Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


39. Awkward Dinner



Just a friendly tip/reminder thingy, that Alannah Scott is a TOTALLY made up character. So I'd suggest not to go crazy and google her or something...


Believe it or not, Miss Cakeface Alannah Scott was invited over for dinner that night. Yep, you heard me correctly. I had heard about her once... she was this singer that was popular within the UK. She was known for her super quick relationships. Some didn't even last half the day!

And now, she was coming over for Mexican made by Harry. I was looking forward to him cooking again, not looking across the table to her.

We arrived back at the house and Alannah promised that she'd be at the front door and seven sharp. If she couldn't keep boyfriends, I hope she couldn't keep promises either. The boys queeried us about the break up as we told them the lie we had made up, not the real accident. The only ones who knew about that was Liam, Harry, Louis and I. I knew if I wanted to keep the whole scenario a secret however, it wouldn't be easy. I was a terrible lier.

I decided to dress up nicely for Alannah, it would be best not to get on her bad side. I slipped on a lavender strapless dress that fell just above my knees and black flats. Good impression here I come! I slipped down stairs and into the kitchen, poking my head onto Harry's shoulder, "Watcha doing?"

Harry head turned slightly and then e pulled away, scanning my body, "Why are you so dressed up, hm?"

I shrugged, "I want to make a good impression on whats-her-face."

Harry cupped his hand on my chin and smiled, "Just be yourself, Ree. She's a nice girl, really."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah. Right."

The doorbell soon chimed through the air and the door swung open, the sound of heels clicking through the house, "I'm here! Boys, where are you?"

"In the kitchen!" Louis called out, placing certain dishes on the dinner table.

Alannah stepped into veiw, wearing a dress that was WAY too short and heels that were WAY too long. I flicked Harry's upper arm and wagered a finger at him, "Don't."

"Alannah! Welcome!" Liam cried, taking a seat at the table, "Please, sit down!"

"I hope you like Mexican!" Harry grinned, placing a plate of both soft tortillas and tacos on the table. Different ingredients sat on the table and I reached for a tortilla.

Alannah watched as we made our own dinner, swapping gazes from one boy to another, "You... You make it yourselves?"

"We'll of course you do!" Niall exclaimed, digging in.

Alannah picked at her nails, "Oh... My personal chef makes it for me. Cheese, Beef, Rice, Salad, Jalapeños..."

I glared at her, "We've got the ingredients, Alannah, you're just going to have to make it yourself... I'm afraid."

Alannah returned a horrid gaze and smirked, "I'll have whatever you're having Louis. Can you make it for me, please?"

"Sure!" Louis exclaimed, pulling Alannah's plate closer to him. THAT B*TCH! I made my taco to perfection and Alannah couldn't help but flirt with Louis. Harry gripped my hand under the table and managed a smile. He understood what I was going through. Alannah bent towards me and grinned, "So, Chelsea, I heard you're a singer..."

"Yeah that's right. All of us girls are. Julia, Mia and I are in a band..." I replied, taking a bite out of my taco.

"Oh! Really? What is your band name?" Alannah asked, raising both her eyebrows.

Julia bet me to it, "Infinity Three."

Alannah stuck out her bottom lip, "But you girls aren't signed up to a record label. That's too bad since-"

"Actually..." I interupted, "We did get an opportunity from someone, Wellington Records to be exact. We're on hold although, because we're touring with the boys..."

Julia and Mia shot me looks and I sent them a smile and an "I'll tell you later" look. Alannah nodded, "OH MY GOSH! CHELSEA! You just gave me the best idea! Maybe I could tour with you lot!"




Zayn exchanged looks with everyone, "But we've already got Ed Sheeran and 5 Seconds Of Summer on the road with us..."

"But all bands need more than just TWO opening acts!" Alannah exclaimed, "Please, boys! It would be such an extrodinary experience!"

"I don't know..." Niall murmered, looking like he was intimidated by Alannah, "We already got just the girls, 5 Secs Of Summer  and Ed. We weren't planning on getting anybody else."

Alannah pursed her lips together, "Fine. I know when I'm not wanted..."

There was a long, lingering silence before the phone started to ring. I stood up abruptly and smiled, "I'll get it." I left the dining table and hurried over to the kitchen, picking up the home phone, "Hello?"

"Chelsea? It's Paul. I need you, Louis and Harry..." Paul said, clearly concerned.

I asked, "Why? What's going on?"

Paul cleared his throat, "Just come over as soon as you can?"

I nodded, thinking why Paul would want us so badly, "We're coming." I hung up and turned to the group, "Harry... Louis... We gotta go see Paul..."

Harry stood up, "Is everything-"

"It's fine. It's fine. We just need to go have... have a chat..." I said quickly, heading towards the door. The boys followed behind me, not saying a word. The awkwardness lingered in the air as we walked down the street together. No one made a sound... Not one of us. I pushed open Paul's door that seemed to be unlocked, walking down the hallway. I stepped into the lounge room and four other people (excluding Paul) sat on the couch. Paul stood up and managed a smile, "Boys! Chelsea!"

"Paul... What's going on...?" I murmered, staring at one man after an other.

"Management..." Harry whispered under his breath, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

A thin man stepped towards the three of us, "Miss Parks. We have serious business to talk to you lot about."

"And that is...?" Louis asked, tuning into the conversation.

"We've heard everything. The dramatic break up has already spread like wildfire through out the fandom. Although, it's a lie... and lies don't go well within the media..." One of the men explained.

No sh** Sherlock, "And your point is...?"

"What we're trying to say is that the paparazzi are currently thinking bad of you. Really bad. We need to maintain the lie. We don't want you, Chelsea, to be sticking with the band when things are awkward between you and Louis..." One man stated, "You will become partners with Harry. You will get a lot of hate, but it's worth it."

"Why would I do that! People would think I'm a sl** or something!" I cried. Harry gripped my hand and lowered his eyelids, "Language." I nodded and reconnected my stare at each management person.

"Fake dating, every celebrity has used it. We need you to maintain the publics and paparazzi's confusion. They'll have no idea what's going on. It's not for publicity, but we need the money..." One of the management men explained, a plastic grin stretching across his face, "Sales have dropped ever since you girls came on board to join the album. Don't you get it? Every scandal and/or stunt we do leads to an interview... Which means more money! You're no longer One Direction... You're Two Directions."

I glanced from Harry and then to Louis, "I don't want to fake date anyone... expecially not Harry... Our friendship is too strong!"

One of the management people stood up and peered closely at me, "Well, like it or not Chelsea, you're going to have to or you can forget about ever seeing the band again..."

I burst into tears, "You can't do that to her!" Louis cried, stepping forward, "It was just one mistake! Don't make this hard for us!"

"Louis-" Paul protested.

"No, Paul! I'm sick and tired of being bossed around by management! Just let us be! We'll be fine!" Louis screamed, crossing his arms.

"Trust me, you wouldn't have gotten as far as you are now without us. We're trying to keep this band in shape and if you don't commit, Louis Tomlinson, you can kiss your band goodbye!" One of them snapped, picking up their notebook, "All settled! Great! Good luck with the relationship, Harry and Chelsea!"

And then they left.

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