Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.



Ok guys! This isn't a chapter for my story, but instead I'm setting you all a task/challenge/competion... thingy...

ANYWAYS! Here's the low down...
I'm asking my little readers out there to draw me a birds eye veiw of what you think the boys apartment looks like! AND draw me of what you think the girls look like!
All you have to do is draw these on plain paper, take a photo and then upload to Instagram, tag my account (Chelsea_Rena) and tag #momentsintime1Dcompetition

Easy, hey?

Oh yeah! And the prize!

Well, who ever draws the best diagram and best impersonation of the girls wins a follow and... THEM TO STAR IN MY SEQUIL TO MOMENTS IN TIME!

What are you waiting for? You have until January 31st, 2013.

THANKS GUYS! Leave comments with any questions!

- Chelsea_Rena
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