Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


4. Getting To Know One Another


LOUIS POV: All of the boys sat down and Chelsea scoured for a place to sit. 


"Here," I ushered, "You can sit in between Harry and I..."


Chelsea nodded, "Ok, sure Louis!"


She came and sat down next to me, her beautiful eyes gleaming. 


"So..." Chelsea mumbled...


"Cookies!" Niall cried as he stared at the plate of appetizers on the coffee table.


"What? No!" Liam cried.


"So... erm... How long have you been a directioner?" Harry asked.


Chelsea shrugged, "Oh... well... I don't know an absolute time and date, but I remember listening to "What Makes You Beautiful" and instantly fell in love with it. I did some research and I became a directioner!" 


I nodded, "That's pretty reasonable, did you watch X-Factor?"


"I watched the Australian one!" Chelsea laughed, "We have some pretty good talent over here..."


Zayn nodded, "Oh yeah! Gotye, Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue... just to name a few..."


Liam's lip curved up into a smile, "What about you, Chelsea?"


Chelsea's face went a little pale, "I-I can dabble..."


Harry's interest instantly perked up, "Dancing? Acting? *cough* Flirting *cough*? What about SINGING?"


She bit her lip, "Well, I don't think I'm THAT good..."


"Chelsea! You HAVE to sing... please?" Niall begged.


"SING! SING! SING!" I chanted as the boys then joined in .


"Ok, OK! I'll sing..." Chelsea whispered horsely, 


"What is it gonna be?" Zayn queeried.


"Um... well I'm going to sing..." Chelsea stammered for an answer.


Harry rose an eyebrow, "What? What! Spit it out!"


Chelsea grabbed her scull and nearly pulled her hair out, "I dunno!"


"What about one of our songs?" Liam suggested.


"More Than This? No... Um, what about Moments? Maybe... What Makes You Beautiful... Yep! It's WMYB!" Chelsea stated.


"Ok," Harry grinned, "When your ready..."


Chelsea breathed in and rose up from her seat. Niall picked up the guitar and smiled, "Tell me when, I'll start...". She nodded and Niall played the opening tune. She definitely seemed nervous... who wouldn't be? Chelsea then opened her mouth and began to sing...


Your insecure 

 Don't know what for 

 Your turning heads when you walk through the do-oo-or 


I lifted my chin up as if fell to the ground, CHELSEA HAD THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL! If we were to get a new band member, it's Chelsea!


Harry then joined in, 


 Every else in the room can see it... 

 Every else but you-ou... 


I tapped Harry gently and rose my finger to my lips, indicating that I wanted to hear Chelsea sing only. She breathed in and looked over at me,


 Baby you light up my world like nobody else 

 The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed 

 And when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell 

 You don't know, o-oh, you don't know your beautiful... 


That's where Chelsea decided to stop, but I nearly got on my knees and begged for more. The room was silent for a few seconds and then she received a standing ovation. Chelsea bowed and sat down in between Harry and I.


"That was amazing! You've got a lovely voice!" Liam cried,


"Aswell as angelic!" Zayn added.


"-And delicious!" Niall winked.


She started to blush madly and wiped the sweat off of her brow, "Thanks guys, I don't really sing to many people so your a first..."


I looked into her eyes, "Well, we're lucky then!" 


She nodded, "Yes, yes you are, I hardly ever sing to my PARENTS..."


"Are we, like, the first ones or something?" Zayn chuckled.


"No, but it's a rare occasion to hear me sing," Chelsea corrected.


"You have a totally fantastic voice," I said giving a shy smile, "You should totally do some vocals or something for the next album!"





You should totally do some vocals or something for the next album...


The words echoed in my head. Did Louis William Tomlinson totally just say that? I stammered for an answer and Niall noticed this.


"Oh my gosh, yes!" he said as his face brightened, "That would be awesome! Your singing can mix in perfectly with our voices!"


My tounge rolled around in my mouth for an answer, "Y-Yeah! I've always wanted to make my album, but to record with you boys would be even better!"


"What do you think boys? Should Chelsea join us on the album?" Liam asked the boys.


Harry reached across and playfully punched Louis, "Yes, but only if she does a duet with Lou!" 


Louis slapped his back and grinned, "Shut up!"


"Zayn?" Liam queeried.


"Oh yes! Great voice by the way!"


  Liam nodded with approvement, "It's settled! Chelsea shall do some vocals on the next album!"


I fizzed with excitement and peeped out a tiny scream, "Oh my gosh, thank you so much! You boys truly make dreams come true!" 


Louis winked, "That's what we do sweetheart!"


"All in favor of making an AWESOME album with the AWESOME Chelsea, say I!" Liam announced.


"I!" We all yelled. I grabbed my phone, I had to take some pictures before its too late!


"Hey guys, can I take some pictures?" I asked as I got my phone ready, "I want to remember this moment forever!" 


"Sure," Zayn shrugged, "Selfies time!"


"Wait a second, who will take the photo?" I asked. 


As if on cue, my brother burst into the room. "Hey guys!" he said slyly, "You wanted a camera man?"


I slapped my forehead, "Boys, meet my annoying yet adorable little brother..."


"Hey!" Jack shrieked, "It's not ADORABLE!"


Zayn rolled his eyes and rubbed Jacks hair, "Hey Jack, I'm Zayn!"


Jack shoved him off, "I know who you are, my sister has posters of ALL of you ALL around her room!"


I blushed and handed Jack the camera, "Shut up Jack, now would you mind taking a photo for me?"


Jack raised an eyebrow, "What's in it for me?"


"Oh come on, bro!" I groaned.


"You DID offer," Louis stated as he rested on my shoulder, "Remember the 'Hey guys! You wanted a camera man'?" 


Jack positioned the camera, "C'mon then! We don't have all day!"


Everyone cuddled in for a photo that I was going to print out, place it in a frame and set it on my bedside table! Louis planted his lips on my cheek and I burst into laughter. Jack took the photo and we all giggled afterwards. I looked at the shot, it was perfect! 


"That's so cute!" Harry laughed, "Hey, look at Louis!"


"We need individual shots!" Niall cried.


Zayn nodded and grabbed the phone, "Your right, Niall! Here, you stand next to Chels and I'll take the photo..."


"Aw, thanks Zayn!" I thanked as I gave him a quick hug


. I stood next to Niall as he and I smiled. It was a great shot and said I loved it. Niall then took the phone and took a photo with Zayn and I. It was magic! I then got next to Harry. I held a strand of his curly hair making Harry look up with the weirdest look, causing me to laugh again. Next it was Liam. Liam gave a quick grin and so did I, making my face brighten. Lastly, I trotted over to Louis who was busy chatting to my brother. I gave him my carrot which I had been saving.


"Here," I whispered (for no reason at all), "A carrot, just for you..."


Louis gave me a funny look, "Oh my goodness, you don't know how many of these I get everyday! Yet, no one has given me a lambourgini!"


I shook my head, "Good luck with that!"


"But I think this carrot is special..." Louis said quietly, his blue eyes glittering.


Why was this guy so unbelievably adorable?


"Hey! Can we talk later? We've got a photo, remember?" Niall hurried.


I jumped into life and apologized, "Sorry Nialler!"


Louis placed the carrot in his mouth and I burst into laughter, but then wrapping my arms around him. I grinned madly, it was too hard to cover up my happiness. Niall took the photo and winked, "Lovely!" Jack left after the photos, apparently it was getting "too boring". Humph, brothers... We sat back down on the couches and chatted for a while. I remember getting out the laminated picture that all of the boys signed.


Louis wrote:  Thanks for being such a great directioner and I can't wait to do some vocals with you for the new album! Louis xx


Liam wrote: It was lovely meeting you today, excited about the new album! Can't wait!  - Liam James Payne :) Ps. You've got a great voice!


Zayn wrote: Hey Chels, thanks for being awesomely talented. You've got such an angelic voice which will totally make albums later in life! Keep your head up and follow your dreams! Your Bradford Bad Boi, Zayn


Harry wrote: Great meeting you Chelsea, can't wait for the album! *insert fangirl scream here* You are such a beautiful girl! Keep loving music! Hazza x <3


Niall wrote: You are so lovely, it was a great pleasure meeting you! Your such an amazing person, keep doing what your doing! - Nialler PS. We'll stay in touch ;) PPS. I like Nando's!


I exchanged numbers with the rest of the boys and checked up on my texts. I nearly choked, they were all from Mia...


4:57p.m. where r u answer me plz xx


5:09p.m. where the flack r u? y wont u answer my texts and calls?




5:30p.m. answer me! i need an explanation!


"Who's... Mia Horan?" Niall chuckled.


"Oh, she's just a friend... she's a directioner too... and she's going to be the death of me!" I shrieked.


"Why?" Harry and Zayn asked in unison.


"I didn't really tell anyone, except my family, and by judging by her texts, she heard me on the radio..." I said horsely.


It hurt me inside, lying to my best friend, but now she's going to put all that hurt aside and PUNCH THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME!


"Call her," Harry urged, "Is she hot?"


"Harry! I thought you loved me!" Louis cried and broke out into a fake sob, "But call her anyways..."


"Ok..." I stammered and I hit call. It seemed as though it was the longest wait for someone to answer their phone ever, even if Mia answered almost instantly.


  "CHELSEA! WHAT THE HELL HAVE-" Mia screamed but she was cut short-


"-HI MIA!" they all yelled, causing me to flinch.


There was a long pause and Mia finally whispered, "Is that actually them?"


"Yeah-huh," I replied.


There was an even longer pause and Mia screamed for a bit and I hushed her, "Keep it cool... Mia, no fangirling..."


Mia breathed in and out like she was having an asthma attack, "Oh-my-god, ok... no fangirling, HI BOYS!"


"Hey Mia, It's Louis Tomlinson!" Louis announced.


"Liam Payne or Liam, for short!"


"Vas Happenin? It's ZAYN MALIK!"


"Harry, Harry Styles, youngest of the boys..."


"And Niall James Horan!"


Mia gave a small sigh of happiness at the end, "Oh my gosh, you are just... I can't believe-" but then her mood snapped, "-Hold up! What exactly are you doing with One Direction in the first place, Chelsea Fletcher... hmm? You need to explain every little detail..."


The boys and I explained everything, but it wasn't easy. Mia just HAD to KEEP asking QUESTIONS, some we couldn't answer ourselves. But then, she finally understood.


"You are so giving me their numbers, Chelsea..." Mia instructed, "After all you did to me."


 "It wasn't my fault!" I cried, "I didn't want to leak anything that might come into a fake story! The paparazzi and directioners have been crowding the studios ever since I got here. I didn't want to end up on the front page the next day with they big heading "Love Within the Boy Band?" or something..."


I felt like crying, I felt horrible lying to Mia, and you can tell she was really ticked off. Tears swelled in my eyes and I grabbed a tissue, "I'm r-really s-s-sorry Mia...". Both Louis and Harry put an arm around me and I gave a weak smile and mouthed 'thanks'. They nodded in approval.


"Mia," Liam began, "Please don't be mad at your best friend. I'd hate to break it to you, but Chelsea's right, it would've gotten out of hand and out of control,"


Mia sighed, "I know your right, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so cruel. It's just when I heard Chelsea's voice on the radio, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I-I was shocked."


Niall bit his lip, "How would some backstage passes sound? To the Melbourne concert in two days time?" 


"OH-MY-GOD! Yes please!" Mia screeched.


"We'll just have to talk to Paul, and others, and the tickets are yours!" Zayn exclaimed.


The rest of us talked some more but then we soon had to hang up on Mia. Mia thanked me for calling and I hang up. The rest of us talked some more but then Paul walked in.


"Sorry Chelsea, but the boys have a busy schedule..." Paul apologized.


Liam walked over to Paul and explained that I would be receiving one sound check pass, three backstage passes and three concert tickets. That was quickly arranged and Paul handed them to me.


"Thanks so much!" I cried.


"No problem, I'm really sorry but the boys have to get going-" Paul stated.


"-Hey, it's ok, I had a lovely time!" I interrupted.


"That's the good thing!" Louis added.


We all made out final goodbyes and the boys left, disappearing around a corner. I felt lonely, but I remember I had photos and their phone numbers, so I could always call them again. I left too, along with my family of course and started our drive back home. I flicked through the photos and my mother asked, "So, how was your day?"


I grinned and stated at the group photo,


"Only the best day ever!"




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