Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


41. Help Me... Please...



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Harry's hands gripped tightly around the wheel as we travelled down an endless road. Describe the trip in one word? Silent. I couldn't breathe a word and I couldn't help but run my bony fingers up and down my scars, in hope they might disappear. I had made such a stupid mistake and I wanted to take it back so badly. Harry's eyes drifted off the road and flickered to my wrist. Being me, I pulled my jacket sleeve down to cover them up, "Thank you..." I breathed a few minutes later.

There was nothing from Harry, only the soft voices crackling through the radio, "For what?" Harry asked.

"For everything. Taking me here, supporting me..." I replied, entwining my fingers with his.

How are you doing this? Your soul mate is Louis...

Shut up conscious! Harry is the only woken who cares about me at the moment! Louis is just stuck in his own world, hating my guts! Get. That. In. Your. Head!

It doesn't work like that...

I pushed all thoughts out of my head and shook my head violently. It does for me! Leave me alone! You've been really a pain in the ass lately! Harry glanced at me, not sure what I had gotten into. I managed a small smile and turned up the radio a tiniest bit. I leaned back into my chair and my eyelids fluttered closed, drifting off into a light sleep...


* *


I woke up on a very comfortable couch to the sound of hushed voices. I say up and stretched, yawning quite loudly, "Where am I...?" I muttered, scratching the back of my head. Lux soon scrambled through the doorway, trod sling her way over to me, "Chels! Chels!" She cried as I wrapped my arms around her small body and lifted her up onto my knee. Harry and Lou soon poked their heads around the door way and smiled, "I see you're up!"

"And so's Lux!" I exclaimed, poking her stomach making her giggle, "How long have I been asleep?"

"Half an hour since you've arrived." Lou replied, sitting down next to me, "Are you feeling alright?"

"Just a little tired..." I yawned, patting Lux's head, "How are you going, Lux?"

She nodded, not completely understanding how to talk yet. I laughed and Harry scoured her up, sending her crazy. Lux absolutely adored Harry; she alway has. She pulled on his curls that were more messier then usual and Harry gasped, sending Lux into a laughing fit. "How about you take Lux outside, Harry?" Lou suggested, raising an eyebrow.

Harry agreed and gave me a thumbs up before disappearing out to the garden with Lux. Lou shot me a smile, "Chelsea... Are you ok?"

My lip trembled but I wearily avoided spilling my heart out, "I'm good, I'm good."

Lou shook her head, "Chelsea, you don't have to do that. I know it's hard but please tell me the truth. Right now, I'm your mother."

I took a deep breath in, "I self harmed. I-I-I self harmed after I did a terrible mistake. A mistake I want to take back now. Louis said I've ruined the band I now I'm starting to believe it. And now management is bossing me around and changed everything. Coming to London, I knew it was a bad idea. My mother even warned me. But now, I can't even go back to Australia because I have to for and it's all too much! I don't know that to do!" The tears spilled down my face and I couldn't stop crying. I had done a terrible thing without knowing and know my life is a mess.


Tell me with your mind, body and spirit 

I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British 

Whether we're together or apart 

We can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start


Lou extended her arms out and wrapped them around me. She has a warm, motherly embrace that I longed for from my own mother. She soon pulled away and patted my shoulder, "Don't self harm, sweetie. As much as you might think it will relive the emotional pain, it will just make things worse. It's will become addictions and then everything won't go down well."

I nodded, taking in every word of advice Lou had to offer. She was right, she was the closest mother I had at that moment. She was a mother herself, and she had to get ready for this moment too when Lux would be my age. Lux of course would be the best of friends with the boys, but she'd know never to a heartbreaking mistake like I did.


* * *


I sat with Harry silently on the ride home, nothing audible besides our deep breathing. I had flicked down the visor and dabbed my cheekbones with tissues. My slight mascara had smudged from my pathetic crying and I wanted to clean up my face as well as my act. I soon was happy with my look and slumped back into my seat. I sat quietly and felt a small touch on my wrist. Harry's fingers danced across my wrist, pressing his fingertips softly onto my scars. I bit my lip, he was the only one who knew. He was the only one who understood me. I... I loved him. Not in the fake relationship way, but in a brotherly feel. I felt that he was so close to me.

We soon returned home and I walked through the door. Julia walked up to me and pouted, "Hey! Where have you been, miss?"

I was going to pull the old "I'm fine" trick, but my friends knew me too well. I glanced at Harry and he nodded. I clenched my hand around Julia's and searched through the house for Mia. I finally found her sitting peacefully outside and I pulled her into the bathroom.

"What do you want?" Mia asked, clearly concerned.

I flickered my eyes to Julia who had her eyes glued to something. I followed her gaze and saw that she had her hand just below the scars. She looked up at me, her face smeared with worry for me. I drew away from them both and hid my wrist away from them.

"You... You didn't tell us that you did that? Why? Why aren't you telling us anything? We're your best friends, Chels..." Julia asked in a slightly arrogated tone.

I breathed in, "I'm sorry... I couldn't bear the pain. I thought you guys would judge me, I never though that I would end up being so depressed as I am now."

"Don't do it, Chels! Please!" Mia pleaded, "It will just get worse, you belong with Louis, babe."

"I know I belong with Louis..." I murmured, wiping my eyelids, "But Louis doesn't belong with me."

Both of the girls wrapped their arms around me and pulled me in for a group hug. I spoke with the girls and they give me some friendly advise, as best friends do. I was so thankful for them, sometimes being stuck with the boys is never as good as being with the girls.

I soon exited the bathroom with my sister and Zayn greeted us, and eyebrow raised and a smirk, "What were you girls doing in there?"

Mia laughed, "Make up!" She exclaimed, a lie just between us girls and Harry, "Want some, Zayney-poo?"

Us girls giggled loudly and Zayn rolled his eyes, "No thank you, last time I checked I was a boy. Hey girls, come outside! The weather right now is perfect! Weird for London, hey?"

I nodded and strutted through the hallway with my friends. I peered into the the lounge room and saw Harry, his eyes glued to music channel. I leaned on the doorframe and waved him over, "Harry Edward Styles, what are you doing on such a fine day?"

He looked surprised that I was in such a cheery mood, "Watching TV, checking out the latest acts."

I rolled my eyes, "We'll stop perving on Jessie J and get outside!" I sprinted over to him, grabbed his arm and dragged him outside. I watched as Harry plonked down in a seat next to Louis and grinned, "Hey mate!"

Instead of a hello back, Harry received a dirty look of disapproval, packing up one of Zayn's marvel comics and standing up abruptly. He slowly walked away and towards me where he whispered harshly in my ear,

"I just cleared a spot so you could sit next to your bloody boyfriend, go take it."

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