Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


21. Dinner Time!


As soon I was about to ring Julia, they both burst through the door laughing at something or rather. Julia looked pretty tired. We all stared at them from down the hallway and Julia waved, 

"Hey girls! London is unbelievable! You missed out on everything!" she huffed as she nearly collapsed on the floor.

Liam caught her just in time. They finally got to the kitchen and Harry clapped, "I can finally make dinner! What would you all like?"

"What can you make?" Mia asked.

Zayn smiled, "Harry can make deVINE spaghetti and meatballs, have we got that Hazza?" 

Harry scoured through the pantry and picked out the important ingredients, "We got the spaghetti, some mince... yep, everything!"

I smiled, "I'll help Haz, I dabble at the food arts..."

"Cool!" Harry grinned and pointed a finger at Niall, "Niall, your not helping make dinner. When I'll have my back turned, you'll steal the ingredients!"

Niall flipped Harry the bird and poked his tounge out. We all crackled into laughter and Mia grinned, "Don't poke your tounge out if your not going to use it!" That, obviously, signaled Niall to come close and lock lips... which he did.

Harry and I began cooking as the rest of the group sat down in the living room. "How about you start rolling the meatballs?" Harry asked as he grabbed a huge pot for the spaghetti.

I stared at the mince, waiting to be rolled, "And how do I do that?" I laughed.

Harry placed his hands on mine and guided me through the process of how to roll up a meatball. His hands were strong but smooth and soft. I stated up at him as he guided me through his curls and he grinned. I soon nodded, understanding what to do. I kept rolling and rolling until I got a decent amount of meatballs. Harry placed them in the fridge to let them set for a while. While waiting for the meatballs, Harry placed the garlic bread in the oven to cook. After ten-twenty minutes or so, Harry grabbed the tray of meatballs and started to cook them in another pot. In another pot, I watched Hazza make the tomato sauce. He was a master in the kitchen! Sooner or later, I helped Harry serve the spaghetti and meatballs all into bowls. On seperate plates sat two peices of garlic bread each. I set up the table as the rest of the boys and my two girls watched the steaming bowls of spag and meatballs in awe. As soon as I set the table, they all sat down as fast as they could and dug in to the meal. Harry and I laughed and joined them. 

"Harry, this is outstanding!" Mia exclaimed while stuffing herself with garlic bread.

Liam nodded, "I most agree. But we should thank Chelsea and Harry for making dinner, shall we everyone?" 

"Thank you Chelsea and Harry!" they all cooed as they began eating again.

"No problem!" I grinned.

After dinner, I gathered up everyones plates and bowls. I handed out everyone an ice cream cone for desert. After we finished, I snuggled up with Louis on the couch. The eight of us played Quickfire, Would You Rather and Megamind through out the night while listening to the hottest hits on the music channels. 

"I think we should go out for dinner tomorrow night, what do you think lads?" Niall asked.

"Great idea!" Harry agreed, "I really cannot be stuffed cooking again!"

"I don't care, anything for you boys!" I smiled.

"And I'd do anything for you!" Louis said.

Everyone 'awwed' and I listened to the music while I popped a chip into my mouth, "Fuc-Fudge!" I corrected my self as I leapt off of the couch.

"Chelsea? What's wrong?" Zayn asked as he got up with me.

"I forgot to Skype call my mum!" I wailed as I searched for my phone in the kitchen.

The group laughed as I searched frantically for my phone. I grabbed it as soon as I laid eyes on it and asked Liam for the WiFi password. I quickly hurried into the sitting room and pressed Video Call.

My mothers face popped up after heaps of rings, "Hey mum!" I smiled, trying to hide my guilt.

"It's a bit early, dontcha think?" she said crossly.

I checked my watch, it was about seven in the morning in Australia, "Sorry, mum. It totally slipped my mind, It won't happen again."

"Good, at least your alright, how are things?" 

I sighed, "Well, I got major jet lag but London is just... amazing! I'll send you pictures soon!" 

"Where's Lou?" she asked.

I turned to the door, "Oh, he's just out in the living room with-"

"No, Lou TEASEDALE," My mum corrected.

"Um, she's not here..." I replied.

"What? So do you expect me to believe that I've left you with a bunch of teenage boys!" she cried.

I shook my head, "No, no, no! Paul's next door, so we go to him if we need anything."

"Mmhmm..." my mum hummed as she paced around the house, "Is everyone alright?"

"Yep," I replied, "I had spaghetti for dinner and we're off to bed soon."

It felt really awkward talking to my mum whom was halfway across the world. 

"Good, good, well... have fun and I'll call you tomorrow or something..." 

I nodded, "Ok then, bye mum!" "See ya, sweetie!" she smiled as the call needed.

I stuffed my phone into my pocket. I turned the corner out of the sitting room and bumped into Zayn. "Ah! Zayn! You scared me!" I cried as I tucked a hair behind my ear.

"Hahah sorry about that..." Zayn laughed, "You alright? You sort of rushed off there..."

I leaned against the wall, "Yeah I forgot to call my mum on Skype but it's all good now!"

"Ooh, better not upset the ol mum!" I laughed and started walking back towards the living room...



As soon as I waited in the hallway for Chelsea, she came out in a hurry and bumped into me. She quickly cried out in fright and realized it was me.

"Hahah sorry about that..." I laughed as I asked her what she was doing.  Her eyes gleamed like stars as she explained that she was Skype calling her mother.

"Ooh, better not upset the ol mum!" I joked as she laughed.

As she went to walk away, I called  out her name. Chelsea kept walking so obviously she didn't hear me, "Chels!"

She spun around, her dark hair flying through the air, "Yeah Zayn?"

I stammered for an answer, "Oh... Erm... Nothing. I thought you, uh, you forgot your phone."

Stupid, Zayn. Stupid!

"I got it, it's alright," she grinned as she spun back around and continued heading back down the hallway. I watched her and felt like collapsing into a pile of British mess. I knew she belonged to Louis... But... What am I saying? She IS Lou's and I shouldn't interfere... but... It's just so temping to tell her how I feel...




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