Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


2. H-Hi Guys...




I woke up at the crack of dawn, freaking out. Time? Jeez, four am! I had been waking up all night, totally interrupting me of THE BEST dreams of the boys. A couple include Louis pulling me close and kissing me passionately. Another Harry taking me out to dinner and then feeding me grapes. Then I had the WEIRDEST dream of Zayn and I walking down the street and the rest boys show upstart singing "Gotta Be You" backwards? I'm not sure about that but it was DEFINITELY WIERD! 


My mum started to shake me, waking me up, "Chelsea!" she cried, "Wake up! We gotta get going to the lunch!"  


I groaned and rose to stumble over to my wardrobe. I pulled out my favorite clothes. I slipped on my really-cute jeans (with sequins sewed on around the ends of the legs), white singlet, an able to layer lace top that had a rainbow-colored pattern (that screamed "MAGIC" all over it) and cute little ballet slip-ons with little sequins jewels glued on the toe-end of the shoes. Perfect... oh! And not to forget, an awesome black headband with sequin jewels glued on it! Adorably perfect!


I walked out of my room and my mum looked at me and smiled, "Aw, you look adorable! One of the boys in One Direction are SURE to pick you up!"


"Mu-um! Not now, please?" I moaned. 


"Ahem, I'm sorry Chels, I don't care HOW cute that stupid One Direction are in person, none of them are touching my little cupcake!" My dad laughed as he packed a sandwich into a backpack.


I punched him playfully and frowned, "THEY ARE NOT STUPID! THEY ARE SIMPLY AMAZAYN, PHENOMINIALL, FABLOUIS, BRILLIAM AND EXTRODINHARRY!" I screamed. I soon calmed down, "Guys, you have to promise me YOUR NOT going to tell ANY SINGLE SOUL OR BODY about my meeting with... oh my gosh... One Direction... later today. My life would shatter..." 


Jack's (my brother) face dropped, "Oh... Whoops... sorry..."


My face enraged with fury, "JACK!" Jack crackled into laughter, "I'm just joking, Chels! I won't tell anyone, I swear!"


After a few jokes and a few cheesy pick up lines Jack told me to use and my late breakfast we were finally off to the lunch. I had already packed my phone, (to take EXCELLENT shots with the boys and I and to exchange numbers) a laminated picture that I would like them to personally sign for me and a carrot. We soon got to the lunch, which will be utterly boring. 


"Chelsea, darling, look how grown up you are!" a lady cried as she ran over to me.  


I smiled and waved, I wasn't the best at remembering names, "Hi..."


My mum mouthed the words, "Jacqueline," and I instantly remembered, "JACQUELINE!" I cried as I hugged her.


After all of the meet and greets, I walked over to the swings and sat down. I swung on the seat and a girl sat next to me. She had shoulder-length mouse-brown hair, a fair complexion and freckles. She wore an "I Love 1D" t-shirt, some jeans and sneakers. She definitely seemed my age, maybe a tad younger.


"Hey! A Directioner!" she cried as she looked at my wrist, I had forgotten to take my wristbands off... "Vas Happenin? I'm Tiffany, who do you fancy?"


I smiled, "Hi! I'm Chelsea! Well... I really like all of them... but Louis is like a diamond in the rough. He really stands out."


She winked, "I agree, but I love Zayn... he's adorable! So, you going to the concert?"


"No... I didn't get any tickets, I cried for ages, but I'm-" I stopped my self, I wouldn't want to blurt out my meeting with One Direction to some random, "-um, totally entering any challenge to get to go!" 


The girl sniffed, "Either did I, there's SO many dedicated directioners! But my parents are trying to do EVERYTHING..." she paused and looked up into the sky, "My... um... sister and I love them, she said to me one day that we'll go to the concert and hopefully meet them... but... she was diagnosed a couple a weeks ago from cancer..."


I felt a pang of guilt, she seemed like a really nice girl then life had to come along and say 'I'm going to take your sister soon', "Oh! I'm... err... really sorry... If anyone deserves tickets it's you."


Her face brightened, "Hey, thanks, thats really sweet! Maybe we can be friends? I only just moved here..."


I nodded, "Yeah, sure! You seem really nice! What's your number?"


We soon exchanged numbers and started talking about our one-and-only, One Direction. It turns out that Tiffany was coming to my school, which totally rocked! Tiffany REALLY DID have an interest in Zayn, she talked about him almost 24/7.


"Wouldn't it be awesome if we were chosen to go out with them!" Tiffany cried, "Dibs Zayn!"


I nodded and smiled, "I. Would. Die."


"WHOA! Your popular!" My ringtone yelled. I pulled it out of my pocket and it read "Louis Tomlinson". I looked at Tiffany who was busy peering over,


"Oh... um, I name my friends after some celebs, so it looks like I've got heaps of famous numbers when your strolling through my contacts!" I lied, "Sorry I REALLY have to take this, my friend said she was going to call me with something important..."


Tiffany grinned and flicked me off, "Go ahead! I'll be here for a while depending on how long my brothers party goes for."


I thanked her, got up from the swing, walked away and answered the phone just in time,




"Hey, Chelsea! It's Louis..." Louis' voice said as I walked over to a bench. 


I smiled, "Hello Louis!" I lowered my voice. "Oh, I am glad to hear your voice again!"


"Oh you are a charmer, aren't you!" he chuckled as I heard him close a door. 


I shrugged, "I try to be..."


"Ask her if she's coming to the radio thingy today!" Harry whispered.


I laughed, "Hi Harry."


Harry groaned, "Ears like a bat, you have!" 


"So? Are you coming?" Louis asked with a hint of suspicion. 


"I dunno, do you want me to come?" I asked cheekily.


Louis oohed, "Playing hard to get now, are we? I can always get another girl-"


 "-No! I mean, no... that wouldn't be necessary..." I grinned.


"I thought so!" Harry cried.


Suddenly, somebody burst into the room on the other line, most likely would be Liam, Zayn and Niall.


"They... are... everywhere..." Zayn huffed.


"I have... no idea... how were going to... get to the car..." Liam panted.


"You DO KNOW that we can go out the back exit?" Harry laughed.


Niall sighed and then perked up, "Hang on, Is that Chelsea on the line?"


I pulled the phone away from my ear when Liam, Zayn and Niall yelled, "Vas Happenin, Chelsea?!"


I giggled, "Hey guys!"


"Ah, so your Louis' secret admirer!" Zayn exclaimed, whom he then got slapped by somebody... most likely Louis.


"Oh, shut up Zayn! Go look in the mirror!" Louis hushed.


"Ooh, burn!" Niall laughed.


"Look at Louis' face! He's getting as red as a tomato!" Liam cooed as he burst into laughter, as well as the other lads.


"Ok... Well..." Harry said in between laughed, "See you later... Chelsea..."


"We're just about to leave," Niall informed, "And I hope we can meet you soon! Drive safely!"


"Ok, boys! See you boys later! I'm totally fangirling inside!" I said, rather louder then necessary,


"Bye!" Louis laughed, "You sure can hide it! Goodbye, Chelsea!"


"See you, Chelsea!" the rest of the boys said in unison.


I hung up and sighed. I ran over to Tiffany and sat back down, "Sorry," I apologized fixing my hair, "My friend... um... had important news to tell me..."


Tiffany cocked her head to one side, "What is it?"


I tried to think of a reasonable explanation, "Oh... I'd rather not say... it's pretty private..."


"Oh! Well... Sorry! I better not be "invading your privacy"!" Tiffany laughed.


We talked for a bit before my mum called me, "Chels! Honey! The lunch is about to start!"


I groaned and looked at Tiffany, "Sorry Tiffany, gotta go... mum calls..."


"It's ok! I'm about to leave soon anyways, the party's finished. I can't wait to see you at school, maybe we should catch up someday?" Tiffany shrugged. 

I nodded, "Yeah totally! Well, see you round, Tiffany Malik!" I winked and I got up from the swing.


"Same, Chelsea Tomlinson! Bye!" she called and then walked off.


The lunch seemed to drag on FOREVER and I just got a glimpse of Tiffany leaving the park. She seemed REALLY nice, AND PLUS she was coming to my school! All I had was a sausage... or two, some potato salad and hot chips. One of the mum's offered me some risotto (which looked like it had just been bathed in mud, yuk!), but I nicely passed it down. If I wasn't eating, I was either texting Niall or Louis, getting hair-pulled by younger kids or just staring off into space. Before the lunch ended, we had to leave early. Mum said it was "to visit a friend and drop something off" but no, it was way more. I WAS GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION, THE HOTTEST BOY BAND ALIVE! The drive seemed as though it felt three hours away. I think that the freeway seemed congested in my mind then what it seemed in reality. But it probably was. When we arrived, I almost died. Fans blocked the entrance and Niall had told me to use to back entrance. We drove around the back and a security guard stopped us.


"Name?" he asked my mother (whom was driving) as he scribbled on a clipboard. 


"Oh... um... we're here for-" my mother started.


"-Name?" the security guard pestered.  "Karen Fletcher," my mother replied.


He shook his head, "I have received no name of the sort. Turn back around and don't try to sneak your directioner daughter back in again..." I then put down the window and frowned,


"Hey! Your looking for me, Chelsea Fletcher. Louis Tomlinson called me personally yesterday!" 


He shook his head, "I'm gonna need to see some ID..."


"Hey, Sam, let the poor girl in, please?" a familiar mature voice asked.


I looked over and there stood...




...walking over to the security guard,


"Hey," he said as he saw me peering through the window, "You just be Chelsea, right? I'm Liam..."


I whispered a small, "I know..."


Liam turned to face my mum, "Hey Mrs Fletcher! Just park over there in that vacant spot, that would do just nicely thanks!"


My mum was almost speechless, "O-Ok..." she stuttered.


We soon parked the car and I hopped out, I walked over to Liam and he was the first to give me a hug, "It's so nice to meet you! The boys are upstairs, but first you have to introduce me to your family!"


I nodded and waved my hand to my dad, "This is my dad, Ian. This is my mum, Karen and this is my little brother, Jack."


Liam shook hands with all of them, "It's nice to meet you guys! And it's so nice to be in Australia! Anyways, let's go upstairs, shall we?"


He graciously opened the door for us, what a gentlemen. No wonder they call him "Daddy Directioner".  We walked in and around a corner to the elevator. I saw girls screaming and banging on the window, but luckily we ducked around the corner before they saw us. Liam pressed the "up" arrow and the lift almost instantly opened. We all crammed inside and started going up. When the doors opened, cameras shot pictures then moved away. We hustled out and then Liam grabbed my hand. We ran over to the recording box and stood next to the controls. 


I heard overhead Jules' voice, "And we'll be right back with more One Direction and a lucky guest! Stay tuned!" 


Louis looked over to me and his face brightened. He gave me a short wave and I waved back. The boys soon noticed and waved to me. I burst into laughter, this is possibly one of the best days of my life. 



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