Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


10. Getting Ready For Dinner...

After Luna Park, we piled our teddy bears and power-rangers into the van and grabbed our beach stuff. We closed the van door and Louis grabbed my hand.

"Last one to the beach buys dinner!" Louis cried.

Before I knew it, Louis almost jolted my arm out of its socket as we ran across the footpath together. We raced down to St Kilda Beach, where we all collapsed into the warm sand.

"Ah, this is the life...." Niall sighed.

"This warmth is so good!" Julia grinned.

"SAND ANGELS!" Louis cried as he started to make sand angels.

I slipped off my summer dress, revealing my purple and white bikini and board-shorts. Harry eyed me, causing me to slap his face... gently of course. 

Mia was next. She pulled down and off her shorts and singlet to reveal a nice, baby blue bikini.

Julia was last. She slipped off her plain white t-shirt which revealed a dark blue bikini and her shorts were already her swimwear. 

I stood up, one hand on my hip, "Who's up for a swim?"

"ME! ME! ME!" Niall exclaimed.

All of the boys pulled they're shirts off, and I felt like I was in heaven. They're chests we're like... the best thing I had ever seen! I decided to look away because I didn't want to look like a pervert or anything...! Louis strutted up to me, showing off his sexy body. 

"You coming in?" he asked.

I nodded slowly, I was lost for words. They all looked COMPLETELY hot.

We all stood at the edge of the sand, the cool water rushing over my feet.

"One... two... three... JUMP!" Liam cried. 

Julia, Mia and I dived into the freezing water, I slipped and falled in head first. I rose up from the waves and the boys hadn't jumped in at all. I squealed, grabbed Zayn's hand and pulled him under.

"MY HAIR!" Zayn screamed as he flicked water into my face.

"MY EYES!" I cried playfully as I grabbed a hand cup of water and poured it over him.

The other boys jumped in to join us. I swam off towards the deeper end, swimming to my hearts content. Zayn stood back, as he couldnt swim very well. It was amazing swimming with the boys. The cool water felt so good on the hot summers day. Julia laughed and joked with Harry and Liam and Mia splashed around with Niall and Zayn. Louis dragged me under and I did the same. What ever the boys did, I did back. But I had to be careful, I didn't want to drown a member of One Direction. How tragic would that be? After a while splashing about in the water, we climbed onto the sand and all laid down next to each other. We stared up at the wonderful sunset, a splash of orange, blue, white and yellow.

"The sunset is wonderful, isn't it?" I stated.

"I'm just loving this heat, we don't get ANY of this back in England-" Liam sighed.

"-Or Ireland!" Niall interrupted.

"That must be terrible!" Mia said.

Zayn stretched his legs, "It's sort of fair, I guess. You guys get warmth and we get coldness. We get snow, you get... um... no snow."

"You've got a point there," Julia agreed.

There was a small silence before Harry spoke up, "So, where we going for dinner?"

"I think it must be Chelsea, Mia and Julia's choice, she IS the guest!" Liam replied.

"We're not going to see them for a while again..." Louis sighed.

"...Or maybe even never again." Zayn finished.

I felt like bursting into tears. I didn't want to leave these boys, they were just so polite and wonderful... it would be heartbreaking to see them leave. I bit my lip to hold back the tears. I think Mia and Julia felt the same, nobody wanted to leave these guys...

"Oh, girls, we didn't mean to upset you..." Harry whispered.

I WAS crying. To be honest, I think I was BALLING. Mia was pretty much pouring her eyes our and Julia was strong and held back the tears. Louis gave me a quick hug and before I knew it, all of the boys wrapped their arms around Julia, Mia and I. I felt safe and secure, who wouldn't? Five absolutely gorgeous boys were surround with their arms around you! I did remember that we had the album to do, so I probably would see them again. But things could change in the matter of months.

"Hey, how about we head back to the hotel now?" I questioned as the boys pulled away, "Then we can get ready... Zayn, Julia, Mia and I may take a while!" 

Everyone chuckled and Zayn gave a small grin, "Heheh... she's right!"

"I agree, I have to straighten my hair again!" Mia nodded.

"Wait a second, you have wavy or curly hair?" Niall questioned.

Mia nodded and Niall shrugged, "Huh... learn something about your directioners every day!"

                          ~ * * * ~

Louis P.O.V

We all soon arrived back at the hotel after a long swim. After my agreement, Niall DID go on the Scenic Railway... so we WE'RE going to Nando's in the end. Mia was absolutely thrilled with the decision. The boys, Julia, Mia, Chelsea and I hurried through the back door, to avoid our dedicated fans. They just wouldn't give up, Australia sure did love us! Sooner or later, we got to our room. Liam slipped the room card in the slot and opened the door.

"WHOA!" was Chelsea, Mia and Julia's first reaction.

Who wouldn't blame her? It was HUGE. Five King size beds along with a dining room, living room and bathroom... oh, and a kitchen. 

"I think you guys should get ready first," Chelsea suggested, "Then leave Julia, Mia and me for last because I'll probably take FOREVER."

"Shounds shgood!" Niall exclaimed with a mouthful of muffin.

"Can I have some?" Mia asked to Niall.

"Sure," Niall smiled, "But only a bit, I'm hungry..."

"I'M HUNGRY TOO!" Mia stated.

Zayn wanted to go in first because he stated that his hair was like "a ski jump". Niall added that its "really up, it's like WOOOOOSSSHHH!". His words, not mine.

Harry, Julia and I sat on Harry and my bed, chatting away.

"You girls are so nice," Harry said to Julia, "Having a nice day?"

"Yes!" Julia replied, "It's just... an epic day. I can't believe I'm sitting in this very room with you!"

Harry grinned and surfed his hand through his curly locks, "Hey Julia, can you keep a secret? Can I tell her Lou?"

I nodded slowly and turned to face Julia, "I will... I like... I like Chelsea."

Julia widened her eyes, "R-Really?! Oh my gosh! What do you see in her, I don't mean that in a weird way... but what makes you fall for her?"

"She's friendly, extraordinary, unique..." I suggested as Chelsea spoke to Liam, Mia and Niall in the kitchen.

"She is, isn't she?" Julia smiled.

"Lou, it's clearly obvious you like her now... ask her out already!" Harry hissed.

"Yes!" Julia agreed.

"I will... soon... but what's the point if I'll never see her again..." I sighed.

"Chelsea IS still doing vocals on the album, remember," Harry pestered.

"What? Ohmigosh, really!? Th-that's amazing!" Julia cried.

"Yeah but we're not recording for another four-five months, Haz," I continued, "Its just... too hard... I'll just give up, I guess..."


"Oh no..." Liam sighed.

"Here we go..." Mia huffed.

I spun around and Niall stood on a chair beside the island bench. 

"Who are the kind of people that give up? They are NOBODIES. Do you hear me Louis? NO-BOD-IES. Us fellow lads in One Direction NEVER GIVE UP. We strive doing what we love for the one thing we love most, music!"

Julia started laughing but held it back to see him continue, "But we're not talking about that, Niall," Harry huffed, "It's a whole other subje-"

"WE STRIVE DOING THE THINGS WE LOVE!" Niall interrupted, "We NEVER give up. Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER! There will be a time where things are hard, but we will strive to the very end! One Direction always stays in the right direction and... um... never gives up that direction!"

There was silence. Absolute silence. Ok, you sorta expect that from Niall but it was strange. He never gives long lectures, he's only read one book in his life!

"That was phenomeNIALL! Well done Nialler! What a speech!" Chelsea cried, bursting into applaud. 

"That was such a great speech, I loved it!" Julia laughed.

I felt like disappearing... Niall had a point... but I didn't know if it would help me... yet...

                          ~ * * * ~


After the boys left the bathroom, I went in and had my shower. As soon as I hopped out of my refreshing shower I put on my dark smexy blue dress, that had a diamanté that were just above top of my dress. With that my dress had dark blue thin straps. Around my waist was a light blue ribbon. I dried my hair with my AWESOME hair drier, straightened my hair (which took forever) then placed in a blue flower. I grabbed my black laced heels, put a little bit of lip gloss, mascara, and a spray of perfume to my neck. I opened the door with a small push and all of the boys, Julia and Chelsea looked up...


I heard the door open, so I shut the fridge and turned around. There stood Mia, in a beautiful dark blue and light blue dress. She smiled shyly and tucked a hair behind her ear. 

"You look amazing!" Harry breathed. 

"Thanks Harry... but no, not really... I don't look THAT great..." Mia said.

You don't know your beautiful, Mia... oh my lord, you look amazing...

Mia sat down at the dinner table ad I sat next to her, "Mia, you look... so pretty!" 

Mia blushed madly, "Not once in my lifetime would I have ever though I would hear that from Niall Horan," she smiled her lovely smile, "Thanks!"

"And you sing so heavenly!" I commented.

"Thanks Niall, that means a lot," Mia nodded.

"No problem..." 


I went in the bathroom after Mima. I had a shower and washed my hair. When I got out I put on my strapless black dress with a little colourful design on the top half. I slipped on my HOT AS gold and black heels. I dried my hair, curled the ends of it and placed a bow in my hair. I put some sparkly grey-ish eye shadow, lip gloss, sprayed some perfume and I had a French Manicure done perfectly by moi.


Julia slipped out of the bathroom in a one-of-a-kind dress. She looked... perfect... just perfect. Nobodies perfect but... she just was. Truth was, well... I think I like Julia. It's hard because I just came out of a relationship with Danielle, and that totally broke my heart. Same with Lou, he was with Eleanor. They were perfect for each other, but something just stopped the magic of them two. I didn't know if I was ready to come back into a relationship over the heartbreak of Danielle. 

"You look so CUTE!" Chelsea grinned, "C'mon guys, don't stand around. One of you guys HAVE to ask Julia out now!"

Julia blushed and so did I, but I held a pillow up to my face to hide it. 

"What's up, Liam?" 

Somebody sat down next to me and pushed the pillow away from my face. Julia.

"What are you doing hiding behind a pillow...? she laughed.

"Oh... I'm... Err... I really don't know..." I stammered.

Julia punched my arm playfully, "I know exactly what your doing!"

I gulped, "You do?"

Julia chuckled, "Of course! Making out with a pillow, duh!"

I burst into laugher and Chelsea hopped into the bathroom


After all of the boys had their showers and everything, I grabbed my bag and hopped into the bathroom. I shut the door, locked it, flicked a few switches turning on the fan and got into the shower. I washed my hair thoroughly and cleansed my self, rubbing off every spick and speck. After about... hmm... ten minutes or so, I jumped out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my body and scrummaged through my shoulder bag. I pulled out a beautiful, purple lace dress with a light weight  bow wrapped around the middle. It went perfectly with the black cardigan my mum had packed and the black heels. I slipped into the wonderful out fit and pulled out my toiletry bag. I found the hair curler and plugged it in to the power point. I waited for it to warm up for a while and started to curl the ends of my hair. The boys called out my name, waiting for me to finish. I completed curling my hair and looked for a bit of my make up. I don't really like make up, so I only applied some lip gloss and nail polish. I finished off by squirting some lavender perfume onto my chest and slipping on my black headband with a small flower on top. I stared in the mirror for a while, checking for any flaws. Nope, it was FLAWLESS. All I had to do is hope that the boys liked it... so then I pushed the bathroom door open.


All of us looked up when we heard the creak of the bathroom door. Considering the time Chelsea took, it didn't mind... she looked like an angel. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say.

"So boys, what'd you think?" Chelsea queried, swaying her hips causing her dress to swing side-to-side. 

"Hey! You didn't ask for our opinion!" Mia squealed, "You look so PRETTY!"

"You look stunning, love," Liam reviewed, rising from his seat on the couch.

"Lovely!" I said.

"Sexy!" Harry said.

"PRETTY!" Julia said

"Beautiful!" Zayn said.

"HUNGRY!" Niall cried, "Let's go grab a bite nooooow!"

"I agree, I'm staaaaarving!" Mia grumbled.

Liam shook his head, "Niall and Mia, where are your manners?"

Niall dropped his shoulders in sorrow, "Sorry Liam, can we please go to Nando's now or soon?"

"PLEEEAASSEE?" Mia begged.

"I guess so, we're all hungry, right guys? LET'S GO!" Liam cried.

We all rushed out the door and down the hallway. This dinner was going to be a great dinner... and even the one special dinner in my life. 
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