Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


29. First Ever Photo shoot



So... It sorta occurred to me that I haven't really been capturing the boys TRUE personalities. Take Harry for instant, he's not a flirt in my story!

So I'm going to be really giving and MAKE HARRY MORE OF A FLIRT IN THIS CHAPTER?

Don't like it? Then you can leave cause Mrs Chelsea Rena 'Sass' Tomlinson won't be putting up with it!! :P

Haters gonna hate  

Potatoes gonna potate 

Dogs gonna bark

So... enjoy this chapter of my sequil!

OH WAIT! I almost forgot! (Not really I just wanted this to sound dramatic or something...)






I had an arm slung around Chelsea as we walked behind Queenie to the photoshoot studio, "So... What's in mind?" Mia asked, hurrying closely behind Queenie.

Queenie scratched the back of her head, tossing her wild bright red bob cut, "Well... A local magazine wants some photo's of you and later want an interview." She gave us a warm smile, "We'll get the single cover PROBABLY to be shot tomorrow."

"Ah! I'm so excited!" Julia squealed, "I feel like I'm living the dream!"

"Trust me, you are sweetheart!" I whispered into Julia's ear. She shivered and pushed me away playfully. We piled into the lift and waited patiently for the doors to close. If nobody else was with us, I'd push Chelsea against the elevator wall and lean closer, hungry for her lips to be against min- WHAT AM I SAYING! I shook the disturbed thoughts out of my head and gave an overwhelmed sigh. What had gotten into me?

"The last thing we need is for the elevator to brake..." Chelsea chuckled under her breath.

I laughed and secretly prayed that Chelsea had just jinxed us. I slapped the back of my hand, scorning my self. How dare I think about Chels like that! She was my BEST MATES GIRLFRIEND for crying out loud. The doors pulled open and we floaded out, walking through a large hallway. We opened a certain door at least halfway down and into a photoshoot studio. A large, white canvas stood in the middle of the room, waiting for three lovely ladies to be photoed. We walked in and the ladies handed us paintbrushes.

"What are these for?" Chelsea asked.

One of the ladies smiled. "Paint pots are over there. Just dip them in and splatter them all over the canvas!"

My eyes lit up and I was first to go crazy. Soon enough everybody grabbed an art smock and went absolutely mental. Every colour of the rainbow was available, so I dipped it in the orange paint and pulled my brush back, then forward... A large blob of paint splattering onto the white sheet. Chelsea grabbed a water balloon that was filled with paint and chucked it, making a large blob of blue. I grabbed another brush and dabbed it in the pink paint. I smeared it onto Chelsea's cheek and she pulled away, screeching my name. I laughed to my self and didn't realize that Julia had come up behind me and poked a dab of green on my cheek. I wiped it away but that cause it to smudge. I ran after Julia and chased her down, smearing paint all over her face.

"Settle down, kids!" Zayn cried, "Harry, the girls are about to be in a photoshoot!"

"She started it!" I yelled, throwing my hands up.

"And I'll finish it!" Chelsea screamed, smearing a mix of colours all over my cheeks. I stood motionless and finally opened my eyes when a bristle wasn't touching my face. The girls laughed and pointed at me. I turned to Mia and Zayn and they burst into laughter.

I raised an eyebrow, "Is it really that bad?"

"Dude! It's worse then bad!" Zayn chuckled, gasping for hair like a fish.



After the massive paint fight, the girls and I hurried into the change rooms, clutching the outfits we were going to wear for the photo shoot. The theme was 'COLOUR' and I was pretty excited, since the canvas looked bloody amazing and so authentic. I spead the clothes out on the floor and had a good hard look at them. Me? In a dress? I didn't think so! But, yet, I didn't want to be too pushy... they seemed like very stern ladies. I sighed and slipped my clothes off, stepping into the turquoise dress...



I jumped into my change room, closing the door behind me. I know Harry, so I locked the door making sure it WAS locked. He seemed a bit strange today... A bit out of the ordinary. I placed each clothing item one on a hook provided. My eyes met the shoes and I did a little happy dance... CONVERSE! So... It was a purple shirt with blue jeans and pink converse. Jeez... they weren't lying about the whole colour thing. Were they going to match? I chucked them on and smiled in the mirror. It matched and it was great!



I came rushing out of the make-up artists room, posing for two bandmates from my favourite band, "What do you think boys?"

Harry scanned my body while Zayn grinned, "Perfect!" Harry's eyebrows jumped up and down twice while he gave me a saucy wink, "Sexy." I rolled my eyes and examined my outfit in a nearby mirror.

I wore a bright red sleeveless shirt, with yellow colored jeans and a pair of bright orange heels. I accessorized with a red watch on my left wrist, on the other hand a orange and a yellow beaded bracelet, and a pair of red stud earrings. My light brown hair which now has red tips was down but a braid tied on the back of my head. I was also pampered with some orange and yellow sparkly eyeshadow, some foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. You know how make-up artists are when there's a photo shoot on...

Both of my best friends emerged from the make up rooms, staring down at their oufits...

Mia wore a pretty aqua coloured dress that was a little more than above the knees, it was a full dress that was just under the neck but it looked strapless from the sheer material that held it up. She also wore a pair of light blue flats that had a little bow on the tip. She had straightened her dark brown hair, and left it out. She accessorized with some green and silver bangles on her right wrist, a pair of pearl earrings and a green bow that held some of the hair up. The make-up artists also put on some green and blue sparkly eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner, and mascara without Mima's permission, which she wasn't too happy about.

Chelsea wore a purple tee that had a black grape vine across it, some dark blue jeans and a pair of pink converse. She had her hair in a low pony-tail that was held by and pink bow. She accessorized with a purple and a pink bangle on her right wrist, and a pair of purple stud earrings. She also had some purple, pink and dark blue eyeshadow, some blush, eyeliner, and some mascara.

The outfits were each very, how do I say it? Colourful. I had the colours red, orange, and yellow. Mia on the other hand had the blues and greens. Finally, Chels she had the pinks, purples and dark blues. A human rainbow as Chelsea described it.

We hurried over to the canvas where the paint had already started to dry. A camera sat in front of us and one lady had placed a stool. I hopped on it and stared directly at the camera. We were given several shots to smile or have straight faces... the straight faces pose was hard for Chelsea, I can tell you that. The flashes blinded me and every now and then I would blink. I pinched my self every time I did, hoping I wouldn't do it again. I smiled and a flash blinded me. Before I knew it, our boyfriends were standing in the hallway. Fifteen minutes later, the boys were dressed up. All of the boys wore plain denim jeans with a colored shirt. Liam wore red, Zayn wore yellow, Niall wore green (ironic... right?), Harry wore blue and Louis wore a light pink shirt. "REAL MEN WEAR PINK SHIRTS!" Louis cried, beginning to strut an imaginary catwalk. They joined us in the photoshoot and Liam ran over to me.

"I thought you weren't going to make it!" I whispered into his ear.

Liam smiled and took over on the stool, "I wasn't going to let this moment pass me by!"

Liam sat on the stool and I jumped onto his lap. We all stood up while Harry and Zayn kneeled. Then we took a shot when all of us stood up. Liam pressed his lips onto my cheek and the camerawoman nodded, "Thats a wrap, ladies and gentlemen!"

We clapped and cheered and we changed back into our regular clothes. We flicked through the photos, me being generally happy with the one with Liam pressing his lips against my cheek. "Could you send these to me? I'd really like a digital copy!"

My phone buzzed and I fished it out of my pocket. The photo I wanted had been sent to me and it was from Liam. I spun around and he patted my head, "Happy First Photoshoot!"

I smiled and wrapped him in my arms, pleased that I had such a great boyfriend.


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