Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


36. I Have A Confession...



"I'M HOME!" Louis cried as he burst through the doorway around lunch time the next morning. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him, "Welcome back!"

Louis pulled away after the near hug and raised an eyebrow, "You're so tense! What's up?"

I yawned, "Rough night. Not enough sleep. Liam are we doing anything major today?"

Liam checked his watch, "We've got to be at a signing in three hours time."

I groaned and flopped onto a nearby couch, "I can't remember anything... I don't know if I can even remember to write! How am I going to SURVIVE the signing today?"

"Why do we even have a signing anyways? The album hasn't been realeased yet!" Mia asked, emerging from the bathroom.

Julia punched her in the upper arm, "Because the single was released today, you dumbo!"

I sat up shocked, "What? I didn't know this! Since when? The editing whizz's SURELY can't be THAT fast!" I stated, emphasizing the words 'surely' and 'that'.

Zayn shrugged, stuffing some toast and jam into his mouth, "The editing team are capable of ANYTHING, Chels."

I rolled off the couch and onto the fluffy carpet, feeling like I wanted to jump in my onesie and watch terrible daytime movies all day. Louis' arms linked under mine and he picked me up, "Get up you lazy bum!"

"Noooooo..." I moaned, collapsing back onto the carpet. Louis bent down beside me but Mima stopped him, "Lou, I wouldn't test her. If she wants to lay there, let her be. She's like a grizzly bear or something. Will laze around wherever she drops and will chuck a tantrum if someone tries to love her!"

I shrugged, she was pretty much right. I just felt so lazy and sick from last night it was almost too much too bear. Niall stumbled out of the toilet and dropped next to me, groaning, "I feel so sick..." We both said coincidently.

Liam shook his head, "How much did you have to drink last night?"

"Uhm..." I muttered, counting with my fingers.

Niall chuckled, "I lost count..."

Louis looked around, "Where's Haz? I haven't seen him..."

"He's upstairs," Julia replied whilst on her phone, "Niall, Chelsea and Harry were the ones who had so much to drink last night. I never expected it from Chels..."

"NIALL STARTED IT! AND SO DID HARRY! IT WAS PEER PRESSURE!" I yelled, dabbing a finger on Niall's forehead.

Niall chuckled and rolled over to his side while I exchanged glances with Harry who had made it down stairs. Sooner or later, we finally cleaned up our lazy act and pulled ourselves together. I chuckled on a simple outfit, a striped over sized t-shirt, shorts and leggings underneath. I shrugged... Yeah good enough. I grabbed my things and was the first girl finished (again). Louis crept up behind me and gave me a cheeky grin, "Ready to go, sweetheart?"

I forced a smile, "Yep! I can't wait to get this show on the road!"

The girls finally appeared from their wardrobes and gave a nod of approval. A car waited out the front, waiting to take us to the singing since none of us could drive due to last night. I slid into the car next to the window where I wanted to go to sleep. Apparently it was an hours drive to I brought my comfy neck pillow! I leaned back and sighed as the car took off...

* *

I woke up completely startled when I heard large gun shots. My eyes flickered open but just realized it was young girls banging their hands on the window. They're tounges crashes onto the window and I instantly felt uncomfortable.

"We just got an update! Aparently the crowds here are crazy! We don't know how to get you in!" The bus driver yelled over the constant screaming.

I watched in fear as Paul stood outside the slow-moving car, fighting off the directioners. I moved in closer to Louis, feeling like I was in a horror movie. We were told that the only way into the shopping center was through the crowds. My eyes bulged out of my head... we're Security being freaking legitimate? We were going to surf through THIS? I pushed the car door open a crack and the screeches flooded in. I cupped my hands over my ears and jumped out. I pushed through the crowds with Louis behind me. His hand was gripped tight around mine, as if we were handcuffed by the grip. The girls screamed out our names and I soon found the door in sight. Paul pushed open the door with his shoulder and I slipped inside as fast as I could. It was dark and I soon collapsed, taking in deep, heavy, staggered breaths.

It was hard to believe that I was a crazy directioner like them just seven months ago.


I waited inside a dimmed hallway, hearing the directioners chant our names. I heard the footsteps of the announcer made his way on to the stage.

"Welcome to the premiere of One Direction's new single, All I Want Is You! Are you girls excited?" He screamed into the microphone.

The girls went crazy, calling our names even loudly.

"Now it's hard to believe that One Direction has come all this way during just TWO years! AND they picked up some girlfriends along the way to star in their new single! Chelsea, Mia and Julia! Just three girls from Australia! But now, here they are to perform for you live... HERE THEY ARE! Chelsea, Mia, Julia and ONE DIRECTION!"

The door swung open and I rushed though the walkway made for us to get onto the stage. Girls screamed my names and I held a few of their hands for a millisecond, mowing I had to jump on the podium to perform. The intro started as I stepped on the stage and I grabbed a microphone, "How are you feeling today, London?" I yelled, keeping them engaged.

Zayn and Niall began with their singing, directing it to the crowd. The girls screamed out in absolute fangirl language, reaching theirs hands over the barricade. I then can in with Harry and we all sang the song we knew so well. The girls sang in complete harmony and we soon finished up.

"Give if up for One Direction and the fabulous girls!" The announcer cried, sending the girls wild, "Now, I believe we've got some questions to ask the boys! How about we get started?"

"Its on like donkey kong!" Liam stated, laughing.

"Niall! This questions for you! The ladies want to know what you smell like!" The announcer chuckled.

Niall gave the crowd a baby-face look and a smile, "Um... Lynx, I guess!"

I rolled my eyes, "Stop lying, Nialler! You know you smell horrible!"

The crowd burst into laughter and Niall blushed. The announcer moved on, "If you boys were in a horror movie, who do you think would die first?"

"I volunteer being the killer with all the chainsaw action!" Zayn grinned, "But I wouldn't kill any of you, of course, I'd just scare you."

I shrugged, "I think Niall would be the one first killed. He would have no idea what's going on!"

Niall crossed his arms, "Why am I getting targeted with these questions!"

"Next question!" The announcer cried, "Liam! What is your favourite film series?"

Liam pumped his fist in the way, "Batman all the way, guys!"

We did a few more questions directed to both the boys and the girls. We soon sat behind the desk, waiting for the line to start moving. The fans were so sweet but some were a bit creepy... and had disturbing comments. Some even shot the girls mean looks and refused them to sign the single cover. I shook my head as the girls hung their heads as they felt shame. A girl who kept looking across to the girls, giving me a clear indication that she didn't want them to be there. I was the last of the boys and after I signed the single cove, the girl went to snatch it back but I quickly passed it on to Chelsea. The girl reached out but Chelsea's marker had already touched the paper. The girls crossed her arms as she watched the angle being past from one girl to another. Julia passed it back after every one had signed it and flashed her a smile. The girls walked off and we couldn't contain our laughter.


Days past having absolute lazy days with the boys. Even though my jet lag was completely gone, I just couldn't do anything major. We went bowling and to the movies and occasionally went to the local park just to have some R&R.

I went to bed early while the others sat outside with a fire blazing. I rolled onto my back, feeling terribly restless. I rubbed my nose with my palm and sighed, pulling the sheets over my head. I chewed on my nails and felt Louis slide in next to me.

"Hello..." I murmered, peeking out from under the covers. Louis brought his hand up to my scalp, running his fingers through my hair. I smiled weakly and pulled away, wanting sleep. I tumbled onto my back and stared up onto the roof.

Louis rolled onto my chest, a smile creeping onto his face, "Are you ready...?"

I nodded, trying to hold back the tears. How can I tell him? He'll hate me forever. Tears started to foam in my eyes so I wiped them away quickly, in fear of getting caught out, "Whats wrong?" Louis breathed into my ear.

I couldn't say anything, I just nodded wearily. Louis knew I was unsure of something so he joined me by my side, "Hey Chels, If you're not ready for this... I totally understand..." He said, "You don't have to hand me your virginity just yet..."

I sighed, "I know... And I can't..."

Louis nodded, thinking that he could understand, "Yeah, it's alright. I don't want to rush you into thi-"

"Louis I can't because..." I coughed, tears beginning to slide down my face. I gripped his hand tightly, knowing that it might be the end...

"...I've already slept with Harry..."






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