Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


12. Could This Be Happening?


As soon as Chelsea came up stairs with Zayn, Mia and Julia, I felt at peace again. She came over and sat on the vacant seat next to me, which was totally set up by the boys. Mia sat between Niall and Harry and Julia sat in the middle of Liam and Zayn. I was sitting next to Zayn.

"Sorry we had to leave you out there for a minute," I said, flicking through the menu,  "The directioners-"

"It ok!" Chelsea interupted, "Lou, it's fine. I understand that it's all about the directioners and stuff, I understand. I'm a directioner too, y'know!"

"No way!" Niall grinned sarcastically.

"Yes, we sorta are," Julia winked, "But obviously you guys wouldn't know that..."

"Who ARE these fellow One Direction boys, they are everywhere!" I exclaimed, grinning.

All of us flicked through the menus and chose what we wanted. When we were all sorted, a waitress walked over and took our orders.

"Any drinks to start off with?"

"Water, please!" ~ Liam ~
"Cherry pepsi, please!" ~ Me ~
"Apple juice, please! Thanks love!"  ~ Harry ~
"Diet pepsi, thanks!" ~ Niall ~
"Milk, please!" ~ Zayn ~
"I'll go with a sprite, please!" ~ Chelsea ~
"Um... I'll have the iced tea, please!" ~ Julia ~
"I'll have coke, thank you!" ~ Mia ~

The drinks were brought out in a flash, as if they had already read our mind and already had made them all. 

"Are you ready to order your food?" the waitress asked...

Niall had already memorized his order, "I'll have the chicken wrap, chips, hot chicken wings, corn on the cob-"

"Niall! Not too much!" Liam snapped.

"I'm sorry... I'm hungry..." Niall whimpered.

Liam flashed a smile to the waitress, "He'll just have those things he said first. I'll have the fresh garden salad with chicken, please! Julia, what about you?"

Julia tapped her chin, "Such a hard choice... I'll have the chicken wrap with a side of chips, thank you!" 

I was up next, "This is so difficult, choosing food! I think I'll have... the Supremo chicken burger and can I have some peri-peri chips with that? Thanks so much, love! Chelsea, what are you going to order?"

"Um, well, I think I'll choose the supremo chicken wrap also with a side of chips, thank you!" Chelsea replied.

"And you, miss?" 

"Uh... I'll have the chicken wrap with some chips as well, thanks!" Mia grinned, "Harry?"

"I'll just have the four BBQ thigh pieces with some mild peri-peri rice, please," Harry ordered nicely, "Last but not least, Zayn. What about you? What do YOU want?"

"Ah, I'll have the eight BBQ ribs with chips thanks!" Zayn nodded.

The waitress wrapped up the ordering by repeating what we all ordered (it was all correct) and rushing off to the kitchen to get the meals started.

"This is so nice," Mia sighed, "Just hanging out with One Direction, having dinner at Nandos. This was only just a figment in my imagination for ages!" 

"Well, we're glad your having a great time!" Liam beamed.

I held my cherry pepsi up to my lips and the sweet cherry flavored drink slipped down my throat. It was sweet and tingled with excitement. I looped my hand in Chelsea's, "Having fun?"

Chelsea's eyes gleamed its beautiful hazel-ness, "Oh Louis, it's just... tonight I couldn't be happier. It's just... perfect."

I shook my head in amazement, "You look just absolutely... astonishing. Purple really suits you!"

"And for you, so does stripes!" she winked.

Food was soon set down at the table so I grabbed a spoon and clinked it against my glass, "Everyone, hands for dinner is absolutely allowed!"

"No Louis," Liam snarled in his 'Daddy Direction' tone, "Be etiquette, please. Niall, especially you!"  

After a long debate over hands or no hands, we finally decided it was up to whatever was easier. Most of the boys used their hands except for little Liam who used a fork for his salad. The girls were as nice mannered at the dinner table as royalty. I didn't know if Australians were actually like this or they were just showing well manners. After a great dinner and a great chat, a mud cake was brought out. In icing, it had written 'congratulations'.

"Congratulations? Congratulations for what?" Julia queried.

"Well, the boys and I thought about and we thought it was a great night to celebrate the proposal of the new album, Chelsea doing backing vocals!" Liam replied.

"But then we thought, hang on a second," Harry continued, "Why don't we share the love around?"

"Directioners have been so good to us, why not give something back to them?" Niall added.

"But you guys have been so good to us!" Chelsea cried, "The concert, Luna Park, the beach... you've given us enough, quite frankly!"

"Hang on Chelsea, your gonna love this one!" I whispered.

"So, we decided that Chelsea AND both Mia and Julia will do backings on the album, considering what we heard today!" Zayn ended. 

"N-no way!" Julia stuttered.

"Wha-Wh-What? Are you serious?" Mia stammered. 

A smile stretched across Niall's face, "Mia, I'm dead serious!"

The trio of girls squealed and hugged and yelled so much that we didn't know when they were going to stop. Both Julia and Mia were in tears of joy, "Thank you so much, boys!" Julia thanked, wiping the tears from her eyes.

I waved my hand, "An absolute pleasure! Now, who wants cake?"

                            ~ * * * ~


After dinner, which was in fact the BEST dinner of my life, we thanked the waitresses, cooks (etc...) and sneaked out the back. 

"Be as quiet as possible," Liam hushed, "I swear, directioners have totally accurate hearing..."


"Run!" Harry hissed. 

All of us run as fast as our heels could handle. At some stage, I quickly slipped them off so I wouldn't twist an ankle.

"Spread out, spread out!" Zayn said as we all fanned out. Niall grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a dark alleyway. We ran to the very end and collapsed against the wall. Niall fell onto my legs but it didn't seen to hurt. He just rolled over and covered my mouth. I pushed the hand away and grinned, "I think I can be quiet without your assistance, Niall Horan..." I whispered.

"I thought you would prefer it," Niall smiled, his phenomiNIALL eyes gleaming.

I laughed, "I wouldn't mind it..."

There was a silence as the bunch of girls rushed past. Niall gripped my hand, hoping they wouldn't spot us. "I've really liked today, and I'd like to take this moment to thank you."

Niall hushed me and nodded, "Its been awesome hanging out with you. Your just... such a nice girl."

"And your just such a nice boy!"

Niall stood up and helped me too, "Thank you. I try to aim for that..."

We walked down back through the alley way, "Where are we going now?"

Niall poked at his sleeves, "We have a bit of a surprise up our sleeves, you'll just have to wait and see..."

"Oh Niall, I hate surprises. You take forever to find them out!" I groaned.

Niall winked, "Just wait, you'll like this surprise..."

As soon as we all re-grouped again, the volkswagen van pulled up. We all piled in and drive off to where we were headed next...


I had no idea why we were back at the hotel again. I thought we were going to do something else, apparently not. As soon as we got back to our hotel room, Liam clapped his hands, "Quick, Quick boys and girls! We're only here for a short time! Get changed into something absolutely comfortable and sporty!"

I obeyed Liam's orders and got changed into something warm and comfortable. Black track pants, a sky blue loose t-shirt, a purple and black jumper and sneakers. With that I wrapped a scarf around my neck. Mia did that, dressed in a green jack wills track pants, a plain white t-shirt, a jack wills hoodie, a scarf and sneakers. Julia wore pink track pants, also a plain white t-shirt, a black jumper, a scarf and also sneakers. The boys wore those sorta things, but they were more manly.

We rushed all down to the van again. Julia, Mia and I had no idea where we were going. It wasn't long before we stopped at a soccer pitch. Harry swung open the van door, jumped out and kicked a soccer ball onto the field, "Let's play some football!"

"Its called SOCCER!" Mia cried.

I leaped out and run after the ball, the others on my tail. Before I went to kick the ball, somebody grabbed my hand and pulled me back into their arms. It was Louis, and that caused Julia to snag the ball. 

"Hey! Contact!" I cried, trying to struggle free from his arms.

"It's called defending!" Louis laughed as he let me free. 

I ran up to Zayn who was out of breath, "Is there even any teams?" 

Zayn shook his head, "I honestly have no idea, but I think it's just no teams and no rules!" 

Zayn rushed off and Mia ran up to me. Liam had the ball, he seemed to be owning the ground. 

"How the hell are we going to catch up to Liam, he was on the reserve list for this years OLYMPICS!" Mia sighed.

"I don't know... but let's try and at least catch him," I replied as I ran off towards him. He was going to be hard to beat for the One Direction Football Cup...


Liam was bloody quick!
He played pretty darn well considering he's apart of a boy band. Then I remembered he's from Britain... and they love their soccer...
Liam had the ball and was soon about to get a goal if someone didn't stop him. Niall was in goals but something screamed in my head that Liam wasn't going to let "Niam" get in the way of getting a score. Before Liam went to tap his foot against the soccer ball, I ankle tapped him with my epic power. He almost went to trip but leapt over the ball. That caused me to fall straight into the back of Liam because I tripped over the soccer ball. We fell to the soft grass and I landed gently on his chest.

"Hello there," Liam grinned as he brushed a hair out of my competitive face, "You can ankle tap pretty well, can't you Julia?"

I blushed and rolled over to lay next to him, "I guess so, It just came to me. Its because I just love to win! I'm very competitive..."

"I like competitive girls," Liam said, "It's just, Julia, youve been so great to me. Your a really good friend."

I blushed even more, "Th-Thanks Liam!"

Liam shook his head, "No problem, it's just... your the girl I've really seemed to click with ever since me and Danielle..."

I didn't know what to say. I didn't know if I sorry for him or I was to be flattered, "Liam. That means a lot. But dont forget what I'll tell you know, you will find your new Danielle. This new Danielle will give you love, hope, joy and strength. She will be one of the luckiest girls on Earth... because you are SUCH an extrodinary guy..."

Liam grabbed my hand and helped me up, "Julia. That just means so much to me... but I think I've already found my new Danielle..."

My face brightened, "That's great! Who is it? It's it like, Chelsea or something? She's awesome... or is it Mia. She's such a great friend we'v-"

"Julia?" Liam interrupted. 


"I'm talking about you..."


Chelsea raced after the ball with Mia when both Julia and Liam talked. Harry and Niall was goalie and Zayn was running beside me. Playing football is so much better to play at nightfall. Chelsea kicked the football and it rolled straight past Harry. 

"Yes!" she cried as she jumped around with Mia. 

Harry shook his head and went to grab the ball. Chelsea noticed me running over and she jumped into my arms.

"Did you see that?" she cried, "Lou! Did you see what I did?"

 I held Chelsea up and swung her around. She laughed and I placed her back on Australian ground.

She smiled and stated into my eyes, "Louis..."

I cocked my head to one side, "Yes Chelsea?"

Before she could reply, rain started to patter down. Chelsea looked up into the clouded sky and the rain started to fall harder onto our skin. It was the absolute perfect time. I held her close, pulled her near and kissed her. It was a gentle and passionate kiss, and I did it without regret. She kissed back, which was a great sign. It was just... beautiful. It was perfect. I felt great again. For once, it didn't matter about the boys probably staring at us. The rain didn't even mind, in fact, it made it more romantic. I could hear the boys whooping from a distance, and I soon pulled away. Chelsea's eyes were glued shut and she smiled, "That was amazing, thank you." I grinned and she swung her arms around me.

"I love you..." I whispered into her ear.

"I love you too," she whispered back.

The boys, Mia and Julia clapped and cheered as if we had won some competition or something. We ran back over to them and we played some more football for the remaining hour. It was finally decided, I had a new girlfriend. Chelsea was the new girl in my life.
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