Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


20. It's So Good To See You!


Seeing the girls again made my pulse speed up and butterflies flied crazily in my stomach. It was... perfect. Everything was back to normal.
Especially Chelsea, man she was so damn gorgeous. She showed up in dark purply-pinky jeans, a white tee, black booties and a black jacket. She accesorized with a grey scarf, a black handbag and an umbrella that hooked around her arm. I wrapped my arms around her and I finally remembered that beautiful scent of strawberry she wore. I whispered in her ear and she giggled that cute giggle that I hadn't heard in ages. I pulled away and stared into her dazzling hazel eyes.

"I have missed you so much..." she said softly before locking her lips with mine. She was so delicate and soft, it was amazing.

It was indescribable to have her back in my arms again.


Seeing Mia hurry through the door with her suitecase made me almost cry for joy. She dropped everything and ran into my arms. Mia wore light blue denim jeans, a white knitted off-the-shoulder jumper, a grey jacket and white nikes. My happiness seriously rose 100%. All these months had been so terrible without her by my side, eating Nando's. 

She pulled away and flashed a gorgeous smile, "Got anything to eat? I'm starving..."

I pulled her close once more, "That's my girl."


She was finally here.
Julia rocked up in white jeans, a gray brooklyn jumper, a white jacket with a fluffy hoodie and  black ankle booties. Her black handbag held on to her arm and her hair was tied up into a loose bun.
Oh gosh I had missed her so much.
And to see her again gave me the feeling of love and hope.

She smiled and shook my hand, "Nice to see you again, Mr. Payne."

"Likewise, Miss Krupa," I chuckled as I pulled her close to my chest. I rested my head softly on her head and later kissed her forehead. She was an eliminating angel, and she was mine.


After all of the boyfriend and girlfriend reunions, the girls were re-introduced to the rest of the boys, whom we haven't met in ages. It was really extrodinary to see everyone again. 

"Hungry girls? It past lunch time but I'm feeling a little snacky..." Liam said as we followed him into the kitchen.

He was right, it was about two o'clock in the afternoon. 

"I dont know, you guys go ahead," I smiled, "Major jet lag..."

I stumbled into the hallway and soon found my self in the bathroom. I had no idea where I was going, it was bloody huge. I felt as though I could collapse I was that tired. It was the jet lag plus not being able to have a decent night sleep for the past three nights.

"Need a bit of help?" 

I spun around and there stood Liam in the doorway, "Tired much?"

I nodded sleepily, "You have no idea..."

"Oh darling," he smiled, "I'll carry you to bed."

I was so tired I couldn't even answer. I didn't take it literally when he said "I'll carry you" but he did. Firstly he ushered me up the stairs with my eyes half open and THEN he picked me up and carried me down the hallway. He opened the door and we walked into a room which I thought was probably Louis', but I could never be sure. That was until I saw photos of his little sisters. Liam lay me on the bed and stroked his fingers through my hair,

"Louis wouldn't mind you crashing in his bed," Liam laughed, "But any funny business won't be tolerated!"

I laughed gently and rolled over, "Good night, Liam..." I mumbled.

Liam closed the blinds and left the door open a jar, "Good night, Chelsea."


Chelsea was definitely tired. So was I, but I was able to stay awake for my boyfriend.

"Chelsea has no chance finding where the bedroom is," I chucked as she staggered her way into the hallway.

Liam nodded, "I'll show her the way, stay here sweetie."

I smiled and Liam hurried off to help poor Chelsea. I sat down at the island bench and listened to the conversation the boys were having. 

"Anything fun happened in Australia?" Zayn asked.

I shrugged, "Not really, nothing as fun as being in London!"

Mia tapped Niall on the nose, "Are we going to Ireland anytime soon?" 

"Maybe, I'd love for you to meet my folks and visit Mullingar!" 

"How long is it from here to Wolverhampton?" I asked to any one of the boys.

"Two hours in the car, at least," Harry replied.

"Or a day on foot, what ever works!" Louis stated.

I laughed, "What about here to Doncaster, Lou?"

"Three hours in car, two days if you walk," Louis replied.

Mia cheekily asked, "What about Mullingar?"

"I don't even want to know how long that would take on foot!" Zayn  chuckled.

"Eight hours driving distance, obviously you'll need a boat too and three to four days if you walk," Louis stated.

I gasped, "Wow Louis! You now a lot about your London and Ireland!" 

Louis smirked, "Oh no, I'm just finding out because I've got my phone under the table!"

Everyone laughed and Harry shook his head, "I knew it was too good to be true!" 

Liam came back and smiled, "Chelsea's just sleeping, so you guys gotta be quiet."

We all nodded and Louis' face brightened, "Hey everyone! Let's bang pots and pans together and make a band called KITCHEN UTENSILS!"

Everyone laughed again. It was clearly obvious that Louis was happy to have us around. Liam tapped me on the shoulder.

"Feeling tired?" he asked as he slid into a vacant seat next to me.

"Not the slightest!" I lied.

Liam cocked his head, "Your lying."

"No I'm not!" I lied again.

"Lying again? Naughty girl. Seriously Julia, your a terrible lier."

I smiled, "Thanks... I think. Anyways, what have you got planned?"

"Who says I've got something planned?" 

I lower my eyelid, "You've always got something up your sleeve, Liam. You wouldn't ask me if I'm tired out-of-the-blue."

"You have a point," Liam admitted, "That is Louis' job to ask out-of-the-blue questions..."

"Exactly, so...? What's up?" I asked.

"I was wondering, if your not too tired, if you wanted to come and see the amazing sights of London with me?" he grinned.

"Oh Liam, I would love too!" I cried.

"Great! And hey! I think that the rains clearing up too, but it doesn't mean it won't be still a little chilly. How about you pop on a coat and gather your things and we'll head off?"

I nodded madly, this was going to be GREAT!


I sat next to Niall at the other side of the island bench by dragging a few more seats over. We pigged out on the remaining packet of chips, I didn't feel like a full lunch meal. Julia and Liam had ducked out somewhere, so I was left with the smexy Niall Horan, Louis, Harry and Zayn. Chelsea was still sleeping up stairs... party pooper. We talked and talked and talked about everything that we've missed out on.

Louis grinned, "You excited about the album?"

My smile brightened, "Yes! It's getting terribly close to Christmas time, we'd better get this recording done soon!"

"We will! We will! We've wrote the song, we just need to record it," Zayn re-assured.

"We weren't going to start without our girls!" Harry laughed.

Louis yawned, "How about we watch a movie, lads? Oh, excuse me, and lass."

Niall nodded, "Definately! You pick one out, Lou!"

Harry got the popcorn ready as Louis picked out a movie. "Let's watch... hmm... Pirates Of The Caribbean?"

"Yes! I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!" I cried, swooning over the magnificent actor.

Niall shot me a look of jealousy. I turned to him and blushed, "But I love you more, babe!"

Niall tackled me into a nearby couch and I laughed madly as he tickled me. I couldnt stop laughing, "Stop...! Nialler... I... Can't... Breathe!" 

Niall stopped and stared into my eyes. I kissed him on the lips and sat up so he could sit and we could all calm down. The lights dimmed and the movie began...
Half way through the movie, Louis got up and said he was going to wake Chelsea. I watched him exit and turned back to the screen. I rested my head on Niall's shoulder and my eyes softly shut...


I trudged up the stairs, why did we get stairs? They're such a pain! And doesn't Chelsea have this thing with stairs or something...? I don't know, I think I was a little tired my self. Liam had told me she was sleeping in my bed, and I thought that was adorable. I pushed the door open a crack and the faint light shined onto her face. She was sleeping like a little angel. I slipped in and sat down on the edge of the bed. Chelsea had been sleeping for at least three hours now, so I thought it was fine to wake her up.

"Chelsea? Chels? Wake up, love..." I whispered, shaking her gently.

Her eyes flickered open like blinds and she smiled, "Mmhmm..."

I grinned, "Sorry, I don't understand sleeptalk!"

She rolled over a little, "It means hello... I think..."

I laughed and stroked my fingers through her delicate hair.

"What time is it?"

I checked my watch, "Five twenty-ish..."

"Jesus!" she cried, "I've slept nearly the whole day!"

"You need your rest. But dont worry, you'll be fine in a few days. Jet Lag is bloody annoying, I know," I sighed.

Chelsea stretched out and yawned, "Well... I'm feeling a little refreshed, what's for dinner?" 

"I think Harry's cooking up a storm tonight."

"Yum!" Chelsea smiled as she straightened up, "I'll just get dressed into something more comfortable and meet you guys downstairs."

I nodded and kissed the top of her forehead, "Sure, see you downstairs!"

Chelsea saluted while scrummaging through her suitecases, "See you down stairs!"

Two minutes later, Chelsea came down stairs with black track pants, a  white, long t-shirt that had "Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer" in black font and bright pink bed socks.

"Ready for bed?" I teased.

"No! I'm just... comfortable!" Chelsea said as she poked her tounge out.

Niall, Zayn, Harry and Mia got up from the couch and sat around the table.

"Is Julia and Liam coming back soon?" Mia asked.

Harry shrugged, "I don't know, they've been gone for, like, two hours now."

"I'll text Julia," Chelsea said, fishing out her phone from her pocket, "They better come back here soon."


As soon as we left, we took a taxi into London. We stopped suddenly as soon as we arrived at a perticular place and Liam payed the taxi driver. We stepped out into the warm, yet chilly air and I tucked my chin ferther into my scarf. Liam had rugged up for the occasion. I wasn't sure it was because he was avoiding paparazzi, or he was bloody freezing.

"So, Liam," I whispered into his ear, "What are we doing?"

Liam grinned, "Well, I've hired a double decker bus and your going to be sightseeing what London has to offer."

"That's awesome! Liam, can we see the London Eye as well?" I asked eagerly, "I've always wanted to ride the London Eye with my boyfriend."

Liam nodded, "Anything for my sweet little darling!"

I laughed, "I sound like I'm your daughter or something!"

We headed onto the bus and sat on the top. The city of London was... huge... and pretty damn epic! I snuggled up with Liam while I watched London zoom past. After an hour or so, we hopped off at the London Eye. The line was huge but Liam and I were granted access to the front of the line. Liam wanted to wait but the staff insisted, just like the Luna Park   staff. We hopped in a carriage and I gazed the beautiful city of London. A year ago, this was only a figment in my imagination. I had always dreamed of visiting London and bumping into a talented British boy with an adorable accent, and now it was true. I snapped pictured with Liam and then slipped my phone into my pocket. The wheel went around slowly and I looped my fingers through his. It was perfect, everything was perfect. After the ride ended, we hopped in a taxi and drive back home.

"That was brilLIAM, thank you!" I thanked as I wrapped my arms around him.

"The pleasures all mine!" Liam grinned as he pecked me on the cheek.

I stared out of the window as Big Ben flew past. Liam put one hand on my shoulder and whispered into my ear, "Welcome to London..."

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