Heading in one direction

A teenage girl that got kicked out of home, she has no father , she needs a place to stay. Sarah james got kicked out of her house and her auntie took her in but is Sarah ready to move into england , make new friends, maybe fall in love, more than once and expose her true secrets and what does the scar down her back mean? What is it from? Does it hurt? 


4. More than friends

Sarah got out of the car and ran inside her house. She seemed angry. We all looked at Niall like he just ended the world, everything was silent until Harry got out of the car and ran after Sarah.

              *Sarah P.O.V*

I ran inside and slammed the door shut.
"Sarah whats wrong darling" shouted my auntie from down stairs.
Then I heard someone knock on the door.
But it was to late and I could hear harry's voice downstairs, then I heard footsteps and i shut my bedroom door so no one came in but Harry new witch room was mine and he walked straight in. 

                 *Harry P.O.V*

I walked into Sarah's room and found her on her bed crying, I went and sat next to her but she moved further away.
"do you think im just another doll or somthing Harry? Because im more fragile than you think, I have been hurt before."
"Sarah you have to belive me, there is know one else, only you"
I moved my hand closer to her but as soon as it touched her she flinched away and a tear fell from her eyes.
She didnt trust me, at all.
I moved even closer and our faces were almost touching.
" do you trust me Sarah?"
Then we kissed.
                 *Niall P.O.V*
everyone was staring at me like I just killed somebody.
"What is wrong with you, you shit head" asked Zayn
"nothing but its unfair Harry always gets the girls and I dont get any thing he always wins!" I replied
The boys and I got into a fight and I decided to get out of the car and see what was taking Harry so long, I may not be good with girls but I know how to calm them down. 
I walked inside the house and walked upstairs, there was three doors and I didn't know witch one was her room so I opened the first door and saw a bathroom so I opened the second door and found Harry and Sarah kissing on her bed. A tear fell from my eyes knowing that she likes Harry and not me.
"wow umm Niall I didn't see you there" said Harry
"nahh it's alright I should of knocked"

                *Sarah P.O.V*

holly crap Niall just walked into my room and found me and Harry kissing on my bed.
"umm Niall we should go" said Harry
And then they where gone.
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