Moments In Time

Chelsea was just an normal girl with an obse... ahem... dedication with the biggest boy band of the generation... One Direction. But as soon as the five-some arrive in Melbourne, Australia, Chelsea's life is turned upside down. Meeting up with them is once-in-a-lifetime... but when more opportunities pop up, it seems too good to be true.


9. All's Fair In Fun And Games!

I was full on speechless after the rehearsal,  but Julia and Mia were blabbering their hearts out. It wasn't until we had all piled in the van that I spoke a word. 

"That... Was..."

Julia laughed, "Speechless, much?"

I grinned, "Oh, but of course!"

Harry bit his lip, "Not now you aren't! You spoke, silly girl!"

Mia poked him playfully and tuned into the song on the radio. Carly Rae Jepsen, huh? Niall burst into song and Louis did as well, clutching his phone up against his ear. Mia joined in, singing at the top of her lungs. Julia wrote down her number of a strip of paper and handed it to Liam and sung 'So, Call Me Maybe!'. I couldn't stop laughing, this dat was the best! Liam drank a small portion of water and turned to face us girls as he sat in the front again. "Having fun, girls?"

I agreed, Oh, definitely! Best day of my life, so far! As well as yesterday..."

"I wish I came yesterday!" Mia whined.

"But today is like, totally epic!" Julia commented.

Liam gave a nod of approval, "Good, cause its about to get a WHOLE lot better!"

Mia smirked, "Luna Park?"

"LUNA PARK!" cried Louis.

"WHOO!" Julia yelled.

"YAY!" Niall screamed, his high pitched squeal piercing through the air.

The van started to steam ahead and I held my excitement in like a jack-in-the-box. I rested my head on Harry's shoulder to calm me down. He smelt like apples and... deodorant. Harry became startled and I whispered, "You guys are amazing, don't you forget that..."

Zayn smiled, "We try not too..."

I raised my finger and pointed at each one of the boys, "Don't... you... EVER... break-up..."


Louis swung his arm around Zayn, "We don't plan on doing THAT, don't we boys!"

All of the boys raised their heads, "Once in a band, always in a band!"

I nodded, "Good boys, stay that way!"

"Yes! Other wise, no Nando's tonight!" Mia ordered.

"Ma'am, yes Ma'am!" Niall saluted. 

I sat up again as my neck started to ache. Was this really happening? I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I thought to myself if I was, and any second now my mum would be shaking me yelling "Get up! Your going to be late for school!". Or my teacher would be shouting "Miss Fletcher, pay attention and stop daydreaming out of the window!". 

I rubbed my eyes, causing Julia to ask, "We're not dreaming, are we?"

"You guys ARE real, right?" I questioned.

Louis drew a circle with his finger on my knee, "I sure hope so..."

                            ~ * * * ~

We arrived at the big mouth in the edge of St. Kilda beach in no time at all. In the van, the boys slipped ok some sunglasses and hats to hide themselves. "Cute!" Mia laughed. No paparazzi seemed to be insight, but Liam told me that they will come... eventually. It's not like I WANTED them to arrive, I was concerned with people finding out my name, maybe even address, phone number... But I assured myself that I was being too paranoid. We got free entry, which was nice, but it seemed as though the boys didn't want to take it in advantage. They kept persisting they wanted to pay but the staff kept insisting; so eventually the boys gave in. Security watched from a distance as we walked off, they knew that we needed personal space. As we wandered into the middle, Harry asked: "So? What are we doing first?"

"ROLLER COASTER!" Niall cried.

"Yes! I agree with Niall!" Mia agreed.

"Of course you do, Mima..." I said as she rolled her eyes.

Zayn shivered a bit, "Hey, let's lend the decision to the girls! They're the guests!"

I tapped my chin, "You know, I wouldn't mind going on the scenic railway... it's REALLY fun!"

Zayn gulped, "Thats the roller coaster, right?"

Louis nodded, "Yeah, let's do that!"

"D-Do we have to?" Julia stammered.

"Yes! C'mon! Let's go!"

We all rushed to the line and Zayn and Julia were the only ones who walked. We waited FOREVER in line, but the boys didn't seem to mind. I guess that they were used to getting special treatment, that's probably why sometimes they just wanted to be... technically... "normal" people for a day. As soon as we got to the front of the line, the lady asked the boys to remove their hats and sunglasses, due to health and safety reasons. The boys did exactly that, and as soon as the lady recognized who they were, she blushed madly. She stammered with words and ushered us to the first carriage. I sat in the front row, Zayn next to me. Julia sat with Liam behind us. Behind THEM we're Harry and Mia. At the back sat Louis and Niall, NOUIS!

"H-Hey... it's a bit cold up here in the  carriage..." Zayn stammered.

I checked if Zayn was going to put his arm around me, but he didn't. "Zayn, you don't have to be a cheesy flirt like Harry..."

Zayn bit his lip, "I-I-I'm not..."

A lightbulb lit up in my head. Of course! Zayn was scared of roller coasters, how did I forget? Oh god, I just sounded like an absolute bi-

The carriage jolted and Zayn peeped a small, tiny yelp. His teeth were chattering together rapidly. I looped my fingers in his and whispered, "Hey, it's ok Zayn. You'll be fine, it's actually pretty fun!"

Zayn whimpered, "Y-You think so?"

I nodded, "I know so, the fear will be kicked right out of you, making way for the thrill!" I calmed down a bit and placed my hand on his shoulder, "Trust me..."

Zayn smiled, "Thanks, Chelsea."

The roller coaster rose even more and Zayn's hands shook. I held them tightly, and he did the same. I gripped onto the bar and away we went. The roller coater was rising and sinking, swinging and swaying, zigging and zagging all it's way  across the tracks. Zayn began to enjoy himself, Niall already was with all his yelling from the back row. As soon as the ride came to an end, Zayn buzzed in his seat, "That-That was great! Haha, I loved it!"


The roller coaster?
I was absolutely shaking. I didn't want to get on this death trap... but the girls wouldn't let me be a chicken.

"I DON'T WANT TO!" I hissed.

"C'mon!" Mia urged, "You'll sit next to Li-am!"

"... Ok." 

I slid into the second row and Liam slid in next to me. My hands shook rapidly, my forehead started to sweat... my phobia of roller coasters was just beginning.

"Hey, you alright darling?" Liam asked as he wrapped his hand around mine.

"Yes... w-well, no... not really," I stuttered, "I s-sorta have a phobia of roller coasters... and h-heights..."

Liam's face softened, "Oh, I didn't know. Do you want to ride or...?"

The gates shut and we jolted forward, indicating we were now on the ride no matter what. As soon as the coaster jolted, I flinched and swung my arms around Liam. Realizing what I'd done, I took away my arms.

"I'm fine, Liam... I'm fine..." I whispered.

"Hey it's ok," Liam said, "Zayn's gonna be ok, he's got Chelsea to look after his phobia. So, I'm going to look after yours!"

The roller coster reached the top of the rails and then sunk down dramatically. I gripped Liam's hand tighter and tighter, but after a while, it loosened and loosened. I began to have fun. The roller coaster was FUN! I didn't know why I started to have fun, but I think it was because One Direction was there to enjoy it with me. As soon as the ride came to an end, I pecked Liam on the cheek and said, "Thanks for looking after my phobia. No wonder they all you Daddy Direction."

Liam blushed and replied, "Thanks."


The lady who served us last time came over to open the carriage door for us, "Here you go, boys... and girls! Hope you enjoyed the ride and have a nice day!"

"Thank-you!" we all cried in unison. 

The boys rushed over to grab their belongings and we all headed down the steps. We ran towards the bumper cars and lined up once again. It wasn't too much trouble though, we were at the front soon enough. I climbed into a purple car and the boys climbed into other. Louis in red, Julia in Orange, Mia and Liam in green, Harry in yellow and Niall and Zayn in blue cars. We looked around and waited for the traffic light symbol to flash green. "Let's do this poo!" Niall shouted.
I sped off down the course, driving around some of the boys. Louis was on my tail and I bumped into Harry. Harry laughed and began to tailgate me, along with Louis. "Road rage! Road rage!" I cried. "Leave the poor girl alone, boys!" Julia yelled. "Niall! Stop following me!" Mia had screamed.  Soon enough, all of the boys started to gang up on us girls, so I stopped suddenly and all of the boys crashed, leaving Julia and Mia to drive past us. The boys and I sat there and chuckled before Liam squirmed free from the build up of cars. "AFTER HIM!" Niall shouted, and we did exactly that. Julia and Mia slowed down so they too can chase Liam. We stalked Liam, racing around, trying to block him off. Louis raced beside me now, and I looked over to him. He smiled strangle which caused me to laugh... and eventually crash into the tire-wall. "Eyes on the road!" the conductor yelled. After a few more minutes of racing, a bell rang which signified to slow down. We followed the rules and, with a click,  undone my seatbelt. I leaped out of the car and met up with my girls. "That was so fun!" Julia smiled. "Lets do it again!" Mia laughed. The trio of us waited for the other boys. As we left the bumper cars, a group of girls swarmed us. Julia, Mia and I backed away slowly as they asked for pictures and autographs. Not once did they bother to ask about us girls or our existence, which was pretty good. 

The rest of the day, we rode more rides and bought lunch, which was absolutely amazing. After that, we bought fairy-floss, which I dug into straight away. It melted in my mouth like butter in a microwave, only sweeter.

"Yum! This is so good! I could buy the whole cotton-candy stand!" Niall exclaimed.

"Ditto!" Mia giggled.

"Do you like it?" Louis asked.

I spun around and there he stood with a spot of fairy floss on his nose. I laughed so much that I almost cried and I took a quick snap. 

"What? What's up?" Louis laughed, I could totally tell he knew it was there.

"Here," I muttered, in between giggles, "I'll get it off for you..."

I licked  my thumb and gently dabbed at the fairy floss, "There, all gone!"

Louis tapped my  nose, "Thank you." 

Julia rolled her eyes, "Ok c'mon guys! Save the lovey-dovey stuff for later, right now... let's head over to the carnival games!"

I laughed and headed over with the boys and my friends towards the milk cartons. "Four dollars, three balls! All in, major prize!" the clown yelled from behind the counter. To me, he looked like a giant smothered with children's crayons and wearing clothes too big for his size. "Hey!  Ah, I've seen you boys before! Your all over my daughters wall!" 

Zayn laughed, "Yes, well, we're One Direction..."

"How'd you recognize us?" Liam questioned, slipping his sunglasses up.

The clown poked at Harry's hair, "You can see those curly locks from miles away! It's like mine!" The clown tapped his bright red wig.

We all burst into laughter and the clown handed three balls each to us, "Here. Three balls each, on the house. But if you want a few more, you'll have to pay like normal teenage boys..."

Niall shook his head, "But we ARE normal teenage boys! It's ok... we'll pay..."

"No, take them. Your not normal if your serenading my daughter everyday with your voices... THATS not normal!"

We exploded into laughter once again. Liam stepped up to take his shot. It looked pretty easy, all you had to do was chuck baseballs into the tops of the oversized milk bottles.  But the catch was, they were on some sort of angle. 

Liam gently threw it through the air and it swam through the top, "YES!" We all applauded and he missed one. We all awed but then he made up for it by getting the last one in. The clown clapped and handed Liam a snow leopard that he chose and was the size of both of his hands. 

"Here..." Liam smiled, turning around to Julia, "It's a snow leopard... and it's for you!"

Julia's eyes brightened like a small child on Christmas morning, "Thank you Liam! I'll keep it forever!"

Next up was Harry, he got one in and the rest were the tiniest bit off mark. Harry chose the small red angry bird that was stacked in a pile with other angry bird characters.
Zayn flexed his muscles jokingly and shot in all three! Zayn could choose from the bigger selection of toys and chose the massive Kermit the frog.
Niall stepped up to challenge the milk cartons, and shot none in at all. But the clown was nice and gave Niall a small plush chicken toy and Niall immediately named it 'Nando'.
Mia held her three shots in her hand. One in... then she missed it... but got her last one in. She was given a bright pink monkey and handed it to Niall. Niall thankfully accepted the bright pink monkey and gave Mia his cute little chicken.
Louis stepped up and payed close attention to the milk cartons. I crossed my fingers tightly and he got one in... two in... THREE IN! He leapt up and the clown  waved his hand to the shelf of selection. He thought for a while, and finally chose the giant teddy bear with the red bow. It was adorable, and I got the biggest surprise when turned around and handed it forward into my arms gently.

"Here, For you... I don't need a teddy, but you do. Something to remember us by when we leave soon to go back to Britain?" 

I didn't want to think about them leaving, but it was too late when the words slipped out of Louis' mouth. I nearly started to break down into tears but I sniffed and accepted his offering, "Thanks, Lou... I think I'll call him... BOO BEAR!"

The boys chuckled, Julia and Mia giggled and Louis blushed, smiling and rubbing my head like I was his son or something, "Nah," he said, "I love the name..."

The clown soon told Julia and I that we had our shots remaining. I eyed the red power ranger I wanted to grab for Louis. I threw one in and celebrated. All I needed was at least one more... and I gave a bigger celebration when I did. I gave the third one a shot but missed it, but I didn't care. "And you would like...?" 

I grinned, "The red power ranger!"

Louis gasped, barely audible.

The clown handed me my prize and I turned around, "Here..." 

I handed Louis the power ranger and it took a while for the surprise to kick in. Louis' eye brightened and bounced around like a little kid with the power ranger buried in his chest.

"Whoa," Zayn whispered,  "I've never seen Louis that hyper over a plush to-"


Zayn jumped back, "Right, power ranger..."

Julia and Mia laughed.

Louis showed all of the boys and they all nodded as if they had been through this before. Liam grabbed Louis by the shoulders and whispered something in his ear. He breathed in slowly, calming down.  He looked up at me, his eyes gleaming. "Thanks Chels, this means a lot, thank you... your a great friend..." 

I nodded, "And you too, thanks for Boo Bear..."

Louis chuckled and kissed my cheek. 

"AW!" Julia cooed.

"How sweet!" Mia sighed.

It instantly became all warm and fuzzy where he planted his lips, and all I wanted to do is wrap my arms around him and pull him close. I wanted to become more then 'a great friend...'. But for now, I was happy with how it was.

"Julia! Your shot!" I reminded my thankful friend.

Julia snapped back into reality, "Oh right! Yes, of course!"

She threw one is, huge success. Two in, even better. Three in, awesome! Julia chose the giant turtle, which she handed to Liam. Liam kissed Julia on the cheek, like Louis did. Today was great, but it was about to get a whole lot better...
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