Heading in one direction

A teenage girl that got kicked out of home, she has no father , she needs a place to stay. Sarah james got kicked out of her house and her auntie took her in but is Sarah ready to move into england , make new friends, maybe fall in love, more than once and expose her true secrets and what does the scar down her back mean? What is it from? Does it hurt? 


3. Night out

3. Night away 

The day went pretty quickly and I made heaps of new friends, including Louis and Liam.
The boys asked me if i wanted to go out to the movies and I said yes.
So when I got home I told my auntie that I wouldnt get home until 7:30 because I was going to the movies then I looked at the time, 4:00 the boys where picking me up at 4:30.
I ran up to my room and looked inside my closet, I found a purple dress and blue heels to wear then I put on a bit of make up and straitened my blonde hair. 
I heard a knock on the door and ran down stairs To see my auntie talking to Harry.
"well look at that, young Mr. Harry styles" she said with a smile on her face.
"hello Scarlet" he replied "is Sarah there?" 
"yep umm just here" she said and pointed to me as I shyly walked around the corner.
"hi Harry" I whisperd
"Wow Sarah you look umm beautiful"
"umm well we should go because the boys are waiting for us"
We walked to the car in silence but when i got there Niall attacked me with a big hug.
When we got to the movies we watched somthing with aliens in it but I forgot what it was called.
we got fish and chips after the movie and ate it in a park.
On the way back to my place I was in the back of the car with Harry and Niall.
"so umm Sarah would you umm maybe wanna go out with me somtime next week?" whisperd Harry so no one else could hear us.
"yeah maybe tuesday umm here is my number if you want it?"
I put my number in his phone and put a smiley face next to it.
The rest of the ride we held hands and smiled at eachother but I could tell that somthing was bothering Niall.

                 * Niall Pov*
Sarah and Harry kept smiling at each other and wispering to each other and I was getting jelouse of Harry, he always gets the cute girls its unfair. I wanted to stop them but I think I should of kept my mouth shut.
"so umm Harry how is that girl going, you know the one from last week?" i asked him.
"Niall I dont know what your talking about" he replied sounding tensed.
Sarah looked at me then she look back at Harry.
"the one you went on a date with at Nandos and you said you kissed her"
"Niall what are you talking about?"
I knew I was lying but it seemed to be working, Sarah looked worried now, like she was about to jump out of the car or somthing.

                 *Zayn Pov*

what was Niall trying to do, impress Sarah by lying? Well what ever it was I had to stop him so I told Lou to stop the car because I could see Sarah's new house.
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