Family. If you are a true Directioner, you would know that each of the boys have those friendship bracelets. Well guess what? Each of us received one! I slipped my teal and black bracelet onto my wrist and jumped up and down, obviously the best Christmas ever.

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