Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


16. Break A Leg!

I took one last look in the mirror, perfect. I was as nervous as Saturday, getting ready to meet my favourite boy band. It's hard to believe that within a day or so, I'm dating one fifths of one direction and so are my best mates. I didn't know if that was pretty much even possible... but I knew that I didn't want to wake up if it was a dream. 

"You look lovely," Lou said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Thanks... but you should have seen me last night when we went out for dinner..." I said.


I nodded and Lou laughed, "No surprise... that kid will probably love Nandos more then his own son or daughter!" 

I chuckled, "How do you know he's going to have a child?"

"He's constantly reminding me, he's always wanted to have a child of his own. He's always got time for family, he says," Lou replied. 

"That's cute," I smiled.

Suddenly, Louis appeared out of nowhere and struck a funny pose in the doorway, "Yes, yes I am."

"Louis! You scared me!" I cried.

Louis walked in and tapped my chin, "You are as beautiful as earlier today..." 

I grinned, "Thanks,"

Lou shook her head, "You guys are inseperatable!" 

Louis pulled away and faced Lou, "Well... I've come to collect her..."

"It sounds like you referring to me as garbage!" I laughed.

"No, not at all," Louis whispered.

Lou flicked her hands, "Sure, Louis. I've just about finished, have fun Chelsea!" 

Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hallway. We ran together like the end of the world was apon us. As soon as we had reached the end, the boys, Mia and Julia were waiting with Paul.

"Sorry we're late," I apologized.

"Louis and Chelsea late, hmm?" Niall nudged Harry.

Harry smirked, "What a surprise..."

"Boys, we... oh, pardon me. Sorry girls, used to saying just the boys..." Paul blushed.

Julia flicked her hands, "No problem Paul, we understand!"

Paul twisted his wrist to check the time, "How about you guys go over the song and routine while we wait? The interval hasn't FULLY ended, I'll call you when you need to go on."

The group and I went over the routine and afterwards Louis sneaked up behind me as I was talking to Mia.

"Hey, Chels," he said, tracing his finger over my shoulder which made me shiver, "We have a bit of time to kill so how about we go over the duet?" 

I turned around, my hair almost flicking him in the face, "Sure."

We let the rest of the group practice and we slipped away into another room. Out of my pocket, I fished out my iPhone. "I have the song on my phone," I said, "Do you want me to play it?"

Louis shrugged, "Sure."

I rested my phone on a nearby table and hit play. The music was strong but sort of quiet, so we could easily cover it. I started off fairly well, but the duet... oh the duet... it was... outstanding. Our voices blended together smoothly and it sounded utterly angelic. I finished off...

"I'll leave the ocean behind..."

Louis pulled me closer and I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to kiss him so badly... but I couldn't. I had no idea why... but I just couldn't yet.

Louis had read me like a book, "What's up? This is the part when we... you know... kiss after a romantic song and then Harry walks in and goes "YOU CHEATER, LOU!"."

I laughed, "Nothing, it's ok."

Louis stroked his hand through my hair, "Something's bothering you... are you sure your ok?"

I sat down, "Oh... it's just... I'm a little nervous..."

"So am I," Louis stated, "I'm freaking shaking."

"But you preform all the time...?"

"Yes we do, but we never adapt. Your always nervous before shows... everyone is. Ed Sheeren, Justin Bieber... everyone," Louis explained.

"I suppose..." I shrugged.

"Directioners expect so much, the boys and I just get scared we're gonna let them down," Louis admitted.

I placed a hand on his shoulder, "You won't, trust me. You won't tonight, never have and never will."

Louis smiled, "Thanks, and either will you."

Sooner or later, Louis and I regrouped (again) with everyone, ready to go on. I was quivering like a bucket of rain had showered on me... I didn't think I was ready. But I couldn't not go out there, I had to show Melbourne what I had. The boys had ran on and they started to introduce us. Not once did they mentioned that we were hooked up with them... but that was ok by me. 

"GIVE IT UP FOR JULIA, MIA AND CHELSEA!" Zayn cried as the trio of us rushed on.

The directioner girls yelled, but not quite as much as they were capable of. They were all jealous, I could read it on their faces. I Should Have Kissed You started, and halfway through the song I spotted a young directioner. She was holding a poster that read "Remember me, Louis?". 


I jumped up and down, loving the concert. I could see Louis dancing with an older girl and the other boys with two other girls. It was hard to believe that I saw One Direction on the plane a few days ago. I showed them my sign, but they yet haven't noticed. The older girl singing with Louis had ran over to me.

"I know who you are," she yelled over the screams, "Your the little girl on the plane with Louis! He has told me a lot about you, wanna come up and see him again?"

I screamed and accepted her hand. She pulled me up on stage and I ran over to Louis.

"ZOE!" he laughed as I wrapped my arms around have him a hug.

He had remembered me. I couldn't believe it. Louis lifted me up and held me up to the crowd of screaming girls. They awwed and smiled, admiring my cuteness... duh. Louis placed me down and the older girl bent down to me.

"I'm Chelsea. I'll see you after the show, then you can meet the rest of the boys," she whispered in my ear.

I nodded and I was placed back into the crowd. I continued partying  like nothing happened, even though I was fangirling inside.


We finished the rest of the song with ease. The jealousness wore off a little from the girls faces, but you were only a TRUE directioner if you weren't jealous at all. (Pretty much) everyone clapped at the end and Zayn and Liam disappeared off stage to grab our stools. Niall grabbed a smaller chair and plucked at his guitar. I was shaking slightly, but I had to get over it. I was going to perform wether the directioners liked it or not. The lights dimmed at I realised I had to start soon...


I've been out on the ocean
Sailing alone, travelling nowhere
You've been running on hard ground
With just you around, your heartbeat's the only sound.

Louis & I:
But I know, once in a while we would find
The sound of your heart beats with mine
And when it's time
I'll leave the ocean behind

So I'll look out for a lighthouse
See through the fog, Search the horizon
Louis & I:
You'll be like in a movie
Where everything stops; You can see clearly now

Louis & I:
But I know, once in a while we would find
The sound of your heart beats with mine
And when it's time
I'll leave the ocean behind
I'll leave the ocean behind

Louis & I:
'Cause I know, once in a while we would find
The sound of your heart beats with mine
And someday, the crash of the waves will be far away
And I will sail in your eyes

'Cause when it's time
I'll leave the ocean behind


The crowd was silent for what seemed a meer minute, but then the crowd erupted into a mad applaud. Louis took a bow and I took a small curtsy. Louis grabbed my hand and raised it to the roof. I grinned and hurried off stage. Mia wrapped her arms around me and screamed in my ear.

"Chelsea! That was so... smartical!"

Julia raised an eyebrow, "Smartical?"

Mia shrugged, "I dunno! I'm speechless!"

I pulled in both my best friends for a hug and smiled. Everyone had liked my performance, and that's what mattered. 
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