Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


11. Hungry For Nandos


Another ride in the One Direction van... with One Direction... I had to physically pinch myself. I wouldn't really call it a date, so I called it a friendly dinner with meh friends.
Maybe it was a date for one of the boys, I didn't know! Or maybe even a TRIPLE date!

As soon as we got to one of the finest Nando's in Melbourne, four directioners were there waiting. We all shuffled out and Julia, Mia and I slid away a fair distance where we wouldn't get noticed. 

"Hello girls! How are you today?" Louis asked with a huge grin stretched across his face.

The girls squealed with excitement, one even wrapped her arms around Harry! 

"H-H-Hi boys!" one of them stammered, shaking with excitment, "C-Can we h-h-have a photo?"

"Absolutely!" Liam agreed, "Everybody bunch up, you seem like a friendly Liam Payne fan!" Liam pointed to a girl that had an 'I Love Liam Payne' shirt on, "Whats your name? May? That's a nice name, how about I hold your hand May?

The photo was taken with our Volkswagen Van driver and the girls chatted with the boys some more.

"They're so nice!" Mia whispered.

"Shh!" I hissed.


"You girls like Nandos?" Niall asked.
"YES! Can I have a single photo and then an autograph, Niall?" a girl asked.
"Sure, love. Hey Lou, can you take this? I need a to have a lovely photo with this magnificent girl here!"

"Harry, I love you! Oh my gosh, I ant believe I'm meeting you!" a girl yelled.
"And I can't believe I'm meeting you, you seem like a nice girl, what's your name?" Harry questioned.
"Gr-Grace..." the girl stammered, as Harry pulled her in for a hug.

"Hi L-Lou-Louis! I got you a carrot! Sorry but we couldn't afford a Lamborghini," a girl apologized.
"Thanks, darling! Its probably better to be healthy!" Louis grinned.
"I agree. Since the video diary, carrots have been a major part of my diet!" the girl stated.
"Then I like you then!" Louis winked.


"Zayn! Can you say Vas Happenin for the camera?" a girl queried.
"Sure, what's your name?" Zayn asked.
"Lily, why?" the girl replied.
"Vas Happenin, LILY!"


"Girls, I have to thanks you so much for braving the cold nights and warm days," Liam smiled, "You didn't really have to do all this..."
"Of course we would Liam!" the girl named May exclaimed, "We would do ANYTHING to meet you guys!"
"That's so lovely, you girls are definitely dedicated!" Liam grinned.


Julia, Mia and I hid further around the corner and watched the boys. 

"Girls, I'm sorry... but we have to have dinner," Liam said, "Niall's hungry and he's about to start whining-"

"WHERES MY NANDOS!?!" Niall screamed to no one in particular. 

The girls giggled and pointed towards the door of Nandos. Niall rushed in and Harry kissed all of the girls on the forehead.

"Go home now," Louis smiled, "You've accomplished your dreams and need a good nights rest..."

"God bless you," Zayn said as he walked in.

All of the boys followed Niall inside. The manager of Nandos shut the door and locked it to keep the young girls out.

I stood there, what could I do? I couldnt just waltz out there and say 
"Oh yeah, I'm with One Direction" in front of the girls faces. It would crush them...

"What do we do?" Julia asked in a whisper, as if she read my mind.

"Don't we walk out there?" Mia suggested.

"No, not really. The girls would... y'know... strangle us if we went to walk in the door..." I replied. 

"True dat!" Julia huffed.

As I pondered ways to get in, a door beside me swung open quietly. 

"Chelsea, Julia, Mia, it's me... Zayn!" a british voice whispered.

The trio of us turned around and there stood Zayn in the doorway. Mia creeped in, then Julia and finally me. Zayn shut the door behind me.

"Thank goodness you came," I said, "I was beginning to think you guys abandoned us!"

Julia agreed, "We didn't want to be stuck out there too long. The directioners were going to find us sooner or later!" 

"And we didn't want to become even MORE hungry!" Mia complained.

Zayn rolled his eyes, "Just because we're all apart of the biggest boy band in the generation, doesnt mean we're selfish!" He pointed to the stairs up ahead, "Anyways, we're eating upstairs if that's ok with you girls. The staff sort of-"

"Zayn?" I asked as I stopped him.

Zayn spun around, confused, "Whats wrong?"

Julia and Mia stopped walking along with us and they stared straight at me. I sunk my shoulders and began to freak out.

"I-I-Um..." I stammered for an answer, "Um...You know how you said if I wanted to hook up with one of the boys in the band?"

Zayn's eyes glittered, "Yes?"

I shuffled my feet on the vinyl, "I sorta do..."

"Doesn't everyone?" Julia giggled.

"Who is it?" Mia queried. 

Zayn flashed a huge smile. He seemed relieved in someway, "Yes, who is it?"

I bit my lip, "Um... It's... Um..."


"Um... It's...Um..."

Chelsea's answer stuck in her throat like glue. It couldn't seem to come out. Mia was starting to get impatient, she wanted her food.

Julia hissed, "Spit it out!"

"Its Louis, Louis Tomlinson."


I cleared my throat, "Really? Are you sure?"

"Of course she's sure!" Julia cried.

Chelsea frowned, "What do you mean  'Are you sure'? I think I am because I know when I like someone..."

I couldn't help but smile. It made me look like a total idiot but I couldn't stop.

"Zayn, it's obvious..." Mia said.

"It's just... Chelsea... Louis likes you too..."


"It's just... Chelsea... Louis likes you too..."

I felt like collapsing. Was Zayn joking or was he seriously serious? Mia squealed and nudged me a time too many. My head pounded and I peeped a tiny, "What?"

"He likes you Chelsea!" Julia whispered, "But I don't know if he's going to ask you out or not..."

"He had just admitted to me that he likes you!" Zayn added.

I felt... overwhelmed, stunned, confused... different. Louis Tomlinson from One Direction LIKED ME. I couldn't speak at all. I finally breathed a small, "Wow.."

Zayn beamed with happiness, "Yep! C'mon! Let's go upstairs, Niall's probably getting overly impatient!"

"SO AM I!" Mia snapped.

I followed Zayn upstairs, along with Mia and Julia. The flight of stairs seemed to take forever. But as soon as I reaches the final step, I looked over at Louis.

He looked back at me.

He smiled.

I smiled.

The world finally seemed to balance itself...
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