Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


24. Hero?



Lux didn't know how to swim. 

She barely knew how to talk. 


As the boys frantically looked for baby Lux, I looked in the kitchen. I stared out of the window above the sink and there she walked, heading straight to the open pool. I screamed as I ran around the corner and out of the kitchen. My heart pumped as I ran, calling out Lux's name to stop. 


She didn't, And she fell straight in.


I thought the worse, but without thinking, jumped in to save her. I jumped further into the water then Lux, greatful I didn't crush her. As the bubbles cleared, Lux floated there, swinging her arms about, her mouth wide open. It only took twenty seconds for a child to drown, but I rose to the surface for air. I snatched a mouthful of air and dived back down to the deeper end. Lux was sinking and I swam as fast as I could. I scooped her up in my arms and swam quickly to the surface again. I gasped for air and Lux coughed rapidly. I stroked her hair and swam slowly over to the edge where the boys were waiting and Lou, off of the phone to my mum. I handed her to Harry and breathed in and out as slow as I possibly could. She was alright, which made me sigh in relief. I clambered onto the wet concreate and breathed for air. 


I just saved her life. I just saved Lux Teasedale's life.


My heart beat slowed but VERY slowly. My mind raced a hundred miles and hour and I coughed up some water. Louis bent beside me and stroked my damp hair.


"She's ok," he whispered.


I nodded, breathless for words. As soon as I thought I could stand, I grabbed Louis' hand and he hauled me up. Lou wrapped her arms around me and cried into my shoulder. 


"Thank you! Thank you! Chelsea, thank you!" she pled, gripping me tightly.


"It's fine," I coughed, squeezing the chlorine water from my hair, "No problem!"


I made my way over to Lux, cradled in Harry's arms. I patted her head and laughed, "Your a daredevil child, aren't you?" 


Mia and Julia came rushing down stairs in panic. We calmed them and explained the whole scenario. I was classified as a hero, but I didn't want to be. Anyone could have saved Lux, really. I didn't know why people had to get so worked up about it.


Sooner or later, Lux and I were cleaned up. I got dressed into some ripped denim shorts, a light blue t-shirt and a white knit cardigan. I sat on the couch with my arms around my knees, wrapped in a king sized duvet and a hot water bottle resting between my legs and my stomach. I was going to get a cold, but I didn't care. Lux was alright and that's what mattered. Lou and Lux left after a while and I sat on the couch sniffling. Louis appeared out of no where and held a teaspoon of something or rather.


"Drink it," he ordered.


I stared at the tablespoon of medicine and chuckled, "I'd rather not, it looks like urine."



The others laughed and I pursed my lips together, "C'mon, Chels! Come on!" Louis chanted.


"No!" I cried as I turned my head away, "I'm fine, really!"


Louis lowered his eye lids and shook his head, "No, no your not. Open wide, Chelsea! Here comes the medicine express! Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, CHOOO CHOOO!"


He quickly stuffed the teaspoon into my mouth and the medicine slipped down my throat. It tasted terrible... but I wasn't going to complain. It WAS going to help me, in the littlest way possible.


"We'll try and get some tablets down at the shops instead of syrup," Liam re-assured, "So you don't have to take THAT every day..."


I stared up at the clock, it was almost one. There wasn't much left to the day, but I wanted to get out of the bachelor pad and do SOMETHING. I didn't really care if I was sick, I just wanted to get out and do something.


"Can we do something?" I whispered to Louis.


Louis smiled, "What would you like to do?"


"How do I know? I've only been in London for about a day!" I chucked.


His soft fingers combed through my hair, "Think of something, and get back to me. You girls ARE the guests, you know."


I thought hard and strong while I listened to the groups conversations. The voices were muffled over my intense thinking, but I soon thought of an idea... "Is there a local park?"I asked, "Cause I'd love to have a picnic!"


Louis nodded and leapt off of the couch, "Already on it!" 


Fifteen minutes or so past and Louis emerged out of the kitchen with a picnic basket and other objects, "Everyone! LISTEN UP!"


We all turned to Louis who was busy trying to get out attention. When he was satistified, he began, "Liam, give me a beat!"


Liam smiled and began beat-boxing. Louis nodded his head to the beat and started to rap, 


Listen up,

Sandwiches, Salad, Stawberries galore

I have food because I'm not poor

Picnics are fun

Out in the sun 

We go down to the park where to you can run, run, run

And hey-oh

Let's play some football

All day we can run with the ball till we reach the mall

Sunlight on your face,

Liam's a big chace,

He was nominated for the Olympics so that's no disgrace

Flower power

All around ya

Picnics are fun

When you have a snazzy car




To be honest, I don't know what that was... but it was pretty good. We all clapped slowly but Louis took it in his stride and bowed. Liam joined him for beat boxing and bowed aswell. They acted like they had just won an Oscar or something... So, when we all settled down, we headed our to garage. It was fairly dim and I almost tripped over something I couldn't name. The light flickered on and I almost screamed. There, collecting dust, sat four very snazzy cars. Louis' car, Harry's, Zayn's car and lastly... Liam's car. They were all just... dazzling. They sat there waiting to be driven... but of course we couldn't take a ride in them. We couldn't all fit. But there was one more car. On the very far left sat the most legendary of cars... the orange and white Volkswagen Camper Van, fit for five boys and three girls. It brought back so many good memories. We all headed over to it and I traced my fingers around the side-veiw mirrors. I worked my way to the front and traced around the Volkswagen logo. All the times came rushing back to me in a flash. The rehearsal, Luna Park, St. Kilda Beach, Nando's... I sighed as the flashbacks drifted away. It had been half a year... I still couldn't believe it had been that long. 


"You alright babe?" 


I spun around and smiled at Lou, "Yeah, I couldn't be better."


He stepped closer to the van and tapped it, "Whats on your mind?"


"Everything," I replied, "All of the memories..."


I looked down to my chest and grasped hold of the L necklace. I grinned at Louis and then headed into the passenger seat. Louis took the wheel and the rest piled into the back. After the garage door opened up, Louis pulled out and down the road. I layed back and searched my purse for a butter menthol or something. I quickly unraveled the paper and popped the last one into my mouth. R.I.P. by Rita Ora played and in the back all of the boys broke into song. Typical, I thought. 


Louis pulled up at the park minutes later. It was beautiful! Lush green grass was flowing to the gentle breeze and the ponds we're flocked with ducks. A park lay just ahead and the boys, Mia and Julia scrambled out and headed straight for it. Liam offered to stay behind with Louis and I and help with the picnic baskets and so forth. We set our little picnic setting underneath the shade of a nice oak tree. We called over the group and settled down for lunch. We had a group of songs play through an on-the-go speaker brought by Niall which was helpful. Louis had really outdone him self with the sandwiches, they were delicious! After I had finished lunch, I was stuffed. I couldn't eat anymore after I only ate two sandwiches. I looked over to Louis and smiled. He smiled back, bread stuck between his teeth. I burst into laughter and sighed after I had done. The rest ran off though I didn't know who stayed behind exactly. I didn't want to run around, I felt tired again. Curse my stupid jet lag! I closed my eyes and collapsed onto the grass, staring up through the leaves and branches at the sky. 


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