Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


37. I'm Sorry


"You... You what...?" I breathed, watching the tears trickle down her cheeks.

Chelsea couldn't speak. Her eyes were glued shut and her sobs were deep and full of despair. I pulled my self away from her and scrambled to the other side of the bed. Her? And Harry?

"What? How?" I asked, "And definitely WHY?"

Chelsea cleared her dry throat, "It wasn't on purpose. It was never intended..."

"If it wasn't intended, then why did you sleep with him! Chelsea, cannot believe this!" I stammered.

"When Harry, the others and I went home; we were all tired. Out of everyone Harry, Niall and I were the most drunk..." Chelsea explained precautiously, "Nobody kept an eye on us and Harry continued to flirt. That's all I remember but when I woke up I was in Harry's bed with him beside me... half naked. Louis I don't expect you to forgive me and I except that, but I just wanted you to know the truth."

I gripped my hands around the sides of my head and I sighed. How could this happen? All because I let them go home early? What was I thinking! I was such an idiot! They were clearly drunk and know Harry has taken it too far. I stood up abruptably and stepped out of the bed room, scimming down the hallway to Harry's room. I burst into his room and he sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes.

I collided my fist with his lips and frowned in complete anger, "How could you do this to me, you bloody b**tard!" It worked out perfectly since the rest of them were outside. They couldn't hear a thing.

Harry clutched the right side of his face, moaning in pain, "What was that for?!"

"Don't play innocent with me! You know exactly what that was for, you son of a-" I started before Chelsea bounded into the room, "Dont hurt him, Louis!"

I took a step back, breathing in heavily. Harry rubbed his lip and coughed, feeling the pain from my fist. Chelsea ran over and bent down beside him, staring at his that-will-soon-turn-into-a-bruise lip, "Even though I told you the truth, you have no right to hurt your best friend!"

"Considering the circumstance, Chelsea, I think I'm able to..." I barked.

Chelsea shook her head in disgust, "Louis, as much as you hate Harry and I, you shouldn't hurt your best mate."

"Lou, just forgive us! It wasn't us, it was the drunken side of us! We didn't do any of what we did on purpose! Please just believe us!" Harry cried, squinting.

I exchanged glances between them both and crossed my arms firmly. I felt guilt that I had just slapped my friend... and a lot of guilt. I didn't even though I I could trust them anymore. Even worse, I didn't even though if I could be with Chelsea any longer, "Listen Chelsea. I still do love you and I somewhat forgive you... but I don't know if this is still going to work. I trusted you..."

Her eyes froze and the colour drained from her cheeks. She kneeled motionless next to Harry, feeling the pain from my words. Her lips trembled and I couldn't stand to see her like this, "Louis..." She breathed finally after what seemed an eternal silence.

"Louis, don't do this, mate. You guys are perfect. Don't let our drunken s*x get in the way of your relationship..." Harry argued softly, "The break-up isn't going to work if Chelsea's living here and can't go home for a few months. Please, don't."

I took a deep, wagering breath feeling my emotions envelope me, "I won't... that's why I'm just thinking of having a temporary break up. Try and get our minds straight..." I stated, my voice wobbling.

Chelsea nodded crookedly, tears trickling down her cheeks, "Ok..."

"Have you told the rest of them?" I asked.

"No..." They both replied, their heads hung.

I nodded, "It's probably best if we keep it that way. We really shouldn't tell anyone... not even our best friends and the fandom."

"I agree..." Chelsea whispered.

I forced a smile and walked out of the room, "Good night..." I said before shutting the door behind me. I couldn't let her sleep in my room... It would be uncomfortable. I slipped into my bed and dug my face into the pillow; maybe it was for the best. I sighed and rolled over and watched the empty spot next to me, knowing that I couldn't wrap my arms around her and pull her close to me anymore....


I gripped Harry's hand and collapsed to the floor when Louis had left. I cried into the soft carpet, feeling so heartbroken and useless. Louis said it was only temporary... But I had a feeling he didn't mean what he said. I cried louder but my cries weren't answered from the person I loved most.

"Come on, Chels... get up..." Harry whispered into my ear, wrapping his arms around my body and hoisting me up to his mattress. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop crying.

I gripped the duvet cover and cried into it, Harry's scent filling my nose. I was officially broken into a million peices, and there was nothing that could fix it. Harry brushed his hands through my knotted hair, stopping at the tangled into-a-crazy-ball snares. I pulled away and Harry's hand dropped.

I sniffed and managed a smile to him, "Harry... I need a hug..."

Harry's frown faintly perked up and he pulled me in with no hesitation. I savored the moment and wanted to be in his arms forever. I finally pulled away after noices abrupted into the house. I froze and Harry's eyes widened. They couldn't see me with Harry! I dived behind the bed and hugged the floor as we waited for them to walk up the stairs.

Soon enough, the door creaked open, "Good night Harry!" They all said in unison. Harry was hidden under the sheets with his face toward the pillow. He moaned sleepily and they all giggled, exchanging whispers before shutting the door.

I slipped up into Harry's bed and smiled, "That was close..." I murmured.

Harry chuckled, "And so are you..."

I didn't know what he was talking about until I realized I was right against him. I shuffled away and blushed madly, even no Harry couldn't see it, "Sorry..." I apollogized.

"Don't worry about it. How about we get some rest, ok?" Harry suggested, turning to face me.

"Sure... But... How are we going to do the interview tomorrow?" I questioned him, "I wouldn't be able to tell the world that I've broken up with Louis... and I don't want to lie to the world."

Harry paused for a moment, deep in thought, "How about you say you're just taking a break? Not because of what happened, but because there's so much craze with the recording and the upcoming tour."

I grinned, "Wow... That's a good idea!"

Harry shrugged, "Thank you. Now how about we hit the sack? I'm tired..."

"Nice to meet you, tired..." I smirked, pulling up the duvet. Harry groaned at my pathetic joke and I giggled, "Alright, night tired."

Harry chuckled, "Good night, Chelsea..." Harry whispered before I turned over. Louis was all that filled my mind, and how I longed to be with him. Lyrics ticked over in my head...

Nothings fine I'm torn.

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor

Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn...

* *

I woke up the next morning, crying to myself. Louis kept repeating him self over and over again in my mind...

I curled my toes and stretched out, realeasing my bones from any stiffness. Harry noticed I was awake and rolled over to face me, his face beaming, "Good morning, sweetheart."

Harry had a massive bruise on the right side of his lip and I gasped, "Oh my god Harry!"

Harry's eyes flickered to the bruise, "Oh that? Don't worry about it..."

"Harry..." I whispered horsely, "It looks terrible... and you have an interview today! What are you going to say?"

Harry shrugged, "I hit my head on someone's fist..."

"No sh**, Sherlock. How about you... you say that you were smacked in the face pretty hard yesterday by a fan... by accident." I laughed.

Harry chuckled, a smile then creeping onto his face, "Can you kiss it better?"

I shook my head, "Not in the mood, Haz." I stated, slipping out of the sheets. Where was I going to sleep? I couldn't sleep in Louis bedroom... talk about awkward. And I couldn't keep sleeping with Harry, that too would be awkward. I shrugged... maybe I could just make do on the couch.

I walked down the hallway and into my... I'm sorry, Louis' bedroom. He was awake and sitting on the edge of the bed, staring off into space.

I knocked on the door quietly and managed a very bad smile, "Hey... Just here to grab my suitecase..."

Louis looked up to me and nodded, "Sure, it's just over there..."

I grinned and nodded my head, stepping into the bedroom. I grabbed my suitecase and zipped it up, "Uh... Where are you sleeping from now on?"

I shrugged, "I don't know... I think just on the couch downstairs-"

"NO! I mean..." Louis stopped me, "No, I'll sleep on the couch. You can still have this room if you'd like..."

"No way, Louis. Stay here in this bedroom. I'll just sleep in Harry's room, don't worry about it..." I said, crossing my arms.

"There's a pull-out mattress under his bed..." Louis murmered under his breath, leaving the bedroom and disappearing into the ensuite.

I got dressed into simple clothes when I left Louis' room. Skinny denim jeans and a white cotton jumper. Nice. I emerged from the ensuite and walked in on Harry getting changes. I sheilded my eyes and slipped out into the hallway, making my way downstairs. Liam sat at the island bench eating a mixed fruit cereal so I came up behind him and sat next to him.

"Hey Liam! Where's Julie?" I asked.

Liam pointed his finger upstairs, "Still sleeping my friend. Boy... remind me never to get in the way when she's sleeping in ever again..."

I laughed to myself and then blurted out, "Liam... Louis and I had a fight last night..." I didn't want to say anything else. Just leave it at that.

Liam looked over to me and watched me for what seemed as though it was a mere minute. He stood up abruptly and smiled, "You want to tell me more Don't you?" He suggested in a whisper, "Come on. Lets go for a little walk. You can tell Papa Smurf anything!"

I laughed and agreed with him, soon stepping outside. We walked down the streets and I admitted to him everything, the drunken night, the confession, the fight... everything. Liam didn't once cut in to ask a question, he just listened to every word, "And now I don't know what to do, what to think. I'm scared..."

Liam smiled, "Well, for starters Louis won't hold a grudge for long and DEFINITELY won't hold off the relationship for long either. He loves you dearly, Chelsea. And with Harry... well... you know what he's like. What happened between you two won't affect your friendship." Liam
patted my shoulder, "I'm here for you when ever you need to talk, but if you want an adult... talk to Lou Teasedale. She will be the closest to family you've got right now."

I nodded, "Thanks Liam, you've really helped. I'm coming to you from now on for everything."

Later on, we arrived back home and Harry was surrounded by the girls, "It's massive! I can't believe a directioner would do that much damage!"

Liam bent down beside me, "A fan? Really?"

I shrugged, "Best I could come up with!"

I walked up to Harry and forced him a smile, grabbing an ice pack and raising it to his lip. He smiled faintly and heavy footsteps echoed down the staircase.


I stumbled down the stairs feeling like an absolute mess. I couldn't do anything, and yet we had to have an interview later today. I ran my hands through my hair and flickered my eyes to the kitchen. Chelsea stood near Harry, holding an ice pack to his lip. I felt a pang of guilt run through my bones. Mia noticed me and ran up towards me, "Look at what a fan did to Harry! Who knew directioners could be so aggressive..."

I nodded slowly, wiping my lip. Mia cocked her head to one side and frowned, "Lou, are you alright? You seem a little down..."

"Hmm? Oh yeah, fine. Restless night..." I said quickly, skipping down the rest of the steps and making my way into the kitchen. Chelsea looked up and our gazes locked for a second before she looked away. I clicked my tounge and headed into the lounge room, collapsing onto a couch.

* *

We finally pulled up at the interview studios hours later where fans greeted us, but not as many as yesterday. We were sepereated behind a wired fence which was alright. I pushed open the back door and walked through out backstage.

"...and we'll be right back with special guest, One Direction! See you after the break!" The interviewer, Cede Moretz grinned directly at the camera, the crowd going crazy. A buzzer rang through out the studio and her heels clickers as she hurried off stage. She found us hiding in the wings and a massive smile smeared across her face, "Boys, girls, welcome! I'm just so excited to have you on the show, the phones have been going crazy!"

I shugged, forcing a smile, "We're happy to be here."

Cede gestured to the crowd, "Just listen to them! They haven't shut up through out the whole show! Where's Harry? All I see is a blue bruise! What happened, mate?" She laughed.

I bit my lip and the rest laughed, "Oh... The fans are capable of my little friend here." Harry joked, poking his bruise.

"Hope you get better. Alright boys, I've gotta pop onto the stage and introduce you fellas. Girls, stay here. Unfortunately we've had a cancellation with you being in the interview, we're entirely sorry." Cede explained.

"It's fine! We understand..." Julia nodded, grasping Mia's hand.

A three tone buzzer rang through out the studio and Cede smiled, "Sorry, that's my cue. Get ready, boys!" She then pounced onto the stage and quickly curled a loose hair behind her ear when the director counted down from five. The theme song exploded through and Cede waved towards the camera, "Welcome back! Just listening to this studio audience gives you a clear indication on who's up next! I'll give you a hint... Four British boys and an Irish cutie? It's ONE DIRECTION!"

That's when the audience erupted into mayhem, screams filling my ears. I stepped onto the stage and waved towards the audience, sending the girls crazy. I met up with Cede and did a one handed hug and gave her a small peck on the cheek, as if we had never met before. I shuffled onto the large, velvet couch and waited for the boys to sit down next to me. I waited for Niall to slide in next to me but Harry was directed beside me. He gave me a short smile but then turned his face I the audience. Things were so awkward now between us... could we ever be as close as we were?

The rest of the boys joined me on the couch and Cede faced towards the audience, "Shh! Trying to speak to the biggest boy band on the planet here!"

I laughed and Cede collapsed into her seat, reaching out to Harry, "Aw, Hazza! What happened there?"

"Believe it or not, a directioner did this to me yesterday at the signing. By accident, of course..." Harry lied, forcing a smile.

"Ah, the signing...." Cede nodded, "Your new single that will be on the new album, Take Me Home. You recorded that with some of your girlfriends correct?"

"Yeah..." We replied.

"How was that? I'm sure it was romantic!" Cede swooned.

Liam grinned, "Definetely, they're such great singers. We made an agreement that we were recording with them when we went to Australia, so we couldn't break that promise."

"So, Julia and you Liam, and Mia and Niall. Louis... I heard you and Chelsea are in splitsville!" Cede exclaimed sending the crowd gasping. What? How did she know? Everyone's eyes turned to me, expecially the boys.

I cleared my throat, "Uh... Yeah. We're just taking a small break because of the hype of the touring and th-the music."

"You guys seemed happy as lark yesterday at the signing, although. Did this happen last night? All the rumors went flying around early this morning..." Cede asked, her engagement growing.

"Yeah, we decided late last night about this. We didn't really expect that we were going to have a break but we thought maybe its for the best! We love each other DEARLY but we just want to play it on the safe side!" I said quickly, thinking it all up on the spot. God, I'm not prepared today...

Cede smiled, "Thats good to know! But, oh my lord... Harry and Zayn! You're STILL single! How can that be, two smashing young boys like yourselves, aye?"

Both of them exchanged glances, "Well... I suppose we're just waiting for the right girl to come along!" Zayn replied.

"Well we have plently of candidates!" Cede laughed, throwing her hand out to the crowd, sending the girls wild, "But boys, what DO you look for in a girl?"

Harry cocked his head to the side, "Personally, I'd prefer a brunette... But I'd love a girl who has an amazing personality, good sence of humor and somebody I could just spoil!"

Cede's hand shot up into the air, "Ooh! Pick me, pick me! Anyways, Zayn?"

"I somebody who's laid-back and chilled out, and who doesn't take herself too seriously. My perfect girl would just be someone who's a nice person, who I can have a conversation with for hours..." Zayn explained, running his fingers through his quiff.

Cede fanned her face, "Oh boys, stop describing me! Golly gosh!" I managed a laugh and Cede continued, "So, you all said that you would date a fan. But what about some of the fans yesterday! I saw the photos and I was shocked how you got from the car to the building! What would be the weirdest fan experience that's occured, Niall?"

"I thought yesterday was bad!" Niall admitted, "Although, I think Sweeden is the worst. They actually take off their shirt and their bra and push their... you know... breasts onto the car window. I think it's absolutely disgusting but Harry probably loves it."

Harry shrugged innocently, "Sorry! I'm still a teenage boy!"

Cede laughed loudly, "Ok boys, lets keep this PG rated, ok? Do you guys have any secrets you kept inside of you? Some that you want to share with us today?"

"I'm actually 1/8th Belguim!" I admitted, nodding my head.

"Really? Wow... Liam? Got any secrets? Confessions?" Cede pestered.

Liam's gaze flickered to Harry and then leaned forward, "Haz over there... Is the biggest celebrity flirt I have EVER met..."

"Harry! Wow! Maybe you should tone down the flirting and get a serious relationship!" Cede spoke, waving her finger at him.

"Well I've got one, Louis' caught me sleeping with a girl once! Yep! He walked in on me, yelled hello and then walked out! You just... You don't do that!" Harry exclaimed, throwing his hands up. I clasped my hand over my heart, for a second I though he was talking about the whole Chelsea incident. I shook my head and continued on with te interview...


I sat patiently in one of the many green rooms, fiddling around on my phone, "I can't believe you didn't tell me..." Julia grumbled.

"You know now, ok! Please Julia, thought we WERE going to go out and do the interview. That's why I wasn't going to explain it beforehand and freak you out..." I explained.

"But you and Harry? Jesus, Chelsea... Louis might never trust you again!" Mia added.

"He believes me..." I muttered, "But he will have to eventually trust me, right? I mean... he can't hold a grudge forever."

Suddenly, the door swung open and the boys bounded into the room, laughing and talking about the interview. I stood up from my seat on an uncomfortable couch and smiled, "All done?"

"All done! We're sorry you girls couldn't come out, today..." Liam said, wrapping his arms around Julia's waist.

Mia shrugged, "It's ok, we didn't need to crash your party anyways! I think the fans would have just liked to see you guys instead of us too..."

Suddenly, Louis pushed in front of the boys, holding a girls hand. She had blonde hair that had obviously been died, striking blue eyes and a tall figure, "Hey guys! Look! Do you remember Alannah? She's back in London!"

My gaze fell locked on his right grip around Alannah's hand and my heart shattered into a million peices. I looked up and Alannah gave me a smug grin, raising her eyebrows. I breathed in and collapsed back into the couch, blocking out everyone's voices and entering depression.
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